So, Where Does All The Money Come From

When you talk about Capital Homesteading credit the first question that always pops up is, Where does all the money come from The answer is, it comes from the government of the people, by the people AND for the people, via the Federal Reserve (which has the right to extend credit as it sees fit). And yes, it does create (FHA like) red ink, but the red ink

(a) is not repaid from taxes, savings or wages,

(b) has a well defined, systematic exit plan of how to get in and get out (kind of like Operation Desert Storm) of that creditloan

(c) it has a productive purpose.

So the real issue IS NOT where does all the money come from The answer to that question is always the same. The real issue is what's the difference between PRODUCTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE uses of credit, and their effects on individual citizens, and the economy in general. So let's talk about the ways that credit can be used productively, and the ways that credit can be used destructively. Let's talk about how we can embrace the first, and eliminate the second.

Many people, for example, are convinced that a formal college education is the key to economic success in the modern age, so they're perfectly willing to help their kids pay for (often in the form of extended credit) that college education because Mom and Dad see it as investment in their kid's future...a PRODUCTIVE investment.

The Big Bank however, sees this college education in a different light when they extend (consumer) credit card offers to college kids across the country. So, what does Joe College purchase with that credit card Boom boxes, CD's, DVD's, MP3's, video games, gas for daddy's car, a six pack of beer for this weekend's party, and other essential items required by the modern collegiate learning experience.

Big Bank And Joe College VS...

Hey, don't get me wrong here. Big Bank knows exactly what it's doing when it extends that credit offer to Joe College. They've carefully studied all the data, and they've concluded, based on empirical evidence, that this particular marketing strategy is profitable for them. In other words, before they ever extend this credit offer to Joe College, they know that they will make their money back and lots more...or else they would never do it. It's a good bet. It's just as simple as that.

Capital Homesteading And Johnny Paycheck To Paycheck

Let's contrast Joe College's credit offer from Big Bank with the concept of extending a Capital Homesteading credit to Johnny Paycheck To Paycheck. What you'll find is that the credit extended to JPTP cannot be spent on non-productive consumer crap. On the contrary, it must be spent on a well-vetted, productive capital (i.e. stock) purchase, the kind that the conservative local banker (not some wild, dice rolling venture capitalist) would advise his local bank to purchase.

The loan will be repaid not from taxes, and not from JPTP's wages or his salary, but from tax deductible dividends generated by the productive capital (i.e. stock) purchase. This will take an average of seven years to pay off, at which point JPTP becomes the proud owner of a real live piece of the rock. He becomes a capitalist.

If done annually over a lifetime, JPTP will generate an earned income to augment his wage or salary. He will also create a privately owned and controlled nest egg that will free him from ever having to depend on the government (i.e. social security, medicare, medicaid) to take care of himself and his family...which by the way, will also unload the government and justify TAX REDUCTIONS!.

Now like the boys from Big Bank, the local banker will have studied all the data and will have a real good idea what the odds of repayment are going to be, before he ever advises JPTP to place his investment bet. Actually the odds of repayment are much better with JPTP's Capital Homesteading credit than with Joe College's consumer credit.

Consumer Crap VS...

There is one much more important difference however. The difference is that the purpose of Big Bank's Joe College marketing strategy is to get JC hooked on the consumer mentality of easy (buy now pay later) money, and in the long run, to program him to believe that it's completely normal to exchange his long term financial freedom for immediate gratification when it comes to consumer crap that he wants to have right now. Once he's fully programmed, Big Bank will wrap its financial tentacles around Joe College, who will then be transformed into the Big Bank's profit producing mule for years to come.

A Legitimate Piece Of The Rock

On the other hand, the Capital Homesteading credit, as we've already said, must go toward winning Johnny a piece of America's growing economic pie, a piece of the rock that will predictably pay itself off, and in the process, begin to transform Johnny Paycheck into a capital owner who has a vested interest in the future of a particular company, in a particular community, in a particular county, in a particular state, located in the United States of America. So what we're talking about here is a DISTRUCTIVE (consumer) use of credit, compared to a PRODUCTIVE (capital homesteading) use of credit.

Let Freedom Ring...

And as his productive piece of the rock grows year after year, JPTP will begin to feel the chains of his wage slavery loosen, and the bell of financial freedom ring louder and louder, until he's finally able to sing right along with Martin Luther King himself, free at last, free at last, thank God, I'm free at last.

In the lobrng term big picture the Capital Homesteading strategy is specifically designed to create a nation spilling over with more and more capitalists who are actively participating on the ownership side of the free market economy, instead of a nation spilling over with more and more workers who are effectively cut off and alienated from the modern economic miracle known as the free enterprise system. The Big Bank strategy is specifically designed to create programmed automatons who unknowingly trade their financial freedom and future in for consumer crap, and who, as the result can be easily controlled and dictated to by the captains of industry from their high rise corporate suites up on Wall Street.

It's Our Choice

So I guess the choice comes down you really want to underwrite a free enterprise economic system, and transform America into a real capitalist nation chock full of real live capitalists Or do you prefer to create a nation that's primarily full of workers (sounds communisticcapitalistic to me), who are systematically required to compete tooth and nail with each other, driving wages lower and lower (let's become a third world nation ASAP, or redistribute from top to bottom in order to temporarily prevent the economy from falling flat on its face!) so that the captains of industry can oversee their respective monopolies without really having to concern themselves with legitimate competition. That way they can all get together, buy out the little guys, fix prices, fix elections, smoke big Cuban stogies, drive their fancy cars, and generally live off the fat of the land. Yes Tonto, I guess you could turn the clock all the way back to them thrillin' days of yesteryear, if you wanted to. But do you really want to

P.S...Viva Las Vegas!

I have one final thought to offer here. If all those incredibly bright and intelligent, bureaucratic bean counters in Washington, DC are simply unable to recognize a good bet when they see one, then I know there are plenty of folks out in Las Vegas who don't suffer from that same moronic, myopic malady. I mean it's their business to assess the odds accurately, facilitate the bet, and they make lots of money in the process. They do it every day of the year, and twice on Sunday.

Yah sure, I know you're going to tell me that those folks out in Vegas are all crooks. But that comment simply begs the question. How does that make them any different than the crooks in DC Now, if you're unable to come up with a believable answer to that last question, I suggest that we consider taking bids from both DC and Vegas. If Vegas wins, we'll just call it...outsourcing.

Joe L. Buckett is a Chicago based, freelance writer who in 2004, was our nation?s first virtual candidate for the Presidency of the United States. If you're interested in learning more about Joe Lunch Buckett?s common sense solutions to 21st century problems, ranging from the war in Iraq, to Social Security, and Immigration, check out his book entitled The Big Idea, which you can order on either Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

The Plague of Justinian and the Emergence of Christianity

All that great learning of Galen and Hippocrates, those physicians that taught that disease was caused by pathogenic agents was laid to waste during my reign of terror and the early Christian Church eagerly rushed to fill the medical void, becoming doctor to body and soul and consequently held up the advancement of medical science until probably late in the seventeenth century. The Church, in its new role as healer equated disease with vice and sin, the punishment for people leading an errant life and not listening to the voice of Rome. Their writers, whose literary plague model was the Book of Revelation, promoted and prolonged this idea. There was John of Ephesus who clearly said that the end of the world was at hand, or Zachariah of Mytilene who said that the plague was a scourge from Satan and even the more reasonable Gregory of Tours said people could only be saved by praying to St. Gall. Well, add in a few wonders like the collapse of the original dome of Hagia Sophia during the earthquake of Constantinople and it's little wonder that the religiosity of the Byzantine Empire dramatically increased during this period. It was like the twin towers falling without a valid reason.

Anyway, to get back to poor Justinian after whom I am so nobly called. Let me tell you a little about him. In his day he was also known as Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Justinianus, the great Byzantine Emperor whose architectural monuments still lie strewn around Instanbul and beyond. Thank God, they didn't call me after his real name. In 525, at the age of 42, he received the title of Caesar and two years later the rank of Augustus. It was a time of great splendour as Justinian erected magnificent buildings, recruited armies and formed codes of laws, which became the basis of European Justice. People followed the teachings of progressive physicians who were creating the discipline of medical science. Into this noble world, I came wreaking destruction and forming the worst pandemic that has harrowed human kind. Today, the record of my destruction remains amongst three main sources, John of Ephesus, who wrote Historia Ecclesiastica, while wandering around the empire, the lesser known Evagrius Scholasticus and last but not least, Justinian's archivist, Procopius, who published the History of the Wars, in 550.

I started my long march around the Empire in 540. In that year I befriended people in Pelsium, Lower Egypt and within a month traders and itinerant scholars had carried me to Alexandria and Palestine. Now I won't argue with Procopius, when he said that the death toll in Constantinople, in spring of 542 became 10,000 a day, but allowing for a small exaggeration, this was more people than Justinian was losing in his battles against Italy and Persia. At any rate, following my sojourn in Constantinople, I spread throughout the empire along trade and military routes from the coastal cities to the interior provinces. I surfaced in Italy in 543, and from there, migrated to Persia, to infect the Persian army and King Khusro himself, causing them to retreat east of the Tigris to the plague-free highlands of Luristan. Gregory of Tours tells how St. Gall saved the people of Clermont-Ferrand in Gaul from me in 543, and I visited Ireland for a sort period in 544. I left as the barmen told me Guinness wouldn't be around for another 1225 years. At least they couldn't blame the Black Stuff on the Dubliners that were breaking out in black blisters, vomiting blood and some others seized by madness. And the poor doctors, not knowing what to do, just lanced the buboes and looked at the withered thighs and tongues and hoped they were living in 1784, when a few of the lads from the newly opened Royal College of Surgeon's could help them in their work. But these were other days, when in typical apocalyptic literature style, John of Ephesus seen hallucinations as apparitions from another worldly realm, when men wore identification tags with the fear of being left unburied and ships floated aimlessly at sea, later washing up to shore with all of their crew having become my friends.

