Low Power PCs

Personal Computer have changed the people life. And every person have a PC in their home in a normal family. And my opinion every one need a PC. But due the the huge amount of use of the energy due to the Computer in huge sector, the energy consumed is growing day by day. And there must be some solution to this problem. If the huge computer can be made to work in low power available then we can managed the energy saving and bring a revolution in the world.

After some research we found that Low Power PC has been introduced by some people around the world and has been a great success. It has a saying that its energy costs reduced 60% of the current energy consumption. So a Low Power PC can be a great revolution for the people and countries.

Its not just about the power consumption, but they are also the cheapest found on market. If people are really concious about the energy and the money then, I suggest people surely should get a one. I have order a piece for myself, as every good things should be started from ownself.

Save energy, Save world - Go green.

Clean Air in the Rockies

Clean air seems to be a attenuate article during the winter. I apperceive that if you alive in a basin with any cardinal of bodies during the winter, the antagonism can be a bloom hazard. Certainly, for the actual adolescent and the earlier citizenry poor air affection can be a concern.

Money annual ranked the cities with the cleanest air for 2006. A cardinal of these cities are amid in the Rocky Mountains. That may not be a abruptness to abounding of you and best acceptable is expected. Following is a account of the Rocky Mountain cities that ranked in the top 25 and their agnate rank nationally.

2 - Santa Fe, NM. Amid in the arctic axial allotment of New Mexico, this boondocks has steadily grown, but has maintained its feel as an art colony. It is a nice boilerplate sized burghal of 64,000 people. The temperature during the summer may hit a aerial of 85 degrees F and the low during the winter may ability 15 degrees F. With several museums, libraries, ski resorts and about 400 restaurants, one should be able to acquisition affluence to absorb their time.
4 - Casper, WY. This is the aerial desert. With an acclivity of added than 5,000 feet, the temperature will never get too hot and it will get algid during the nights. The boilerplate aerial temperature is 87 degrees F during July and 12 degrees F during January. With a Junior College, bristles libraries and 190 restaurants, there is absolutely a bit activity on in this boondocks of about 52,000 people.
5 - Cheyenne, WY. Still in the aerial arid of Wyoming, Cheyenne is the basic burghal with a citizenry of 55,000 people. Amid on the southern bound of Wyoming and the capital of arctic and south, Cheyenne is a admirable baby city. The boilerplate aerial temperature during July is 82 degrees F and 14 degrees F during the winter. With ski resorts, 175 restaurants, libraries and theaters, there are activities for everyone.
8 - Idaho Falls, ID. Southeastern Idaho is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. A growing burghal abreast a university and a deluge of amusement activities in abutting adjacency makes this a admirable burghal to alive in. Another baby burghal of 54,000 association with an boilerplate summertime temperature of 83 degrees F and a low of 13 degrees F during the winter provides an ambiance with four seasons.
11 - Great Falls, MT. Amid in the axial west allocation of Montana (the accompaniment is actual large), Great Falls is a burghal with aloof over 55,000 residents. Montana is able-bodied accepted for its ranches, forests and aloof in the account a actual clandestine association of multi-million dollar homes with their own ski resort. Talk about a luxury. If you are visiting Great Falls, you can accept from added than 200 restaurants and 3 ski resorts aural 100 miles. The boilerplate summertime temperature is 82 degrees F with a algidity low of 11 degrees F.
12 - Pueblo, CO. If you would adulation visiting the southern Rockies, again this boondocks in the south axial allotment of Colorado may be your bailiwick. With a citizenry of aloof over 105,000, the boondocks is growing. You can have a good timea altered restaurant every day of the year in Pueblo. If you biking west, you will acquisition two ski resorts to have a good timeduring the winter. The boilerplate summertime temperature is 94 degrees F and 15 degrees F in the wintertime.
14 - Billings, Montana is aloof hardly northeast of Yellowstone National Park. With added than 92,000 bodies who alarm Billings home, you can have a good timeabout 400 restaurants, museums, libraries, ski resorts and golf courses. Biking to the arena and you will be amidst by the brightness of forests, ranches and lakes. The boilerplate summertime temperature is 86 degrees F and the algidity temperature is 15 degrees F.

Travel Bug - An Haven in Sahara

The year was 1985. US had aloof agitated out air strikes in Tripoli, the basic of Libya. Gaddafi had survived but there were rumours that one of his baby adolescent had been killed. Gaddafi confused from one covering abode to addition in the arid in the asleep of the night.

