Richard Wright, Coming of Age in White-South and dominated by himself fit to fight against racism

Richard Wright, the grandson son of a slave, was born and spent his early years of life on a plantation near Natchez, Mississippi. The extreme poverty of the family forced him to move to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1913 when Richard was six. Soon after their arrival, his father, a sharecropper old, abandoned the family, leaving his mother to support them alone.

His family moved to Jackson, Mississippi to live with parents Wright is a constant throughout the life of pregnant women and the family moved from town to town, be boarded in orphanages and homes, with family members cleavages and teachers constantly struggle with bullies, white street gangs, as his constant struggle against hunger, hypocrisy, parental neglect and injury to many household members are sick and face the chore of Christian fundamentalism

Therefore, when the age of 15, Wright began to expiate his feelings in writing his first story The Voodoo hell half acre, and it was published in Southern Register, local black newspaper, he had little support and encouragement of his family, he developed a high level of motivation and fat, before forging the signatures of the white lights of the library and borrow books for him to satisfy his insatiable thirst for great literature.

Richard continues to grow steadily physically, socially, psychologically and emotionally. She begins to feel his hormones emergence of the Church, and he begins to lust after an elderly woman and sexually stimulating the anthem of sweet voices.

Richard will soon begin looking for new ways to spend his spare time, until he decided to write a story about an Indian girl committed suicide by drowning. He read the story of a young woman's side, Richard felt a strange feeling of satisfaction to an end.

Richard enters the fifth year Jim Hill School in Jackson, at age 13 in his age group two years before his first day at school, he took the challenge to fight the school bully. Despite all this, it is a good school, gain confidence and contributed to two weeks in sixth grade. In addition, he worked briefly with the media and seller of travel insurance.

Most of the comrades of Richard at work in the morning, evening and Saturday to earn enough money to buy clothes, books and lunch. But his grandmother, being the Seventh Day Adventist, does not allow him to work on Sunday Unable to work, Richard went to school hungry, and all his friends went to eat lunch.

Richard started the business here, some of which were in the last agreement. (Dick Jordan, Joe Brown, Perry Booker, DC Blackburn, Lewis Anderson, Sarah Mc Neame, and Essie Lee Ward)

Richard saw a fellow tragic situation, and wants to help him out, he told her to take a job selling paper published in Chicago. Richard realized he could make money this way and to play a tape magazine  comic that accompanies it, welcomed the idea. With the creation of a grandmother, she started selling newspapers in the negro field for every cent, while reading the magazine supplement to the family friend brings his racist orientation of these items, then throw the paper away from Richard, and never sell them again.

Richard continues to excel in his studies and continue to read through volumes of books. When her grandmother was trying to spank him while interceding in a religious debate between Richard and his cousin Addie ducks in time to avoid the blow, and the granny slides down the steps, a long time, who left his barely conscious and bedridden for six weeks. An irrational her aunt Addie to face Richard You're wrong, you get nothin but trouble! Threatening to beat, making Richard a month or two in a bed with a kitchen knife for protection.

Family life continues to be difficult, even if the health of the mother improved slightly. He briefly during the summer in the Mississippi Delta region as a direct to an insurance agent, accountant, secretary, Brother Mance, which allows him how much better the rural South, but he was appalled at the illiteracy , ignorance and naivety, he met a family of black plantation ago The money earned quickly disappears, leaving Richard and Brother Mance died once again unemployed.

Richard begins the seventh year of next year. She begins to feel a gnawing hunger in his stomach again. His grandfather became seriously ill or dying. After the Civil War wounded, he never got his disability pension of war, despite decades of writing for decades, grandfather, it is the request of its board of retirement without success, while his grandfather was ill, the family to write letters, draw affidavits, and held press conferences in the unsuccessful attempt to claim his pension came home from school one day, Richard told to go to upstairs and say goodbye to the grandfather, then, Richard is sent to Uncle Tom, who arrived with the news, shows nothing but anger, and to strengthen the implementation of Richard that it always seems to arouse the hostility in others.

