College - Failing Your Healthy Diet

The hectic, hurried and come times a little wild college lifestyle can make maintaining a healthy diet very difficult. With the normal stress of college and pressure from friends to party you may find eating a healthy meal to be almost impossible. You can make the impossible a little mote manageable by following a few tips and exerting a little effort.

Maintaining a healthy diet in college is possible but it requires a willingness to work at it.

Most students are provided with a variety of options each day when eating at the college cafeteria and the dessert tray may be very tempting tried to avoid it as much as possible a little indulgence is permitted from time to time. If meals are served buffet style try and pick from each food group and avoid foods covered with cheese and those that are greasy.

When you first register for classes try to allow yourself time in the mourning for breakfast either in your room or the cafeteria make sure you have free time for lunch and a slot in the afternoon for a snacks like fruit, be sure to check the first day it may be permitted to have snacks in class.

Designate time for your evening meal preferably before 7 p.m. this will avoid late night eating. Eating late at night and then going to sleep will usually rack on pounds.

The real challenge will be the weekends when you will get all the pressure of attending parties where the main food will be pizza and beer to drink. Pizza and other order foods can put an otherwise healthy diet down the drain... When going out for the evening and you know healthy food will not be available grab a light meal before leaving to avoid greasy calories. Like desert it is ok to have pizza and other foods like wings and tacos once in a while but if they become a weakly event you are looking for trouble.

Alcohol can trash a diet also. Beer and mixed drinks have a lot of calories skipping them altogether is a great idea but if you must drink choose diet soda for mixing drinks stick to red wine and light beer again these treats are fine once in awhile but alcohol every week will pack on pounds.