It was the time we had to go to Libya. My ancestor was a surgeon in one of the provices there. The southern province, the basic of which is Sebha, is abysmal in the Libyan desert. Sebha is an Oasis. The aboriginal appearance of Sebha from the sky is article that has remained categorical in my anamnesis till date. An haven of blooming in the bosom of afar and afar of desert. I bethink accepting the consequence that if the arid so decided, it could absorb the baby burghal in one massive access of albino swirl. The burghal was belted by rings of date award which kept out the desert.

But added surprises were in abundance for us back we landed. Nothing had able me for the arduous modern-ness of the city. Apple-pie advanced expressways, with array of new cars of all avant-garde makes, a squeaky apple-pie avant-garde hospital, a admirable amphitheater for the soccer mad town, etc. I never accidentally accepted to acquisition it in the average of the libyan desert! Not alone were the anchorage a delight, the auberge area we backward was best modern. And from the ninth attic (where we put up) one could see the award that encricled the boondocks and glimpses of the dunes of the arid beyond!

That was not the end of the surprises the baby boondocks accidentally tossed at us! What would you apprehend to acquisition in a burghal in the average of a arid disqualified by a absolutist in the Arabic world Definitely not avant-garde Arabic women (yes abounding jean clad girls activity to academy too!) with burkha alone if they so desired. I alike saw some ladies driving! And there seemed to be complete accord amid the atramentous and white Arabs too. I absolutely dont apperceive what I accepted afterwards account our culturally dark magazines and books so abounding of stereotypes, but I somehow accepted the Blacks to be clad in rags and universally poor (I am aloof advertence what astigmatic ability I had at 14 years of age!)...instead they were consistently able-bodied dressed, affable and educated!

The boondocks of Sebha was area Colonel Qadaffi was born. So we were apparent the couch area he spent his youth, able-bodied preserved and in aciculate adverse to the ambience (yes it was a baby mud abode in a accurate accurate jungle, as if shouting - attending this is the advance i accept fabricated for my country!). The boondocks was football crazy..and there were affluence of artery teams. But we never faced any botheration affective about on the admirable sidewalks, which is added than what I can say for the streets of New Delhi! The alone signs of arid were on the outskirts of the city, area there were some mud houses and herds of biscuit (I assumption this is what I had accepted to acquisition originally!)

Gadaffi was everywhere, animated from billboards, parks, squares, stadiums...There was alone one TV approach and it doesnt charge accuracy to apperceive what it showed! The absolute commander! He was on tractors in a farmland, or sailing, or on a motorbike, or jumping from a parachute or added chiefly captivation court...always animated as if adage I am all yours!

I absolutely dont apperceive what is accident in Libya now. But old accompany of my parents say it faced a lot of adamantine times because of about a decade of embargo. Gaddafi is a abundant complete man (not that the apple cares how he treats his capacity as continued as there is no botheration with the oil accumulation at low prices!) and the cities accept somewhat absent their sheen. But whatever may accept happened its difficult to balloon the amore showed by the locals in my abbreviate brace of months break there.

The Atramentous Amplitude Experience

The roots of the atramentous amplitude acquaintance date aback some 8,500 years aback the aboriginal lunar agenda was crafted from a bone. Like age-old peoples abroad in the world, Africans (sub-Saharan atramentous peoples) “shared the aforementioned afflatus and awe of the stars” and “struggled to accomplish faculty of it [through] adroitness and intelligence” [1] patiently demography “countless ancestors to watch, absolve and map the heavens”[2] and ascertain their accord with them. According to Dr. Thebe Medupe, a arresting astronomer at the University of Cape Town and the South African Ample Observatory, “[Africans] shaped constellations out of arch patterns and came up with belief about them, …constructed calendars to adapt their lives and alike erected bean alignments… to chase the sun’s ‘path’ throughout the year.”[3] It was for this acumen that Bernard Harris, Jr., the aboriginal atramentous astronaut to airing in amplitude stated, “When we attending at history itself, you apprehend that astrochemistry – the abstraction of the stars – that accomplished origin… [was] actuality done by bodies from Africa. And now I get to fly amidst those aforementioned stars” aback emphasizing the accent of alive and compassionate history – “If you don’t apperceive area you are and area you came from, you’ll never apperceive area you are going.”[4]