Although the emperor Justinian contracted the disease himself, he valiantly attempted to minimise the disaster. Following the outbreak in Constantinople, Justinian commanded the palace guard to dispose of the corpses. But soon all the gravesites were filled beyond capacity, and the living resorted to throwing the bodies of victims out into the streets or piling them along the seashore to rot. He responded to this problem by having huge pits dug across the Golden Horn in Sycae and hiring men to collect the dead. Although these pits reportedly held 70,000 corpses each, they soon overflowed and Justinian ordered that the bodies should be placed inside the towers of the city walls and to pour lye down the shafts. When the decaying corpses caused a stench that pervaded the entire city, he ordered that the rotting dead should be put on ships and set fire at sea. Procopius also recorded the human dimension of the tragedy. The first day the person could feel the hard nodes or 'buboes' in the armpits and groin. By the second and third day the fever produced violent delirium in which the victims hallucinated, seeing 'phantoms of death'. He astutely observed that a person who coughed and spit up phlegm died quickly, usually by the fifth day. Students from the Royal College of Surgeons today, God bless 'em, would tell you that I actually came in three forms bubonic, pneumonic (also called pulmonary), and the septicaemic.

The bubonic form, which must exist before the other two strains can become active, is not directly contagious unless the patient harbours fleas. Since Procopius did not state that those who cared for the sick necessarily contracted the disease, it is inferred that the bubonic form was most active in the Justinianic plague. The pneumonic plague occurred whenever I decided to invade the lungs. This variety is highly contagious from one person to another, and is spread by airborne droplets. Due to Procopius' observation that the plague was not directly contagious, and the absence of the major symptoms of pneumonic plague in the accounts, namely shallow breathing and tightness in the chest, this form was probably not very active. Septicaemia occurs when the infection enters the bloodstream, and death is swift, usually before buboes are able to form. In his account, Agathias reported some of my friends dying as if by an attack of apoplexy and from this some scholars would deduct that my septicaemic form did exist during the Justinian outbreak. But either way, I wreak disaster as bubonic plague results in 70% deaths; pneumonic plague in 90% and septicaemic plague leaves no survivors. To live for ten days was considered a miracle and gave time for one to offer additional prayers for an inevitable end.

It was common for entire families and professions to be wiped out, their lineage ended and their professions to be lost to history. During the half century that the Justinian plague raged, no village or town was spared and one hundred million people died of the disease. This meant that recruits for the Roman Army became difficult to find, with the result that the empire was mostly served by barbarian mercenaries. In Justinian's final years, there were virtually no men either to volunteer or to be impressed into the service. Because he was spared, he withdrew from public life and devoted himself to theological problems. He believed that Christ was entirely divine and that his incorruptible human body was just a delusion. This blasphemy didn't suit the Christians of the period and nobody was surprised when he died two years later. Fortunately for the Romans themselves, the plague had also attacked and weakened the Persian Empire. In Italy, the Ostrogoths resumed the war, and new revolts broke out in the previously subdued African provinces. Needless to say, the Justinianic plague, apart from its devastating immediate impact, undermined the political and economical structure of the late Roman Empire, creating conditions ripe for disaster. Coupled with the other disasters, the plague reduced the population of the Mediterranean world by 40% by the year 600. Such a massive mortality rate caused depopulation of the urban centres and created a structural imbalance in favour of the desert Arabs. But before I go down that road, let us just say that I was a microbe that truly changed the history of the world!

Dr. Patrick Treacy is a cosmetic expert. He is Medical Director of Ailesbury Clinics Ltd and the global Cosmetic Medical Group. He is Chairman of the Irish Association of Cosmetic Doctors and is Irish Regional Representative of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors. He is European Medical Advisor to Network Lipolysis and the UK's largest cosmetic website Consulting Rooms. He practices cosmetic medicine in his clinics in Dublin, Cork, London and the Middle East.

Dr. Treacy is on the Specialist Register in the UK and Ireland and holds higher qualifications in Dermatology and Laser technology and skin resurfacing. He was amongst the first doctors worldwide to use the permanent facial endoprosthesis BioAlcamid for HIV Lipodystrophy patients. He was also the first person to introduce many techniques such as Radiofrequency assisted lasers, Fibroblast transplant and Contour Threads to Irish patients.

Dr. Treacy is an advanced aesthetic trainer and has trained over 300 doctors and nurses from around the world. He is also a renowned international guest speaker and features regularly on national television and radio programmes. He was invited to speak about stem cells and cosmetic medicine at the World Aesthetic Conference in Moscow this year.

The Irish College of Cosmetic Doctors
The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors
The British Medical Laser Association
The American Society for Aesthetic Medicine
The American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery The European Society of Laser Dermatology
The European Society for Dermatological Surgery (ESDS)
The International Society for Dermatologic Surgery
The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Treacy is the European Representative for the NetWork-Lipolysis where he is on the Medical Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Board.
Ailesbury Clinics Ltd Suite 6 Merrion Road Ailesbury Road Dublin 4 Ireland

Survive the Cafeteria and Have a Healthy College Diet With These 5 Tips

Living in the dorms and getting a healthy college diet at the cafeteria can be a serious challenge. Many students put on the freshman 15 or more, and the caf food is at least partially to blame. There are plenty of unhealthy choices in the caf and this leads to an improper diet. If you want to improve your diet and lose some weight, here are 5 tips for cafeteria survival

1. Don't take a tray

Nutritionists agree that eating 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day is better for your weight than eating 1-3 large ones. Grabbing a tray is counterproductive because you can fit a lot on a tray, like a dinner plate, dinner roll, desert plate, and beverages. Skip the tray and just grab the plate and silverware. Fill up the plate with a decent lunch or dinner and go to your seat and set it down. You can head back up for your beverages. This is a fool-proof way to stick to eating small meals.

2. Unlimited meal plan

Building on what I mentioned above, you want to eat several small meals per day on a healthy college diet. Make sure that you have enough access to stop for at least 3 meals before the caf closes, and maybe even run through for a snack. It depends on how your school runs its meal system, but if you only have access to 10 meals per week in the caf, this is going to lead to eating large meals, fast food, or unhealthy snacks in between meals.

3. What to eat for breakfast

A healthy college diet must include breakfast. Studies show that people who eat breakfast daily are thinner than people who don't. Choose a breakfast with lean protein, complex carbs, and fiber.

4. Beverage choice

The cafeteria has many sugary soft-drinks available. Try to avoid these, since they will add a lot of unwanted calories and processed sugar to your diet. Try to stick with water, milk, and limited amounts of real fruit juice.

5. What to avoid

Some things to try to avoid as much as possible for a healthy college diet

The desert tray and desert freezer
French fries
The waffle bar
The soft-serve ice cream machine
Fountain pops
Desert pastries
Sugary cereal

Want more tips for eating a healthy college diet

Well then check out the Freshman 15 Challenge. At this site, I go through solutions that are tailored to your unique lifestyle.

Youth Football the Texas Tech Mike Leach Way

Many of you probably watched that incredible Texas Tech-Texas game Saturday evening like I did. The sheer entertainment value of the game alone was worth the time investment, with Michael Crabtree scoring the winning touchdown on a thrilling play with just 1 second left on the clock. Mike Leach is a story unto itself, definitely a man that follows the beat of a different drummer. On the Texas side of the ball, athletes abound and Mack Brown is a true gentleman, a modern statesman of the game.

The Youth Football Lesson in This

As youth football coaches what can we learn from Coach Leach First let's look for a moment at Coach Leach's background. With the exception of one year of sitting on the bench of his High School football team as a Junior, he never played organized football. He got his Bachelors at BYU and then his Law Degree from Pepperdine. At age 25, married, with his second child on the way he decides he wants to be a College Football coach. Yeah right, After stops at College of the Desert, Cal Poly, Iowa Wesleyan, Valdosta State, Finland and Kentucky he is now the head coach of Texas Tech, Not bad for a self described Christian with serious obedience issues. He seems to look at things from a slightly different perspective, maybe even a sort of an outsiders viewpoint.

He has amassed a 74-37 record at a school that rarely, no let's rephrase that, never gets the top tier or even second tier talent in the state of Texas. Those players are reserved for Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. Those kids go to the big money, big stadium, big tradition schools, not to Texas Tech and it's tiny 57.000 seat stadium with a masked pirate Zorro mascot. Just getting to Lubbock is a major undertaking, like something out of one of those Dead Zone commercials, the place none of the Big 12 Media crews relish going.

Leach does it with quarterbacks no one else wants, 6 foot kids with offers to just Tech and maybe a mid major school. He has started a number of quarterbacks for just one season, many being fifth year seniors like BJ Symons, who passed for 52 touchdowns in his only year as a starter. The following season Symons was replaced by another fifth year senior, Sonny Cumbie, who passed for 4.742 yards, the sixth best in NCAA history. This season Cody Hodges a fifth year senior with four years of bench sitting experience is leading Tech's quest for it's first ever Big 12 Title and even a shot at the National Championship.

