Arizona State University Sun Devils

Located in the heart of the bustling desert city called Tempe, Arizona. In the West, where there is competition in the football game, which is the oldest in the nation, dating from before Arizona passed a state This game is known as The Big Game, The Duel in the desert , or simply a battle for the Territorial Cup was established in 1899, this rivalry is bitter and miserable in our beloved Sun Devils University of Arizona Wildcats. NCAA regional team that is recognized as the oldest trophy awarded the first game was played Thanksgiving Day November 30, 1899, at Carillo Gardens field in Tucson, Arizona in front of 300 screaming fans, the State of Arizona (then known as the Tempe Normal School) won the cut. Location of the trophy since the mid-80's is still a mystery to this day.

In 2001, President Lattie Coor USS Cup territorial game will be shared with University of Arizona last season. Winner, as he took the trophy for the next year until a new winner is determined. At the end of each game the winning team a copy be submitted to the Regional Cup, which is posted on the office of president of the university For security reasons, only true trophy to be taken by the police, supervision of the University of archivists, the school will be in the Hall of Fame.

Imagine that one of the co-president of EDS State and Arizona toe guard in Tucson, AZ to repaint the University of Arizona - The A brown and gold, and the University of Arizona Tucson, AZ police standing outside. Or imagine the guard at the Hayden Butte in Tempe, Arizona, students come to town when it takes place every year during the week of the contest. Be in the game, you can feel the hatred between these two schools, and players like.

What is that fuels hatred. 1937 at Arizona State Teachers College (3) of Arizona, players will be transferred to their team. In response, the ASTC Arizona has again refused to play until the players graduated. 1958 Arizona State University to become only the fact that they are the graduates of Arizona denied. Arizona State will struggle to do their work on the ballots, 200 were assigned according to their status. 1968 The Duel in the Desert was the winner of the cup sun bowl, sun of Arizona coach Darrell Mudra will have to give Arizona a place bowl, regardless of the outcome by threatening not to play in the bowl of the sun, after the USS trampled 30-7 AU. This liquidation sparks birth of the Fiesta Bowl so that when ASU was close to many other sources, they have their own bowl game The Fiesta Bowl was to become one of the four major BCS bowl games to determine the national champions.

In 2001, after defeating the Sun Devils Sun Devil Stadium, Arizona player started dancing on the logo and ASU players taunting, chanting Carry On, which sparked a fight in midfield. In 2008, Arizona coach Mike Stoops comments, sign one-day conference, saying that Arizona State was a junior college, he said that the recruits in that it becomes easier and attacked the academic requirements of the USS Arizona State uses to collect all the news as ASU and UA must conform to the same requirements Stoops, then had to release a statement retracting his words and apologize. It is a highly touted recruit Bottling rejected in favor of Arizona Arizona State. It's a long, heated and always will be.