Richard-now get the grandmother to allow him to work after school and on Saturdays, but reluctantly. He was first questioned by the work of the chore boy by a white woman was the temerity to give him, if he steals, and he used stale bread and moldy molasses Richard confirmed his racist intolerance of his lunch, when he expressed his surprise that his desire to writer and asked him to be quite bold Who is like the ideas in your head nigger Richard has not returned to work at the same time. He has now taken place in another shop and serving food in a white family. It can be so tired after work, he found it difficult to follow his studies. It was thus able to earn enough money to buy books, food and clothing. At recess, at noon at the school, he now has to buy his lunch at school and books and put his new clothes.

His mother began to recover quickly and well enough to attend the Methodist Church, discontent grandmother Richard continues to accompany him, to please him before he gets there, he was baptized . It requires, not faith, but because of all his friends socialized at church meetings the religious revival, Richard is forced to decipher and to baptize his mother, and the entire black community. Meanwhile, Richard reads avidly pulp novels, magazines, and all he can get his hands on.

His uncle, Thomas Wilson and his family came and rented the first floor in the spring of 1923. He threatened to beat Richard to be rude and horrified as defiant Richard to take his turn with two razor blades threatening to suspend.

Since the summer of 1923 Ella Wright suffered a paralytic stroke, and the family moved to Natchez to Jackson, and Elaine, Arkansas, and return to live with maternal grandmother of the Wright-Jackson and grandfather were restrictive seventh. Next year, Richard received a brickyard bringing pails of water for thirsty black workers. But one day he was bitten in the thigh by a white boss is a dog that receives no treatment, but in response to cold or racist when he says it is important to control, a dog bite can not hurt a nigger.

Wright experienced sporadic schooling in his young life, with their family is constantly moving forward. He reached the eighth grade at Smith Robertson Junior High School, Michael Jackson, a school founded and built in the name of a former slave who became a successful local community and Barber is the first institution of its kind in Jackson's black 1894. Before he could afford a bicycle and Wright had to walk several miles to school every day.

He quickly began work on the walls white, which he considers the family with love and served two years as well. Then he began to work outside the brooding prospect of a negro in a white dominated society as their own. During the winter, this process was to write a short story, which is called hell half acre of Voodoo, published in the spring of 1924. Jackson Southern Register, a local newspaper in black in three parts, with no copies Survivor Wright was fifteen when he wrote

When his friends to read it, because they were perplexed Richard's motivation for writing. His grandmother committed religious book-keeping of the house, and I thought it was the artistic work of the devil to bring all households in his conviction against Richard creative. Thus, even his family does not give any encouraging words, since joined by his grandmother in the belief that history is part of the work of the devil. Richard and increasingly isolated in his progress, his immediate family and friends, but it does not explode in his quest for the aircraft. His dream is to continue to grow, despite the many forces against him, that the education system in a heavy, oppressive Jim Crow laws and discouraged those around him, he quickly realized that the proper reading material, it can teach him good.

Degrading a variety of jobs, of which one is it racist to the community of color, and family alienation, accelerated the flight of the Mystery and horror stories and short the Edgar Allan Poe He said that in his youth, he had no can not read enough of them. This has aroused the interest of Wright in defining their experience through writing as a poor black boy in the State Southern racial tensions. He wrote his own short stories. This fear simplistic grandmother who could not understand why his grand-son was interested in writing about mystery and horror. Wright is a defensive move, to keep its aspirations to be a writer after his first publication.

Richard began to think seriously about the fact that racism and prejudice are the product not only for whites in the South but the product of the education system. Black children are taught in ignorance, without purpose or motivation to grow and intellectuals Wright, the education system that nurtured him, because he was corrupted forever seek to promote learning. Then he wondered why she decided to keep blacks from whites in the eternal darkness, where he formed a lasting impression of American racism before moving to Memphis in 1927. If Memphis he worked as a boy dishes and delivery and an optical company. Tired of the law of segregation, he decided to leave the South before it becomes irretrievably overstep the limits of Jim Crow restrictions on blacks.