Now what does this all mean to us youth football coaches

The Leach Formula

Mike Leach saw when he came to Texas Tech, that there was no way he would ever be able to match up with Texas, Oklahoma, A&M and the big boys by doing more of what they were doing. He was always going to have to settle for the second and third tier players. He focused on bringing in fast, smart kids that were maybe a bit undersized or odd shaped, kids that maybe didn't look like football players. Certainly former bag of bones quarterback Kliff Kingsbury fit that mold. He looked like he would need weights in his shoes to hold him down when the stiff winds of West Texas blew around Lubbock. Listed at 175 pounds, this weight number was about as accurate as the weight listed on a 45 year old woman's drivers license. Tech running back Taurean Henderson looked more like a skinny Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz with really bad hair than a Big 12 Running Back.

How do you win with talent like this I'm sure that is what Leach asked himself 10 years ago when he started at Tech,

This is What He Did

He widened the offensive line splits, so his diminutive quarterbacks would have lanes they could see and throw through as well as to make the edges so far outside that his quarterbacks would have more time against the incredible athleticism many Big 12 Defensive Ends have. Over the course of a game those long pass rushes tire out these monstrous defensive ends so by the fourth quarter his quarterbacks have all day to throw. The offensive line splits vary dramatically from 3 to 9 feet. This also gave his smaller offensive linemen nice angles for those big defensive linemen aligned in the gaps.

He committed to passing the ball first, with most seasons averaging over 55 throws per game.

He committed to throwing the ball with just a few concepts, All Curl, 4 Verticals, Y-Stick, Shallow, Bubble Screens and Mesh, The laminated play card for his quarterback had just 26 offensive plays on it for the Texas Game. Coach Leach does NOT have a huge play card filled with hundreds of plays and down and distance material, he has a simple piece of non laminated paper usually folded up into fourths, like some kind of crumpled up crib sheet, with about 30 plays on it. If a play works he writes an O next to it and runs it again, if it fails he writes an X next to it and doesn't . In the Texas game, All Curl must have had an O next to it because he threw it least 5 times.

He committed to running those few concepts out of many formations and looks. So while Leach may be called the Mad Scientist, his playbook is relatively simple. Those TV pundits have no clue.

Why does it work

How and why does it work The precision of his receiver's routes are second to none. Watch them sometimes, you will not see anything like it anywhere. The timing, the execution in uncanny. There is nothing revolutionary about these football plays, it is the execution that is flawless and revolutionary. The pass protection is equally as flawless, the Tech quarterback has been sacked just twice so far this season.

The Youth Football Equivalent

As a youth football coach we have to look at what we have to work with and how that compares to our competition. Can we afford to run what everyone else is in the league is running and expect the kids to have success Should we run the exact same football plays and formations as our bigger and faster competition and expect to compete Or do we have to be creative and run something different Tech decided to run something different.

Do we need 40-50-60 plays in our playbook Tech did it on Saturday with 26 football plays and Tech gets to practice 6 days a week nearly year round. They are masters of a few concepts run out of multiple formations.

Do We Throw in Our Chips With Leach

When coaching youth football does this mean you should commit to throwing the ball 60 times a game and widening your splits to 6-9 feet with your football team No, not at all. In youth football, we don't get to practice 6 days a week nearly year round or cut anyone (most teams), Texas Tech doesn't have to worry about getting every player into the game regardless of game circumstances or have squad sizes of 25 instead of 150. Your kids aren't going to be able to widen splits out to 9 feet, when you are starting an nonathletic future computer nerd at one offensive line spot and the future tuba player of the marching band at another. Those kind of kids can't fill a 2 foot gap let alone a 6-9 foot gap. Most youth football teams aren't going to have 2-3 good well trained backup quarterbacks waiting in the wings for when the starter gets hurt or is sick. Even your best quarterback attending every QB camp known to man isn't going to throw to a streaking wideout and hit him with pinpoint accuracy on the outside tip of his sideline shoulder on a 25 yard sideline streak route like Tech consistently does ( impossible to defend). But what we youth football coaches can learn from Leach is to compete, you don't have the biggest and most athletic team in your league, but you have to be different. You don't have to have 60 football plays in your playbook, but what you do need are complementary plays that you execute to absolute perfection. That's why my teams run the Single Wing offense and why we have a limited number of 100% complementary play series we perfect every season.

Tech still has a tough row to hoe with Oklahoma State up next, but they are always fun to watch. Heck if Tech hadn't converted on a 4th and 6 from their own 35 against Nebraska 2 weeks ago in a narrow win, we may not even be having this conversation. But Mike Leach thinks 4th and 6 is a makeable down even from his own 35. When his no play failed, Crabtree delivered with a broken play 65 yard TD catch, which was the difference maker in the game. Mike Leach is an enigma.

Dave Cisar-

Dave is a Nike Coach of the Year Designate and speaks nationwide at Coaches Clinics. His book Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan was endorsed by Tom Osborne and Dave Rimington. His personal teams using this system to date have won 94% of their games in 5 Different Leagues.

To Sign up for his free tips and drills newsletter or to view 325 free youth football coaching tips go to Football Plays

What Kind Of Student Attends Community College Online

In order to understand the kind of people lives in the desert, one must understand the environment of the desert. This has often proved to be an effective method of analyzing something. In this case, it is the same. In order to know what kind of student attends community college online, one must first understand what the nature of community college online is. That way, we can have an understanding of the kind of people are embarking on this journey.

Attending online is different from attending an actual traditional community college. For one thing, services in education are being done online. The idea of convenience oftentimes does not complement with the idea of efficiency. Some people cannot succeed very well in an online environment, because an online environment does not promote interaction in the same way an actual, traditional classroom does. Computer literacy and the ability to grasp how Internet transactions and communication flow, is the bread and butter of the idea of online programs. There are only two kinds of students in online and they are simply categorized here as those who are likely to succeed and those who are unlikely to succeed.

Those who are likely to succeed are those who are persistent with their approach to online learning. Those who are persistent can manage to give double effort, and in this way the idea of convenience does not get in the way of his or her motivation. Most importantly, he or she must be computer literate. Computer literate students have an advantage and they are the ones who will reap the benefits of attending online.

However, those who are unlikely to succeed are those who are not persistent with their approach to online learning. Being computer illiterate is a serious disadvantage to anyone embarking on the path towards online education. Because one is not literate in computers, he or she experiences how seriously counter-productive this racket might be. This may be the very reason why online learning does not work; because some students do not know how to use the systems in a way to take advantage of going to online.

Summerlin an Oasis in the Desert

One of the best known secrets of living in Las Vegas is the beautiful master planned community of Summerlin. Summerlin has been one of the best selling master planned communities in the Las Vegas valley for over a decade. Conceived and developed by the Howard Hughes Corporation, the community was named after Hughes' grandmother, Jean Amelia Summerlin. The initial purchase of the land that would become Summerlin was made in the 1950's and was considered almost worthless at the time.

The idea of Summerlin took root around the traditional small town neighborhoods of years gone by combined with the latest construction techniques and advance planning. The end result was spectacular and simply...Summerlin.

Summerlin is set against the backdrop of the Red Rock Conservation Area. A census done in 2003 showed that over 84,000 people lived in the 22,500 acre community. Currently home to 18 unique villages offering a wide range of single family homes, townhomes and condominiums, residents enjoy a high level of community amenities and features. There are two age restricted communities, Sun City Summerlin and Siena. Every village has its own community park, usually more than one and some have their own private golf course. Each community is also interconnected by walking trails which total a 150 miles. Some villages focus around a specific theme or is known for its community amenities. A good example is the Arbors village, known for its numerous community tennis courts.


o The Arbors

o The Canyons

o The Crossing

o The Gardens

o The Hills

o The Hills South

o The Mesa

o Paseos

o The Pueblo

o Red Rock Country Club

o Ridgebrook

o The Ridges

o Siena

o Summerlin Centre

o Sun City Summerlin

o The Trails

o The Vistas

o The Willows


Another great thing about Summerlin living are the many cultural choices available. Summerlin is home to the state's only ballet company. There is a 294-seat Performing Arts Center theater and the Hills Park Amphitheater. During the year there are several shows and festivals as well. Summerlin also has a huge community recreation and cultural facility. The facility has 20,000 square feet of classroom and workshop space, fitness area, a full-court gym, an aerobicsdance area, play room and a game room. The center also offers a variety of programs such as dance, drama, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, fitness programs, senior citizen activities and arts and crafts.


Each Summerlin neighborhood also has its own park. There are also community swimming pools, ball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts and public golf courses. At last count, there were 19 major parks and 80 neighborhood or pocket parks. Summerlin is also home to the only PGA tour golf course in the state. For outdoor enthusiasts, Red Rock offers great hiking and rock climbing. During the winter months, skiing and snowboarding are just a short drive away to Mount Charleston. Summerlin is about an hour's drive away from Lake Mead, depending on traffic.


Summerlin offers its residents more educational choices than any other community in the Las Vegas valley. Currently there are nine private schools, both secular and non-secular and ten public schools. Summerlin is also a short drive from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Other higher learning institutions in the Las Vegas valley include the University of Phoenix, DeVry University, La Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Heritage Collage and the College of Southern Nevada.


The main commercial district is Summerlin Centre. The village is mixed use and is home to five large business centers with retail, office space and other commercial property. The result is a huge range of recreational, shopping and dining choices just minutes from all parts of the community. Summerlin Centre is still under construction with more office space planned in the future.

Construction is ongoing in the Summerlin community. At build out, the community will be home to 30 distinctive villages. This vibrant community has held true to its original vision and will remain one of the most desirable addresses in the Las Vegas valley.