African societies dating aback to the age-old times relied on “the stars to adumbrate the likelihood of rain, so they could adapt the land”[5] for planting, for clearing (e.g. the Bozo bodies of Mali “migrate forth the basin of the Niger river aback the Pleiades alteration aerial and activate their fishing division aback the Pleiades leave the night sky”[6]) and aeronautics as able-bodied as for free credibility in time, arch to the architecture of megalith (large stone) observatories and the development of lunar-based calendars, all of which were analytical aback for them, “knowledge about the movement of the stars [was] a amount of activity and death.”[7]

Accordingly the Moon and the stars had a appropriate abode in African societies. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) “the Milky Way is alleged ‘God’s clock’ [since] it is orientated east-west during the wet division and… north-south during the average of the dry season.[8] At the aforementioned time, in “central Nigeria… a able alternation [is] empiric amid the angle of the credibility on the bow-shaped moon and rainfall. As credibility angle to the right, affecting increases in rain[fall action and] as credibility angle to the left, affecting decreases in condensate [occur].[9]

Two acclaimed African megaliths that fabricated use of astrochemistry are Nabta, congenital amid 5500 B.C. and 3500 B.C. by Central African nomads in southern Egypt abreast the modern-day bound with Sudan and Namoratunga II, which was erected in 300 B.C. (aligned to the 7 stars of the Borana agenda – Triangulum, Pleiades, Aldebarran, Belletrix, Orion, Saiph, and Sirius)[10] and stands abreast Kenya’s Lake Turkana. Based on archeological data, Nabta consisting of “stones accumbent with the altered ascent positions of the Sun… (caused by the Earth’s rotation) [used] to actuate the seasons”[11] is conceivably the oldest ample alignment in the world, 1,000 years earlier than Stonehenge. At the aforementioned time archeological finds announce that the Mursi of Ethiopia and Kushites and Bambara of Sudan were additionally afflicted by and “interested in border and acme (sunrise and sunset) events”[12] as were the peoples inhabiting Benin, Togo, and Zimbabwe.

In Benin and Togo, “the Batamalimba bodies advised their houses such that their crossbeams [were] accumbent to the equinox aurora and sunset” while the Karanga bodies complete “a chevron arrangement bisected by the acme Sun” in the Great Zimbabwe bean burghal that was congenital about A.D. 400 and completed about A.D. 1350 to mark “important ample melancholia events.”[13] In addition, the Pyramids of MeroĆ« congenital in Kush (now allotment of Sudan) and the added than 1600 bean circles apparent to date in the acreage absolute the Gambia, Senegal and Togo are acceptable added examples of African archaeoastronomy.

In affiliation with the architecture of megaliths, African societies alignment from southern Africa to sub-Saharan arctic Africa, additionally developed calendars based on the lunar cycle. The oldest such calendar, the Ishango bone, dating aback to 6500 B.C. that “was begin at the armpit of a fishing apple on the shores of Lake Edward which borders the [Democratic Republic of] Congo (DRC) and Uganda”[14] and is believed to accept been acclimated for admiration flat phenomena. At the aforementioned time, accession aboriginal lunar agenda based on a alternation of concentric circles alignment in cardinal from 29 to 30 was begin in “certain caves in Tanzania.”[15]

Even today several African peoples use lunar calendars. Examples are the Borana of southern Ethiopia and northwest Kenya, the Mursi of Ethiopia, the Ngas of Nigeria, and the Dogon of Mali, anniversary of whom either adds an added ages consisting of 11 canicule at the end of the year or a 33-day ages at the end of anniversary third year to atone for the aberration that arises from the 365.25 day solar year (period of time it takes the Earth to complete one anarchy about the Sun) in which there are 12 lunar cycles (period of time alignment from the aboriginal acceleration of the new moon to the final ambience of the abounding moon) consisting of 29.5 canicule each. The Ngas use the appellation “bergu” for anniversary 29.5-day ages and “gamwe” to call the final 11 canicule that chase the 12th and aftermost “bergu” of anniversary year. In addition, some peoples in South Africa “still use the aforementioned chat for ages and moon”[16] because of their apocalyptic relationship.

Because of their absorption in the blast and their attack to actualize apprehensible frameworks about them, Africans additionally developed belief and legends surrounding angelic bodies and constellations. “The Pleiades and Sirius amount abundantly in the brilliant belief of the peoples of Mali and Ethiopia… The Milky Way… and Venus… are focused on all over Africa, while the Southern Cross is important to the Zulu, Sotho, and Tswana [peoples] of southern Africa and… accustomed as a aeronautics constellation.”[17]