A Speed Reading Tip - Unleashing The Super Reading Power Of Your Brain

Ever wonder about how it is possible for your brain to read With all of the different species of animals in the world, only humans appear to posses the ability to read. All right, there was a ape that was taught to read a few thousand words, but it took a great deal of time, and humans to teach this skill. For the most part, reading appears to be exclusively in the human realm. So how does your brain interpret text

One of the key elements that enable you to understand text is called schema. Just what is schema Schema is a big word because you learn about it in college when you study the psychology of reading. College professors like to use big words. So schema is no exception to that rule. Actually the meaning is really quite simple.

Schema is your map. It is the way you look at the world. How you interpret information. For example, a musician see's the world like a song. An engineer see's the equations that build up the things around them. A sociologist see's it in terms of different types of people, beliefs and cultures. Everyone see's the world through their own map.

Schema is your database. You are constantly referring to your understanding of things to understand what it is you are reading. For example, if your text says, the man wore a blue hat. You wouldn't be confused. You know the meanings of the words man, wore, blue, and hat. When you see these words being used in a sentence, then you recognize their meanings in the real world. You are using your schema.

Schema is your life experiences. Suppose someone born in a desert was reading the book, Moby Dick. Would their experience and understanding of the book be identical with someone else who was born, raised, and lived in Portland, Maine Of course not. A person who lives near the ocean, frequently goes on ships, and has experienced storms at sea will have a very different experience in the same material than someone whose life experiences are quite different because they live in the desert.

All of these factors contribute to your schema. As you can see, this important element plays a major role in how your brain interprets information during reading.

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