I am a long time southern Nevada resident. I am the webmaster for a Las Vegas real estate website that specializes in Las Vegas condos market. The site also has a blog about the latest Las Vegas real estate news and other interesting things going on in the valley.

Yamaha Rhino 660 is the Family Friendly Motor Vehicle of Choice

I've been off-roading all of my life. My father first got me into it when I was about seven years old. He'd purchased an old 1972 Honda 125cc Trials bike from a neighbor and we spent the next few months fixing it up. When it was finally ready to roll, we'd take it to the desert and he'd let me ride on the back of it.

Although he wouldn't let me ride it by myself until I was about twelve, just the thrill of sitting on the back, feeling the wind in my hair and the motor running between my legs was enough. When I was finally old enough to handle the bike myself, my dad went out and bought us Yamaha MX bikes. I, of course, had the 125cc and my dad had the 250cc model. I had some of my best childhood memories on that bike and continued to ride all throughout high school and college. When I got married and had my two boys, I wanted to pass down the tradition of dirtbiking down to them.

However, as any parent knows, once you have kids of your own, your mentality changes. When I was young, I'd ride recklessly, my motto being Live Fast, Die Young, & Leave a Pretty Corpse, but when there are kids in the picture, you have to think about their futures more than yours. If I get into a motorcycle accident and become unable to work, how will I afford to support my family

So, after a lot of haggling, bartering, and otherwise bad noise, my wife convinced me to sell my motorcycles. However, we did come to a compromise I sell my motorcycles and buy something a little safer for my kids and I to enjoy. We decided on the Yamaha Rhino. It has four wheels rather than two, and a sturdy roll cage to keep the occupants safe if something goes awry. When I first saw the thing, I must admit... I was disappointed. One of the things I loved the most about motorcycling in the desert was the lack of safety equipment... the danger provided a thrill. But when my kids and I first went out to the desert and drove the Rhino around, we had a total blast! The Yamaha Rhino 660 has a 660cc motor, this thing has the potential for some serious speed, and my wife is happy to see her husband and little boys safely tucked beneath our DOT-certified helmets and that solid, 1-pipe roll cage. I was still able to drive recklessly, but I knew that if something went wrong, we'd all be safe.

In the end, I realized that when you have children, there are some things that you have to sacrifice, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your hobbies completely! It just means you have to make some adjustments, lifestyle-wise, in order to be a caring father and family man.

Kimberly Green is a mother of three and owner of a Yamaha Rhino, sharing her husband's story about how he came to decide upon purchasing a new Yamaha Rhino 660.

Top 10 Bad Habits That Cause the Freshman 15 - Make Sure You're Not Making These Mistakes!

When students move away from home for college, a lot of them develop bad habits that cause the freshman 15. This is because, living on your own for the first time can be difficult to manage, and things like diet and exercise just aren't priorities for most people. However, if you can identify the bad habits that cause the freshman 15, you can begin to lose some weight and look a lot better. To help you out, I made a list of 10 bad habits that cause the freshman 15.

1. Drinking too much alcohol. If, for example, you go out and drink 8 beers at a party, that's about 960 empty calories. This will pretty much kill your diet for that day, and make it difficult to keep weight off.

2. Not getting enough sleep. Studies show that adults who get 7 hours of sleep or more per night are thinner than those getting 5 or 6 hours (or less). As a college student, you may be losing sleep cramming for tests or staying out too late, and it could be halting your weight loss.

3. Not enough exercise. If you are not exercising, you need to try to find some time. Just walking to class can be extra exercise for a student, or use the campus rec center.

4. Stress. College can be a stressful time, due to classes and other obligations. Stress can cause the body to gain weight, so try to manage your stress level.

5. Late night meals. It can be difficult to be motivated to make something late at night, but usually the only places open late are fast food. Eating a high calorie meal before bedtime can promote weight gain.

6. Skipping breakfast. People that eat breakfast consistently are thinner than people who don't. A healthy breakfast gets your metabolism going for the day and prevents you from being famished and eating a huge meal for lunch.

7. Addicted to soda. Regular soda is the main culprit because of the high amount of processed sugar it adds to your diet. Diet soda is better, but water is probably best.

8. Too Many deserts. Freshmen that eat in the cafeteria get stung by this one because desert is available at every meal.

9. The caf is killing you. The unlimited deserts aren't the only bad foods in the caf to fill up on. Fortunately, you can get some healthy alternatives, like fruit for deserts and side salads with your meal.

10. You don't have a plan. If you are just going to wing it when it comes to managing your weight, then chances are you are going to get heavier. In today's society, you definitely need to set a plan for yourself if you want to get thin andor stay thin. Make yourself a diet and exercise plan in order to break the bad habits that cause the freshman 15.

Need help formulating a plan Well that's why I invented the Freshman 15 Challenge I want to help students like you identify and reverse the bad habits that cause the freshman 15. I go through solutions that are tailored to your unique lifestyle.

I used to be a college student, and I managed to keep the freshman 15 off throughout my college years, and I know you can too. So, take the Freshman 15 Challenge, because you don't want to miss out on your chance to look your best!

Movie Review - Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen


7.5 out of 10

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is one hell of a schizophrenic movie! There are parts that are terrific, high octane fun and there are parts that are so bad you can't help but cringe during them. Fallen also strives to be more adult than the original featuring more suggestive dialogue and sexual situations than the first film, but at the same time is geared more towards kids. I realize that doesn't make much sense, but here is a perfect example. There are two new Autobots (the good guys) named Skids and Mudflap who are solely in the movie to provide comic relief and crack up youngsters. The only problem is that these characters curse quite a few times. It seems like a rather odd contradiction to me. Kids run out and buy the toy versions of these lovable, silly robots... just don't repeat any of their dialogue from the movie! All in all, the good outweighs the bad, but the first film is way superior.

The basic plot is this; the Autobots have been hiding in plain sight for the past two years, aiding the U.S. military in tracking down the Decepticons left over from the first movie. Teenager Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is getting ready to start college and anxious to lead a normal life away from warring robots. Of course, things don't go as planned for Sam and once again he must play reluctant hero and save the world from the evil Decepticons. It seems the Fallen, a Decepticon leader, crash landed on Earth thousands and thousands of years ago and now wants revenge (Revenge of the Fallen... get it), planning to harness the power of our sun and destroy life as we know it. Or something like that. The story by Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman is serviceable at best, but truly in an action packed film like this featuring crazy, fierce robot action, serviceable is just fine. The script is also fine and in fact has plenty of great humor that helps both ground the movie and move it along breezily from one action sequence to the next.

This brings us to director Michael Bay. What can you say about Bay other than that he is the maestro of blockbuster, action filled, special effects extravagances. This is the man responsible for Armageddon, Bad Boys 1 and 2 and The Rock after all. The only problem with Bay is that he sometimes goes over the top with the action. He definitely amps thing up in the sequel but at times it comes off as too frantic, proving that sometimes more is less. The last third of the movie is one long battle that takes place in Egypt that seems to stretch on as far as the desert sand. It is also impossible to tell what is actually going on in some of the sequences and they come off like an orgy, mish mash of robots parts and explosions. Nonetheless, some of the action scenes are truly exhilarating (specifically ones featuring either Optimus Prime or Bumblebee) and will make your seat shake while keeping your eyes glued to the screen. It should also be noted that Bay does a fine job utilizing his actors to great effect and mining several laughs out of the comedic elements of the script.

All of the actors do the best they can with the material, but the weight of the movie clearly rest's on the shoulders of Shia LaBeouf, who ably carries the film as our reluctant hero. LaBeouf is a terribly charismatic actor with that everyman quality of Tom Hanks mixed with the quirkiness of John Cusack and he elevates some of the more banal dialogue and the movie to a new level, much like he did in the first Transformers. I shudder to think how bad these movies would be without him. Megan Fox as Sam's girlfriend Mikaela is perhaps the film's best special effect. She is eye-popping beautiful and lights up the screen every time she appears. Her role really requires her to look hot while running around screaming Sam at the top of her lungs and she completely pulls it off. She is certainly the ultimate fantasy girlfriend for teenage boys everywhere. The film does begin to lag a little in the middle, until the always wonderful, John Turturro shows up and steals every scene he is in. Turturro is brilliant and is the comic showpiece of the movie. Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime once again brings a noble, heroic charm to the Autobot leader and my only regret is that he didn't have more dialogue. The rest of the cast is fine as well, but for the most part, there isn't really much for them to sink their teeth in to.

This leads us to what is bad about Revenge of the Fallen. The new Autobots, Skids and Mudflap, are there to make kids laugh and sell toys, but come off as ridiculous goofballs that contradicts the regal, heroism of the other Autobots. They are jive-talking goofballs (one actually has a gold tooth) that look like they stepped out of a bad Disney film and I suspect they will be even more hated by fanboys than Jar Jar Binks. In fact, these two are so much worse than Jar Jar that it is like comparing Jaime Kennedy to Jim Carrey. There is also way too much potty humor, including a retarded scene where one of the tinier robots humps Megan Fox's leg.

All scenes featuring just the Decepticons are positively dreadful and will have you checking your watch. The dialogue is horrendous 1980's era cartoon lingo and none of the bad guys stand out because they are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Watching any of them prattle on about how they plan to destroy Optimus Prime and the Autobots is yawn inducing nonsense that stalls the momentum of the movie. I understand the need for these scenes, but they could've been fewer and shorter.