Richard is unable to cope with the boredom of the work of Mr. Bibb forced inaction of the summer is over and the investigation of Mrs. Richard Bibb - his employer - a job, if the husband to open a sawmill. But the next day, Richard is warned of the dangers of working in a factory worker in a dark, revealing his hand is missing three fingers. Richard did not leave and return.

The next afternoon, Richard saw Ned Greenley, his classmate, sitting on his porch with approaches for joy, but he is shocked to learn from him that brother Ned, Bob, the porter of the hotel which had already killed several white men, a white prostitute who disapproved of his activities.  Richard becoming more aware of the cruelty that the South's racist oppression. The murder of Bob Greenley is high, the status of myth as in Richard's mind. Because he has never seen the operation of Southern whites and racial cruelty, his fears are exacerbated. But he realizes that soon he must learn to behave correctly for the sake of preserving his own life.

The isolation of his family, Richard becomes more evident when one day after talking to his cousin Maggie, she overhears Uncle Tom scolding by chance talk to him and warned him that Richard is dangerous lunatic which he expects to stay away. When Richard's brother, Leon, back in Chicago, having become aware that the family seems to love and be approved by him more than they, that Uncle Tom and other family members to join them in opposition to Richard. But his isolation from his family was the source of power of Richard. A young man, he must learn to be independent and ready to fight.

When Richard Graduate School, was valedictorian of his classe.Il refuses to read it, despite pressure from his family and friends, as Griggs, another boy at school who decided to recite one of the major speeches . Thus, the final day, Richard is also a bit about the possible consequences of his speech, is the attribute of life, dressed in a suit again, and leave the platform immediately.

Trying to make money, Richard began working as a porter in a clothing store catering to Negroes on credit within the BOSS unrepentantly racist contempt slaps, kicks, and bags are insignificant for blacks . One morning he saw the boss and his son, brutally kicking, slapping and dragging a black woman in the back of the store to rape his white police officer examines the unperturbed until the end of their act, the burden of his wife when he was arrested for drunkenness.

Another incident took place when Richard was back in the supply of negroes, and he approached a car full of white boys, who also questioned on his bicycle, pulling well, asked him s it cares about them for whiskey at him without answering Addressing them as Sir Richard is a broken whiskey bottle on the head and left bleeding.

Every day, built by hatred for White, Richard son of the boss, even fires Richard is laughing and talking, as the other niggers.

The next time he goes to white was a Sunday evening ferry back when it first with white youth, who warn him to stop sending it to tell his boss white neighborhoods at night.

Richard, who is a witness, black is all over the false and ill-treatment, because some jobs that whites did not approve, but he acts, he does not know how to laugh or speak as the other niggers  It was a what he learned when his old friend Richard manages, Griggs, who reproaches him for not learning how to bypass the whites. Attention, he had been in their black books, he said he thought he was long before he speak, and think before acting, Griggs discovers that under his innocent look, he hates white people, but remains Hidden.

Griggs then get a doctor optical shop of Richard. The boss, Mr. Crane, an American, Richard, and he immediately began working to earn five dollars a week, although Mr.Crane is decent. Peas and Reynolds ¬ ¬ to harassing two white officers shop causing Richard, and nothing but trouble for him. Both are degrading racial comments and threatened to kill himself in front of him not to call Pease Mr. Pease (even when Richard did not forget) At the end it was Richard, who is really serious about Learning to leave work crying out of fear for his last walk home from work

Richard immediate experiences of racial violence, when he began working in his new environment, inexperienced, he finds it difficult to act right way Griggs acts, even when he tries to comply, IT the service is not enough. Richard must learn to hide his true feelings of hatred and be able to survive.

Richard's next book, an assistant in a pharmacy. But without knowing the right words to say to his white boss, he loses the case soon enough. It is becoming increasingly aware that there are other roles Black Boys take their work soon, Richard worked as a boy the same hotel room where Bob Greenley were killed by whites in his work, Richard socializes with d other black employees To avoid confrontation, Richard was a white guard, and ignore their actions when they are slapped behind one of the servants, he was escorting home one night.

Take more money, Richard sacrifices his morality and begins to sell bootleg alcohol to white prostitutes at the hotel.