The Difference Between Palm Springs Real Estate and Palm Desert Real Estate Making the Right Choice

Palm Springs is a moniker that most folks think of fits the entire Coachella Valley, including all her cities from Palm Springs to Palm Desert to Indio. The entire desert seems to fit into the concept of what is commonly thought of as Palm Springs, unless of course you happen to want to live here and own a piece of Real Estate. Then, there's a major difference.

Palm Springs is mostly older homes built from the 1980's and earlier. A lot of the homes were built in the 1960's and 1970's by a developer named Bob Alexander and these mid-century modern homes have grown to be quite popular. And the highly desirable older neighborhoods will most likely have unique homes built from the 1930's to the 1960's. Also, Palm Springs has a quaint and often times struggling downtown filled with mostly independent merchants that cater to the tourism and limited local clients of the city. There are few if any major retailers in the downtown business district, though if you're looking for dinner and entertaining night life, Palm Springs is the place.

Prior to the 1990's, PS was the main hub of the desert and while it was always a retirement community, there were a large amount of families there. But somehow, the families have largely moved more down valley to Palm Desert or La Quinta. The main influx of home buyers in Palm Springs in the last 20 years has been primarily a Gay population that these days are very prominent and visible about town. Most City Council seats are won by openly Gay candidates. Thanks to this influx, property values in Palm Springs have retained their values significantly and many heretofore undesirable neighborhoods have seen a revival.

PS offers the Villagefest street fair; a lovely way to spend an evening. The main street of Palm Canyon is blocked off to driving traffic and by 6pm the street is filled with vendors of food, art, collectibles and other hand-crafted items. It makes for a great evening and is my personal favorite way to stroll through downtown. Music fills the air as the sounds of street musicians ply their instruments in an attempt to sell their CD's and services. I've bought several CD's for the popular guitar and wind instruments reminiscent of Southwestern sounds.

Palm Desert on the other hand is mostly newer homes built from the 1970's to the present. Often times a purchaser can locate a home built in the past 5-20 years that is in excellent condition. Major condominium and country club developments fill the area and major shopping complexes offer the best of retail. Saks Fifth Avenue, El Paseo, May company, JC Penney's, Best Buy, Costco, The Westfield Shopping Mall, Barnes & Noble these are but a few of the stores in the city of Palm Desert. El Paseo is a lovely street to walk down during the day or weekends, and although the retailers mostly close at night there are still several restaurants to enjoy for dinner.

PD boasts many of the top schools in the area, as indicated by the California state index of performance. Nearly all the schools are either a 9 or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. And several of the schools have become chartered schools due the direction of the involved parents and administrators that are seeking the highest possible quality of deliverable education. Some of these schools have waiting lists to gain attendance even if you purchase a home within their designated district.

PD off the College of the Desert Street fair and while many of the same musicians ply their trade there, it is filled with vendors of new merchandise in an entirely trendy and upscale venue on Saturday and Sunday mornings till just after 12 noon.

So, if you'll let all these facts seep in you'll find that Palm Springs is a city of unique older neighborhoods with small shops and a walk around or bicycle ride around town kind of feel that mainly attracts tourists, seniors and Gay residents - what I like to refer to as an Adult lifestyle community.

On the other hand, Palm Desert is newer homes, drive-to destinations of major shopping outlets with a family centric orientation.

Either one is a great place to live or visit, it just comes down to what you want to enjoy. I've lived in both cities and have been a resident of the Palm Springs area for over 30 years. Palm Springs or Palm Desert, both offer pristine views of the mountains, blue skies and spectacular weather.