To sum it up, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, is a fun, mindless summer blockbuster sequel with more overall good moments than bad that doesn't quite live up to the original. Unfortunately, Revenge of the Fallen never becomes a movie that is more than meets the eye.

Weight Loss For College Students - Get the Body That Other Students Will Envy!

Weight loss for College students comes down to two things

1. Identify the bad habits you have fallen into since you moved away from home

2. Correct the bad habits.

It's really not any harder than that. You may be discouraged because you have put on weight since you moved away, but with some effort you can lose weight and get the body that you want. In this article about weight loss for College students, I hope to identify some of the reasons you might have gained weight so that you can correct them. In no particular order, here is a list of several waist-inflating habits that I saw in College when I was there

Adding a lot of empty calories by drinking large amounts of beer or mixed drinks
Eating desert all the time in the cafeteria
Hitting up vending machines or snack counters between classes
Ordering fast food late at night
Eating out when the cafeteria is closed
Drinking regular soda with meals and carrying it around campus
Eating waffles topped with whipped cream for breakfast
Grabbing a bagel or donut on the go as your breakfast
Skipping meals for most of the day and eating one large meal to compensate
Being sleep deprived
Not enough exercise
Driving to class and using elevators as opposed to walking and climbing stairs

I think that should be enough to get you started. Weight loss for College students is easy to achieve once you have a plan to stop these behaviors. Make sure you have a healthy diet plan in place that you can follow when you eat meals. Also, try to plan out what you are going to eat so that you do not make impulsive decisions, especially if you need to eat in between classes. Lastly, add some more physical activity to your day. Just walking to class will have a great impact on your weight loss.

Want some help coming up with a plan to break your bad habits

Then check out the Freshman 15 Challenge. It's a site that I created that deals with the subject of weight loss for College students. I go through solutions that are tailored to your unique lifestyle.

I used to be a College student, and I managed to keep the Freshman 15 off throughout my College years, and I know you can too. So, take the Freshman 15 Challenge, because you don't want to miss out on your chance to look your best!

Parents Play A Critical Role In Preparing Their Children For College

Too many High School parents think that their only role is to push their children to get good grades, so they will be accepted by a better college. However, in reality, parents of the most successful college students usually play a much broader role.

Yes, grades are important. However, many students with good grades are unprepared for the college experience. Therefore, parents who are interested in college success for their children must be aware of the other roles they should play.

The fact that many children may not understand their parents and many parents do not understand their children does not mean that it isn't important for them all to try.

Parents can assist in the following ways

1. Help Your Children Experience The World - Give your children opportunities to visit
other cities, farms, museums (art, science, history), historic sites, national parks, oceans,
beaches, deserts, mountains, caves, lakes and rivers, a forest, a zoo, a mine, the
theater, concerts, ballet, athletic events, your workplace, a manufacturing plant, impressive
buildings, government offices, national monuments, a college campus, libraries, lectures
on a variety of topics, a train, a bus, a plane, a ship, other countries or places with other
races, religions, cultures, languages and foods, areas with poverty and anything else you
can think of that will broaden their perspective.

2. Teach And Demonstrate Desirable Behaviors - Help your children learn about right and
wrong, fairness, honesty, respect, public behavior, etiquette, politeness, table manners,
teamwork and cooperation. Since children learn by example, parental behavior is critical.

3. Help Children Develop Strong Communication Skills - Provide your children with many
opportunities to build their reading, writing, speaking and presentation skills. In college,
any student with poor spelling, grammar, punctuation and a limited vocabulary will be at a
serious disadvantage. Additionally, when young people mispronounce words and
substitute slang, they will not impress professors and employers. Effective communi-
cation skills must be developed and practiced from the very beginning of childhood.

4. Teach Children To Accept Responsibility - Students who do not accept responsibility
for their words, actions, behavior and performance are not ready for college. It is the
parent's role to teach their children to become responsible citizens who are willing to be
held accountable for their attitude, effort and results.

5. Reinforce Behavior That Builds A Strong Work Ethic - Good or bad, whatever your child
achieves in college will be both earned and deserved. In college, students are not
entitled to anything except the opportunity to learn and grow. It is extremely important
for students to understand that they must compete for the things they desire (Good
Grades, Scholarships, Good Jobs, Promotions, Opportunities, etc.). Students who are
unprepared to devote the time and effort needed to succeed will fail. Therefore, from an
early age, parents should work hard to instill a strong work ethic in each of their children.

6. Help Children Develop Independence & Maturity - College students are expected to
function well on their own. They will need to gather information, analyze it and then make
their own good decisions about a wide variety of behaviors and issues. Mature students
don't run to a parent or counselor for every little thing that happens. Decision making skills
and independence are a critical requirements for growing up. Therefore, parents should
help their children mature by gradually allowing more independence, as students
demonstrate good judgment and decision making skills.

7. Encourage Children To Get Involved - School activities, part-time and summer jobs and
community involvement will give students a more realistic view of the competitive world.
Participation gives students the opportunity to learn about themselves and about others.
It gives them a chance to develop and stretch their skills, knowledge and interests. When
students get involved, they find out what they like, what they are good at and what turns
them on. Without these experiences, many students will have a difficult time selecting a
direction in college.

8. Help Your Children Build A List Successes - A history of success will help students
believe in themselves and gain self-confidence. Since students can be successful in
hundreds of ways (grades, sports, clubs, music, acting, dance, hobbies, interests, work
assignments, community activities etc.) nobody should be left out. Even the smallest
success can be a positive influence on students who are trying to find their way. Since
every student will encounter problems and disappointments in college, it is important for
them to have the self-confidence to pick themselves up and overcome those obstacles.
A list of past successes will remind them that they can succeed.

9. Support Your Children As They Discover Their Strengths - Every student has strengths
and weaknesses. However, successful students usually capitalize on the things they like,
are good at, believe in, care about, or want to change and are passionate about. Parents
play three critical roles here

a) They should ensure that their children are exposed to as many opportunities and
experiences as possible. That will broaden their perspective.

b) Parents can then help their children evaluate those opportunities and experiences to
determine which ones truly hold interest and get the student excited.

c) Recognize and accept the fact that their children may want to go in their own direction.
Whenever the student is moving toward something positive, parents should be
supportive and encourage their children pursue their dreams.

For some students, taking the time to discover their gifts is an inconvenience that they are unwilling to endure.
And sadly, those packages will remain unopened.

10. Help Your Teenager Grow Up - Provide your young adult children with opportunities to
make some daily decisions. Then, watch them closely and hold them accountable for the
results and consequences of those decisions. When they are ready, let them manage
their own time, money, cell phone minutes, clothing purchases and other similar decisions.

Recognize that your children will make a few mistakes and often won't do things the way
you would do them. However, as you find that you can trust them, let them make more
decisions. Generally, young people should endure the consequences of their decisions
and learn from them.

You will hamper the learning process when you always rush to their rescue, overprotect
them and defend your children when they are obviously wrong. Inappropriate words,
behavior and decisions have consequences. Children must learn that lesson.

11. Show Your Children That Life Is Not Only About Taking - Help your teenage children
understand that they have an obligation to make positive contributions everywhere With
Family, Friends, School, Job, Community, Teams, Clubs and Organizations etc. Parents
who lead by example, in an effort to teach their children to be willing to make sacrifices for
the good of others, are more likely to develop good, caring and giving children.

12. Through Your Words and Actions, Let Your Children Know That You Love and
Support Them - When your children know that you are on their side and want only the
best for them, they are more likely to pay attention to your advice. Your love, support
and encouragement will go a long way toward influencing their thinking and behavior.

Parents who set a good example and involve their children at an early age will usually have the most impact with these principles of college success. However, it's never too late to start. When you take a genuine interest in your children, in their interests and in their development, you will be rewarded with mature, self-confident children who know where they want to go, children who are ready to achieve success in college.

The Data Is In - Matt Leinart Is a Bust

The term bust is thrown around too often in professional football. So many high round picks do not pan out that labeling all of them as busts would completely negate any value given to the word. But when a Heisman Trophy winning QB from a prestigious college program is chosen in the top 10 picks overall and is flat out released by the team that drafted him just weeks after being named the starter in his fourth season, then the word bust applies.

After initially starting for the Cardinals in his second season 3 years ago, he eventually lost his starting job to Kurt Warner. Given how Warner would excel in the desert leading the Cardinals to their first Super Bowl appearance in 2009, it is tough to begrudge a player for serving as his back-up. With Warner retiring this offseason, Leinart was slated to be re-inserted as starter. However, after a few preseason games, it appeared that he had learned nothing as Warner's understudy. His reads were poor, he was slow to react to NFL defenses (even vanilla preseason sets), and his arm strength (which has always been in question) was shown to be woefully lacking

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt responded as most responsible coaches would - he moved Derek Anderson (who has played better) to the first team and announced that the starting QB was now an open competition. This did not sit particularly well with Leinart. He demanded a trade. Why shouldn't he Because he has done so much that he deserves to be handed a starting position. Only he doesn't. He's done absolutely nothing that entitles him to being the starter unless he is clearly outplaying his competition. The competition's reaction to Leinart's demand A collective yawn. Nobody made a decent offer. This led to Leinart just being released and signing with the Houston Texans and being placed on their THIRD team.

The funny thing is this Leinart's best shot to eventually start was to stay exactly where he was at. As of today, one could make the argument that Derek Anderson is the worst starting QB in the NFL. His career in Cleveland ended as a flat out disaster. Anderson will throw interceptions and will eventually get the hook from Whisenhunt if he falters. In Houston, Matt Schaub is well entrenched as the starter. Outside of the possibility of injury (and Schaub is a bit prone to missing time), there is zero, zilch, nil chance that Leinart will take the starting job for him. For now, the former USC star can be put firmly in the pile of irrelevancy.

