Australian College Life - Crash Course in Aussie-Speak

College in Australia is a dream for many students. A land so vast, scenic and friendly is a perfect destination for a student pursuing a degree. Part of what draws college students to the land down under is the distinctive, laid-back sound of the Aussie language, which reflects an attitude for enjoying life to the fullest in the beautiful landscape. Make no mistake. Australian classrooms are internationally renowned for their exacting English grammar. But in the streets, you can find heaps of Aussie (pronounced Ozzie) slang.

You naturally want to fit in to the culture, but don't try too hard to pass yourself off as a local. Australians are famous for their friendliness, but their native accent is unmistakable and you might just find yourself the brunt of a joke for sounding off with the stiff vocabulary of a dumb Dundee. Here is a quick crash course for getting into the Aussie flow while you pursue your degree in Australia.

Aussie Basics for Studying Abroad
If you arrive for college in Australia knowing only the pleasantries, you're good to go. Australian culture is about keeping up the pleasantries and appreciation of the good life. Greet people with G'day or Ow's it go-en The standard response is Good, and yerself Save your homesick replies for calls back home. Think, no worries. Australia is where you look to the good life of sunshine and beaches.

Get into the rhythms of the language. Australians like to shorten and run words together at a leisurely pace, dropping endings and consonants and adding vowels. If your name is Johnson, expect to be called Johnno. Queensland is especially keen on vowels, adding ay at the end of a word-no worries, ay.

Head to a dock or pub and it won't be long before you pick up some rich slang. Have a pot (small glass) of beer, a pint (large glass) or a jug (pitcher) and soon you'll be drawling like a local. Impress your mates back at the dorms with casual conversation filers like um, yeah, or dunno. Throw in an occasional bloody or bastard for greater effect, although not quite so much of that in the classroom. With a spirit of fun and good sense, you will soon be poised for learning and enjoying the local culture while you earn a top international degree in Australia. You might even pass as dinky di.-really Australian.

Relax with Aussie Wit and Humor
Aussie talk is filled with colorful humor and wit, often irreverent, but warm. It is playful and often makes use of metaphor. Something as dry as the Simpson Desert is very dry. Someone short can be called Stretch. The common meal of meat pies gets called maggot bags or dog's eyes. A woman is a Sheila. Going to the restroom is going to the dunny or the bog -and a long list of other folkish descriptors that would entertain any student of an Australian college.

The Aussie language, like poetry, needs to be experienced to be appreciated. You can enjoy high degrees of Aussie speech while you get a coveted international degree in Australia.