Can Leinart's career be reclaimed There are QBs who have fallen farther and eventually emerged out on top. None other than Kurt Warner was unheralded coming out of small Northern Iowa and actually spent time in the arena league before eventually finding success with the St. Louis Rams. Even then, it was only an injury to starter Trent Green that gave Warner his chance to prove himself. But right now, an unhealthy ego and sense of entitlement prevent Leinart from being a guy who can be expected to improve and become that player that many expected him to be. That's a good recipe to be a bust.

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The Winner (Chapter 2)

Once back John noticed that the three customers who had been in the restaurant had finished their meal and left while a new customer had come in on her lonesome. It was an 18 year old girl he was more than familiar with, Elizabeth Wu was her name and how attractive he found her. She was not very tall standing at 5'2' in height, which made her average for a Chinese with a small figure of a beauty that gave her a look like a doll from her country. Elizabeth also had facial features like almost none John had ever known though he did not take the time to observe details but the overall look of the women he looked at. Elizabeth, however had all the characteristics of those ladies from the race she was so proud of. Her eyes were slanted but not overly, with a nose that was small which was not atypical for someone whose parents were from China; though she herself had been born in New York City. The rest of her face was also pleasing to look at as it contained high check bones with a pair of lips that were thin though made to look bigger by the red lipstick.

Elizabeth had come in wearing her school uniform which was composed of a dark blue blazer, a white shirt, a tie and a blue skirt. There was something about this uniform which she liked, as it made her look like a young girl who was experiencing the growth that leads to womanhood while constantly reminding those who saw her that she could not have been past her teens. It was on that particular day; a Tuesday that she got out of school late because of her extra curriculum activities that included a class in ballet, as well as piano lessons though on that day it had been the first of these classes that had detained her at school till that time.

She had gone to Jackson Hole, as she was a student at the prestigious Nightingale Bamford School (located on 92nd Street between Madison avenue and 5th avenue) who lived on Park avenue between 91st and 92nd street, making this the ideal place for her to have her evening meals; specially on days like this one. This being the case since her parents were out of town and would not be back till the weekend. This of course did not mean complete freedom to do as she pleased; for they did have a house keeper. Who though not a live-in would be keeping tabs on her but this was not a problem. Elizabeth after all had no intensions of doing anything she would not have done had her parents not been away.

Elizabeth in fact did not really go to Jackson Hole that often, as there was something about burgers that she really could do without but however did enjoy this place because of their salads and the fact that a lot of her friends from school were regulars. John was also another reason, not only because she found him attractive and interesting to talk to but because he was one of the few men in his twenties who paid her the attention she strived for. As on one occasion their flirting had brought them ever so close to the intimate acts to be performed between members of opposite sexes.

It had been a little under a month since that Saint Patrick's day on which Elizabeth and some of her friends from school had run in to John and some of his friends at the Clancy bar on 86th street. Was it the spirit of the day or the drinks John introduced Elizabeth to A friend of his being the bartender, who did not bother to ask for her ID. Beer and wine had been all the liquor Elizabeth had ever tasted until that day. On which after having spent the whole afternoon watching the parade, Elizabeth and her friends (Marsha and Jane) ran in to John, who more or less goaded them in to trying a shot of Irish whisky. Him claiming it was the true drink of the Irish.

In reality nothing would have happened other than having a few drinks at the bar if Elizabeth had not suggested going over to her house to watch a film, only to have Marsha invite John over without basically consulting her. Elizabeth was even surprised to see John in her apartment, not being aware that he had been asked over.

During the film John and Elizabeth took to talking about poetry with John talking out the book Tropic Of Cancer by Henry Miller which he wanted to show her. It was when the film came to an end that Marsha and Jane left while John stayed on to read to Elizabeth from Tropic Of Cancer, only to have Marsha and Jane make innuendos about what they considered to be Elizabeth's real reason for wanting him to stay.

Elizabeth strangely enough was not a virgin, since her recently turned ex-boyfriend had brought about an end to that part of her life but this was a new situation for her, being home alone (her parents at a Saint Patrick's day party) with a man who she was attracted to. One who she could see had eyes for her as well as the experience she so much longed for. It did not come to intercourse on that day though Elizabeth was made to feel John's root in her mouth as he introduced her to the feel of oral sex for the first time; only to have it all end with John preferring not to put an end to his satisfaction in her rose due to neither of them having a condom. How disappointing it had been for Elizabeth, perhaps more so than John but deep down she knew it was best however contrary this episode to bringing them closer only served to bring them apart. In many ways Elizabeth's and John's last sexual encounter which saw her touch upon many a new sensation was like the wave that comes on to the beach, very deeply but does not by necessity have to return with more or even the same strength which was what happened or in their case did not. John had thought they would be a couple. Elizabeth's age being only 6 years under his but she felt embarrassed to face him after what she had done; specially since it had been John to stop their actions while she and her boyfriend were still together. All of which making her even feel guilty. Time however had gone by and though it had not been over a month; much had changed in Elizabeth's life and one of those things being that she had separated from her WASP boyfriend.

Regarding what had happened between her and John, this she had talked over with her friends; swearing them to secrecy not to breath a word of it to any living soul while being told by them that she need not worry over what had happened between her and John; as they too had had such encounters with men or boys that did not necessarily finish in intercourse.

Elizabeth on that day observed John wearing the clothes he usually wore which came covered by that apron he always had on to keep the grease off however on this occasion something was different. He was smiling in a way that reminded her not so much of being happy but of having received great news and seeing John next to Bob; she got up the courage to finally face John and say as she looked at him standing behind the counter And what are you so happy about.

John, all his life had heard about people winning the lottery; where they had won millions of dollars and going mad with joy over the fact and much to his almost shock this was not his reaction. True, he was happy but his was a controlled joy rather than the ones he had seen or thought he would experience if he ever won the lottery however all things considered why should this bring him so many sensations He was not in such a bad financial position as some of the people he knew; he had no debts or at least none he could not handle. As he never charged on his credit card more than he would be able to pay back by month's end. Therefore from this point of view he really did not need the money desperately. He was on his way to finishing his education, knowing full well he could get a good paying job though not one that would make him rich by any means and as for his future; he had written a book he had sent to a publisher and was waiting for a reply which he had several reasons to believe would be positive. In reality this money would just help him out; his idea being to just put it in the bank or one of those institutions and live of the interest. He naturally would not have to work but would do so in order to prevent himself from spending his now acquired fortune.

I have just won the New York lottery! were the words Elizabeth heard from John that left her almost stunned; not only what he had said but the way he had said them and how it seemed that Bob who stood next to him was more exited than the one who claimed to have won at least a million dollars. At first Elizabeth did not know what to say, she knew such lotteries existed but never had she played them and now she was being told by a man who seemed as calm as could be; given what he was declaring. All of which making her believe it was some sort of joke.

Get out of here, your putting me on. Elizabeth said as both Bob and John looked at each other while the first walked away apparently to his tables saying with some disbelief in his eyes after having seen the ticket Some guys got all the luck, well it's back to work for us poor folks.. Bob was actually the one Elizabeth found the more attractive of the two, as he was more her type, him having black hair though perhaps not such refined facial features while being the more muscular of the two. Now, Elizabeth got the feeling that she had really been told the truth and seeing that there was a distinct possibility that she was talking to a very rich cook asked How much did you win, almost as if it had been herself whom she was asking about. John at that moment stopped to think about what was happening and wondered, in all the rush to find out if the number was a winner he had not even asked but knew he got all the numbers right so he figured the prize had to be in the millions at least. It was with a laughter, more aimed at himself that he replied I don't know, to tell you the truth I don't know. (now looking for a while, as if he were making up what he said, also not wanting to say how he got the ticket) I bought a ticket on Friday and didn't even check to see how much the prize money was this week and only now did I remember about the ticket and I called and found out that mine is the wining number..

Elizabeth was now unsure; not so much based on what she had heard but the way John had had a look of almost hesitation about him as he told her about the ticket but it could be after all. Maybe he did not think he would really win, for in all truth; how many people count on winning a lottery With some doubt Elizabeth said Oh, come on let me see that ticket. It's hard to believe anything your saying. as she laughed in a way that almost took them back to where they had left off in her apartment.

Elizabeth seeing John holding what appeared to be a lottery ticket held out her hands as she saw hesitation in John. I can trust you to give this back After all it is worth perhaps a million dollars John retorted with a laugh, as the look on his face showed his was trust in this girl who he knew well. Yes, you can trust me with a million dollars. A month ago you trusted me with something more valuable remember Elizabeth came back in a reference to how she had taken the most delicate part of him; not only in her hand but mouth. Yes, I remember (feeling bashfulness about what had been suggested which showed on his face) now tell me what your order is before I get fired! was his reply.

I can see you blushing but after what you did to me, you should! Well ok, I will order the usual; Greek salad and I don't know what you so worried about, you're rich! You don't need this job. Elizabeth cried out with some frustration, like she had felt on their first romantic interlude. Elizabeth for the most part limited herself to ordering a salad and sometimes though rarely one of the large burgers; they had which ranged in a variety of toppings that included blue cheese, bacon, mushrooms and many others. Elizabeth was feeling particularly hungry on that day and contrary to her usual habit decided to order a burger and as she looked at the list was tempted by the choices, some of which she had never tried. John seemed strange to her, as she looked at him; her now ready to order. He seemed almost unaffected by the fact that he had struck it rich and would never have to work again. This to her had always seemed like the kind of news that would make one shout for joy but he seemed just glad and little else.

This however for the time being was not her concern; for now her appetite for food rather than knowledge of John's reaction was a more urgent matter. All of which led her to cry out I'll have the Greek Salad I ordered and a Texas burger. You know the ones with chili and a diet coke and I'll see after what I will have for desert though after all that I may not have any... as John stood in front of her though not really paying attention to her but as if looking over the bar, hoping to see something that needed to be taken care of or perhaps cleaned up.

John in a way seemed surprised and strangely enough more by all the food Elizabeth had ordered than anything else and as his concentration went back to her; he witnessed how she put down the menu and with a big smile on her face, as if she had just made up her mind and said trying to look directly at him with all the enthusiasm she could get up in spite of how tired she felt and you know what Come to think of it, I will order desert now, I figure if I can't finish it now I will just take it home and that will be a.... slice Boston crème pie.. Wow, I've never seen you so hungry John exclaimed as he wrote down her order in his pad, and continued speaking Well, if you don't finish it; we can always wrap it up for you to go. as he went off to get the order which had just been given him.

Elizabeth, then as she waited; took out one of her books to perhaps get some reading done as she was due to give a book report. She found it surprising how she was able to concentrate on the book despite how tired and hungry she felt but then again reading was something she had always enjoyed, specially classical literature. It taking her back to a time, when none of the things she now put so much of her need on did not even exist and perhaps life was simpler though not easier because of it.

John as he went about making Elizabeth's order had more or less accepted that his would be never again to worry about financial problems; as he would take his money and buy an apartment in the city, not even a big one but one so he would never have to pay rent and a car. Nothing of luxury however but a simple American car; perhaps a comfortable station wagon, which was more his personality than the sports car some of his friends might have bought. Money there would be plenty and the rest well this he would put in the bank and live of the interest which added to his job as a teacher would give him more than enough to lead the life he had always wanted. It being one of comfort but not sumptuousness; as this did not concern him.

So much had he heard of people going wild after having received large sums of money. All because they wanted to do or have what life had always denied them along with pleasing the financial needs of those around them. Some going to the extreme that in a very short span of time, of maybe a year or two were back where they had been before wining the lottery and in some cases some of those winners were even worse of than they had been. This John was sure would not happen to him, as he really had no plans for the money other than letting it sit in the bank and getting the interest it should give him. Naturally, if he could find a sure mutual fund he would invest the whole bundle. All of which would give him what he needed to live well.

Elizabeth had been in love with John since they first met, as she and he had always been friendly with one another when ever she came in to the restaurant. This not to mention the night they came ever so close to starting a sexual relationship which though unknown to John would not have been Elizabeth's first. Elizabeth, after all did not have such romantic notions of white weddings or issues of the sort.

Elizabeth was young and did not think of bigger or longer term plans than meeting with boys, and perhaps letting them experience the feel of her body, though this she had only done with one, at least all the way as she referred to it while John had come close. Ideas of dating someone on a permanent basis were just passing fancies in her mind; not to speak of marriage or the children that often came as a result of which; as she considered herself too young to even ponder such concepts though she like most of her girlfriends; held room for such concepts. This however was a different situation as John was well off financially. It was true; he was still a waiter and would probably continue to be one till he finished his studies and became a professor at some college and even if he did not manage to get the kind of job he had always talked about he still could get a simple teaching job which added to the money he would get from his lottery winnings would make her father accept him as her boyfriend.

In truth; he was older than her but the difference was not that great, as in fact her father was separated by more years from her mother in the upward direction than John was from her, so this should not be a problem. He was still a waiter but this had changed, for now her father would see him as a man with financial benefits at least. Elizabeth had wanted to date John and perhaps would have done so, though in all honesty she could not claim it all to be fear of her father's disapproval. As the occasional cocaine consuming she engaged in was also something she should have stayed away from, if this had been such a big concern of hers.

John was a nice and friendly guy. This she realized on that Saint Patrick's day which she would never forget and not only because she had wanted him but the way he made her feel; not only leading up their near moment but even when he was around her friends who could tell something was between them however she stopped herself. John was a waiter or worked in a restaurant and there was something in her pride though she knew her friends would probably not say anything that dating someone like that was in a way beneath her.

It was true; Elizabeth would never be rude to anyone. Given that to her people were equal regardless of anything; at least when it come to the issue of respect but being with a waiter, in a way that involved dating and sleeping together was another issue. It was almost as if she were sleeping with one of the help which was for the most part not done and then again how would he feel when he could not spend as much as the rest of them on the things they all shared and enjoyed that cost so much Would she have to always spend on him, as he not only could not spend on her but she would have to on him Now, things had changed because money had made a difference. He was rich, she could say to herself and the rest that he only worked as a waiter, as a part time job to have some extra money till he finished his education. This being much like even her girlfriend's boyfriends, some of whom went to college as did John and also did jobs of the sort to have some money for their expenses. This would be John's situation from now on, for working as a waiter would now longer be his only source of income but an additional one.

Elizabeth, now could see herself being John's steady and why not She waited for her meal and as she did so she continued reading Crime and Punishment which she was close to finishing with half her concentration on Dostoevsky's words while the other part lay on John and how he had suddenly become acceptable for her to not only present to her father and friends but to her own self-respect. The thought of what she and John had done even excited her as she almost peeped up at him, almost as if in an attempt to hide behind her book; the way she was now seeing him. At first, she had been slightly if more so ashamed of what she had done with John, which made her even avoid him at times but now she looked upon him differently. Taking certain pride at how he had almost been hers, to make love to a man older than herself; not a teenager or even a waiter but a millionaire or at least a would be one.

My name is Gianni Truvianni, author of many an article to be found on the internet along with the book New York's Opera Society. My works also include the books What Should Not Matter, Love Your Sister and several others which still remain unpublished though I am presently looking to change this.

Variables That Can Fluctuate The Compensation Package That You're Being Offered

1. How sexy is the industry perceived to be by outsiders Just like anything else in life, the opinion of the masses is a force that can tilt the number attached to any job offer.

This usually is a factor with younger job seekers, mostly who are coming right out of college or from a job (maybe two years or less of employment) that they did not like and, thus they gravitate towards an industry simply because it is the thing to do.

Because of this, the effect on the compensation packages of those actually offered positions within these industries is quite heavy as you have students coming out of college who don't know much, but know that it is cool to work in that industry, thus increasing demand to work at these companies and, simultaneously decreasing your demand as an individual.

Another factor that plays into this scenario is that the offered job seeker has to contend with the fact that if they negotiate their salary too hard that employer would not have to walk through the desert barefoot to find your replacement.

Ironically, there is an inverse relationship between what younger jobseekers think is sexy and the subsequent pay from that industry. A good example of this would be public relations and advertising. Although, many want to get into the field, not many truly know what is involved, but still end up diluting the amount that job seekers are offered by these employers.

2. How long has the company had this particular job requisite open Staffing is a very tiresome project especially for the small business owner. The reason why this is is that not only is it a lot of work, it is a pride swallowing thing for CEO to have to go back to his days as a salesperson and pitch people that, in his or her opinion should be interviewing them.

How much can this variable swing a number on that job offer

I have seen a fluctuation of up to $25,000 in a base salary due to, nothing more than good qualifications and what one can refer to as employer recruiting fatigue. Occasionally, this rule could go against the job seeker because every now and then you get the employer or prospective employer who is too skittish to pull the trigger on a hire and, thus they end up interviewing till the end of time leaving the decision to their grandchildren in their will.

3. Your qualifications and perceived employment stability. If the employer feels that, due to your past you may not be with the organization in a year or two, salary wise you become somewhat dispensable, or risky if that adjective sits better. As a job seeker the only way to really make up for this is to have great accomplishments within your career (nobody could tell you what those are, but yourself) and an ability to connect with the employer on a personal level, thus gaining trust.

To prevent the loss of compensation due to job hopping, before you leave your current job, think of the ramifications this could have on your next compensation plan. Try to stay in average of 2.5 years for each job that you take. If you find yourself in unbearable situations, it may be time to leave your job and take the compensation decrease, but at the same time be very careful with the next position that you accept.

Of course, there are a lot more variables than the above regarding compensation. Some of these you would laugh at, some you wouldn't believe and, for better or for worse I have seen most of them.

Ken Sundheim is the Founder and President of KAS Placement NYC Recruitment New York Headhunter a sales and marketing staffing agency that helps both U.S. and International firms recruit all levels of sales and marketing experts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The staffing professionals at KAS have been around since 2005.

Ken also has been published on sites such as, Recruiting, Staffing and Executive Search

Top Paying Jobs in the Oil Field Today

In the 80's, oil companies retrenched massive numbers of frontline workers because oil prices dropped to somewhere around $10 per barrel. Fast forward to 2008, the price of oil touched $150 per barrel and we saw oil drilling companies scrambling for workers and paying critical staff sky-high wages. Even during the worst of the recession in 2009, the price of oil firmly stayed above $60 per barrel and some oil companies continued hiring workers, especially for their offshore oil fields.

There are many reasons why hiring for jobs in the oil field remains robust and wages continue to be lucrative

Many productive oil fields are located in very inhospitable environments, e.g. the jungles of Africa, the deserts of the Middle East, the frozen wastes of the Artic tundra (Alaska and Siberia)
Offshore oil fields are dangerous places to work, e.g. the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Brazil, the North Sea off Europe
A number of oil fields are located in countries with unstable governments or ongoing civil wars, e.g. Nigeria, Venezuela
Very tough work schedules - although each tour is followed by a two-week break, the tour itself consists of 12-hour shifts of brutal back-breaking labor which continues on for two straight weeks without any time off
Spectacular accidents like the 1988 Piper Alpha drilling rig explosion in the North Sea and the recent (2010) Gulf of Mexico accident tend to discourage many workers

Oil field jobs reward seniority - a brand-new roustabout will earn about $45,000 - $55,000 per annum (depending on location) but his senior of 20 years experience can expect to get an extra $10,000 for doing much the same work. The same is true for other jobs which need hard labor, for example scaffolders, painters, etc. The driller, his assistant and the mud engineers can expect to earn $65,000 to $90,000 and the toolpusher can expect to take home at least $100,000 every year. Of course, these are for oil rigs on offshore fields. For rigs on dry land, wages are somewhat lower. On the other hand, so is the level of danger.

To find these frontline oil drilling jobs, it is necessary to look for the wildcatters and other small oil drilling companies. These are the companies that are doing actual work for the large oil service companies like Halliburton. In turn, the oil majors like BP then hire the oil service companies to manage the oil rigs on the oil fields they (BP) own.

Other important jobs, for example those of the men and women who discover new oil fields, pay anywhere from $80,000 to over $100,000 without counting a variety of sign-on bonuses. These are fresh graduates right out of college. The American Geologic Institute reported that salaries of brand new geologists increased by 50% between 2003 and 2008. Hiring for these exploratory oil jobs are often handled directly by the oil service companies.

Given the continued high demand for oil from America, Europe, China, India and the other developing countries, these high wages are set to continue. As usual, the oil companies will pay even more to workers in more dangerous locations.

U. S. Seniors Retiring To Iraq Say That's Where The Medicare Money Is

U. S. senior citizens, noting President Bush's new budget, which calls for billions to be spent in Iraq while billions are cut from Medicare, are foregoing traditional retirement destinations like Florida and Arizona and opting for Iraq.

The numbers reflect a convincing coincidence. Bush's budget calls for $100 billion more for Iraq and $100 billion in cuts for Medicare.

Following up on the new retirement trend, we went to Kennedy Airport and caught up with some seniors who were booked for Baghdad.

Excuse me, I asked a group of seniors who just stepped off the bus in front of Saudi Arabian Airlines. I understand you're all heading for Iraq

That's right, a man in Bermuda shorts replied, and reached into his golf bag. He took out a chapeau in the usual mullah fashion. Got my black turban right here. You know what they say When in Baghdad, do as the Iraqis do.

And I have my black burkah, his wife added, lifting it from her purse. She slipped it over her head and modeled it. What do you think

Very cute, I replied. You'll fit right in. Can you please clarify why you've chosen to retire in Iraq instead of, say, Miami

Simple, son, a man with a fishing rod, who happened to be wearing a baseball cap on top of his turban, said, That's where the Medicare money is.

Not to mention social security, his wife commented.

The plain fact is, we'd rather eat in Iraq than starve in America, another man added.

But aren't you concerned about safety issues I asked.

Of course, we are, the man in the Bermudas replied. But we're in this for the long term and, the way things are going, we can hardly count on Medicare and social security in America.

We've got to follow the food, another elderly gentleman stated.

But you could get blown up I suggested.

Oh, we thought about that, the man with the baseball hat on top of his turban replied. We'll just have to take our chances.

Never underestimate the power of a senior citizen, a frail man said, raising his fist. Didn't you read about the 70-year-old fella who broke the neck of the kid who tried to rob a busload of seniors

Yes, I did notice that event, I told him.

He was a war vet, one of the women informed me, with evident pride.

Yep, of one American war or another, a senior volunteered with a sigh. Quite a few to choose from.

How about suicide bombers I dared to ask.

Bring 'em on, son, the frail senior said, assuming the position of a boxer with his dukes up.

But aren't you forgetting that most of the money earmarked for Iraq is for military activity I asked.

We're going for the rebuilding money, the man in the Bermudas said. They're wasting billions. And we figure we can get in the way of some of it.

And what do you think is going to happen when Americans see millions of seniors, retired in Iraq They can't just let us starve there, can they

Congress will have to divvy up something for us, and that's more than they're likely to do if we stay in America.

And something is better than nothing, a woman affirmed.

But what about the culture gap I asked. Aren't you a little set in your ways

Yes, we are, one of the men admitted.

I notice the turbans. Do you plan on becoming Muslim

Whatever it takes to get in the way of some money, the man insisted.

We've thought about it, his wife interjected. And becoming Islamic is better than not being able to afford medical care.

Or starving on what's left of social security, another woman added.

Do you think you'll be able to enjoy the usual retirement activities there, like golf and fishing I asked.

No problem, the man with the golf bag said. Iraq may not have the best golf courses, but I see there's plenty of desert for sand traps.

I've noticed a river runs through Baghdad, the man with the fishing rod said. Got to be something in it besides body parts.

How about you I asked a woman with a tennis racquet.

I haven't seen any tennis courts there, she admitted, but some of the sand should be hard enough for the ball to bounce.

What about a net I asked.

I guess there'll be some sacrifices, she replied, and looked around at the crowd. But I know one thing. I won't have far to look for someone to play with.

I brought my racket, another woman called.

And, if worse comes to worse, her husband advised her, you can teach an Iraqi how to play.

Excuse us, son, one of the men said. We have to move along now. Can't miss our flight.

We're bound for Baghdad! his wife almost sang.

OK, I replied. Thanks for the interview. And enjoy your retirement.

Tom Attea, humorist and creator of, has had six shows produced Off-Broadway. Critics have called his writing delightfully funny, witty, with good, genuine laughs and great humor and ebullience.

Time to Follow the Sun

Some of us are looking wistfully at the beautiful sunsets and realizing that the nights are closing in earlier thus signaling that Jack Frost will soon be knocking on the window. However, others amongst us are rubbing our hands in glee at the approach of winter and rushing around in a frenzy of excitedly gathering things up.

Yes, for many lucky retirees the cooler evenings and the darker mornings herald that switch-over point in their life; they are off to their other world with their other familiar friends as they leave for their annual winter escape.

Snow-birding, as it is commonly known, is the process of fleeing the cold winters to follow the sun south, exactly the same way as the birds do. It is a way of life, and grateful people arrive in Arizona or Texas or Florida etc each year from all over the world and pick up right where they left off!

Usually the 'real life' is the summer life, with the 'real' house, the kids, grand kids, the family barbeques, fishing trips, house repairs, vegetable gardening, lawn trimming and all that hard work; so in many ways the winter does seem like the vacation part of the year.

It is fun to spend time with the family and grow your own vegetables and show the grand kids how to fish and how to bake - but it 'ain't so fun' to shovel snow, tread mud into the house and pay those huge heating bills! So why not plan your life to have the best of both worlds

You can use the winter months to brush up on your fitness, or on your intellect, or on your golf or just on your relaxation! Many of the communities catering to the snow bird lifestyle are often gated communities, so security is not something that you even have to consider. There are also some which only cater to the 55 plus age group - so no whiny kids or blasting music at the pool!

If you think you would like to use your winter to get fit, ensure that you choose a community that offers a fitness center, games courts and heated pools. Most of the communities have an Activity Association which organizes dances, bingo and many social events.

Many folk, young and old, think of the winter as an opportunity to learn a new skill, and many southern state community colleges cater for winter snowbirds. For instance, the Mesa Center for Community Education is offering nearly seventy part time courses this year. There are many choices available.

For instance
- serious subjects such as Computer Basics or Get it Published Now!
- arty subjects such as, basic Metal Sculpture or Beginning Watercolor
- self development subjects such as Your Personality Style or Procrastination
- musical subjects such as Guitar 1 and 2 or Blues-Boogie-Woogie Piano
- gardening courses such Growing Great Roses in the Desert or Organic Gardening Basics
and how about these two for some laughs Flirting 101 or Who's Walking Around Your Head With Muddy Boots If you are feeling less adventurous, most resorts have Internet access and libraries.

Golfers know that golf courses in the sunny south are numerous and, in some cases, world renowned; in Arizona, for instance, the cooler heat of the winter weather is ideal for the game. There are over seventy golf courses in the Mesa area that should last most golfers for a few months!

Most resorts offer all the above amenities, although Palm Gardens, Mesa, Arizona, has a little extra as its name suggests it is home to over 550 palm trees. These trees line their streets which are landscaped with an abundance of greenery, landscaped rock and even a waterfall.

For some travelers, ' getting there' is half the fun while others just want to jump on a plane and BE there! Once safely arrived they stay in their own home purchased from the resort management or their own parked RV. Parking for RV's is available daily, monthly or yearly - i.e. yearly means that you can leave your motor home down south for RVing around the area, but fly to it each year.

Others plan to take their RVs on a slow meandering trail down to the south; they pore over maps every summer and plan a different route each time taking in the sights as they go.

Whichever way you prefer to travel chose and whatever lifestyle you choose on arrival, you could rationalize that you almost owe it to yourself to become a snowbird. Relaxation and laughter are both known to boost your immune system, therefore this is a cheaper way to keep healthy than using the medical system!

Learn more about mobile homes and Arizona Gated Community living at The site has extensive information for buyers thinking of relocating to Arizona senior living [httpwww.palmgardensonline.comsenior-communities.php] communities, and details on a variety of great mobile home and RV living options.