The Journey To Success - Step Three

Mastering your life.

All that is necessary for gaining wealth is mastering a few simple basic concepts in financial and motivational management. Sounds easy huh It's no big deal, just like that, just follow a few simple rules and wallah, success. I want to let you in on a little secret . . . are you ready Here it comes . . . It's all hogwash, that's right, it doesn't work. How many self-help books, courses, seminars, conferences and retreats do you think goes on every year here in the United States It's a huge market. Americans as a society, spend, billions every year seeking an illusion, a dream they never achieve. Why Why doesn't self-help courses work Why do you keep on hearing how it's your fault and you have no one to blame but yourself. All the self-help books in the world are not going to make you rich. Yeah I know the sepal, just follow these simple instructions and you will be a new person What make you think you will change now when you haven't in the past. What is different

I think it's interesting how every self-help guru who has a book or course has hit rock bottom and had an epiphany. It's the same way at church, I mean, you can't have had a spiritual experience without first having to crawl out of the gutter. I've heard stories that would make a oilfield worker cry. Why do you have fall in the pit before you can see the light

Self-help courses don't work.

Look, if self-help courses worked, there wouldn't be a need for psychiatrist, I mean just read the book and you would be all better. How many self-help courses do you think are laying around gathering dust  And the purchasers are not one bit a better person or any richer. So then what do you do You want to be a better person . . . right You want wealth, better relationships and health . . . right How about if I came over and broke your leg, would that get you motivated I mean if you need a traumatic experience to get you to change, I could come over and knock out a few teeth an kick your dog too. See, that way you could tell everyone how you got beat up and while you were lying on the floor starring at the ceiling, it all came to you. Sorry, that wouldn't work either. It wouldn't work because no matter how hard I tried to knock some sense into you, it would only make you bleed and nothing more.

We are what we are and that's a fact. We are a combination of all the junk we have been exposed to all our lives. Those times when you're momma got mad at you and called you a little punk or the kid next door said you were stupid Or you lost a game to your sister and she made you feel one inch tall with her jeering How about the thousands of people you saw get killed . . on TV and movies And the news, now that's a depressing thought, it seem like no one can get along. Oh, how about dear old mom and dad, fifty percent of marriages break up or they cheat on each other. Sex in the workplace is running ramped and every time you go for a ride you fear road rage. But that's ok, your supposed to overlook all that and be calm and collected while you work on them goals. That's what they say, don't they Tune out the world and turn in success. There's so much background noise in the world you can't think anymore. On top of everything else, you worry about your credit score and saving enough to go on vacation. Everyone's bidding for your attention, advertisements on the TV, magazines, news papers, billboards, and on and on and on.

So here you are, feeling all dejected and betrayed. You're a full grown man or woman and you'd like to play again. You'd like to kick up your heels and run in the park or skip across the mall. But you can't, can you After all, what would people think Would they think you were . . crazy No, you're stuck in who you are and a world that expects you to be no more than that. People don't want you to excel because then they would have to do more. Ever wonder why poor people don't like rich people Because they're not rich they're poor. They make up excuses like, well he had to screw lots of people to get rich. I would never do that or he's the bosses pet, that's why he got the promotion. Give me a break, there's not enough excuses in the world to cover up who and what you are.

Do you have to be a graduate of some preppy, upper class school to succeed Well, the richest man in the world today was a college drop out but then, he happened to be in the right place at the right time. Don't get me wrong higher education is very important in todays world. Higher education not only teaches you a skill but it also teaches discipline. It teaches you how to put things in order. By far, more college graduates succeed than those who never went. Why College teaches you to be a realist and how to face the world. It teach you how to be a competitive opponent and devise strategies for success. But what if you can't go to college but you still want to be successful . . . in something! That, my friend is why we are here. That's why you are still looking at what I have to say. Because you are wondering how I am going to get you out of all this. How am I going to make it better for you If you are better, better then what And, what the heck, why should you be better in the first place Who or what are you going to better yourself for, your family, friends sweetheart, coworkers, church family who Is it worth it the price you will have to pay

Can you pay the price

The fact is, everyone has to pay a price for success and oftentimes the price is more than a person can pay. Now I'm not talking just making money but rather developing into a well rounded person in general. A balanced person who is equal in all five, Spiritual, Family, Finance, Physical, Mental, essential areas of life. This entails rebirth into a whole new person. Well how are you going to do that Rebirth, how can a person be reborn Yes indeed, that's the big question, isn't it

Some choose higher education to accomplish their dreams and that's great, but they still have to be boldly motivated and recognize an opportunity when it presents itself or even they will surly fail. Each step along your journey will transform you little by little until the super achiever that has been hiding inside you burst out. Oh, you don't want to be a super achiever That's ok, but you will change into a better, more confident, upright, honorable, relaxed person that knows where you are going and how you are going to get there. There will be no question in your mind of what you want and how you are going to get it. You will challenge yourself with all the possibilities for accomplishment and success which abounds in our affluent society. You will be the powerful driving force that speeds you down the superhighway of success. You will not fear a speeding ticket because you are on the Autobahn and you are driving a Lamborghini. You're doing one hundred eighty miles per hour and the landscape is only a blur but you keep the peddle down and focus on the roadway. You have tuned out the engine noise, road signs and trees as they flash by and all at once . . . you are at peace. Your mind has become quite and your only objective is to finish the journey.

Ready for the journey

What is your journey going to be like Will you stay on the same road you are on or will you turn onto the Autobahn Think of the excitement, the challenge the pure adrenalin rush that comes with success after success after success. Like winning the Olympics and everyone's cheering and standing up in your honor. Little pieces of paper are flying in the air and the band is playing, and you are the center of attention; trophy in hand, waving to the crowd. The world sees you different now. They see the winner that you are; a champion of the game, a warrior who fought a good battle and won. You have earned the right to be free of the challenge that you once had. Isn't that what you seek . . . really Don't you want to be free from all the things that have kept you in bondage for all these years.

When I am riding with my wife as she drives down the Interstate, I look out at the fields and forest. I see the farm houses along the way with their weather worn barns in the background. I wonder about the people there, who are they, how did they get there and how long have they been there What kind of families are they Do they spend holidays together Do they get up early and milk the cows, or feed the stock How pleasant it all looks as we pass by. How do you view the world as you pass by Is it threating or peaceful

Perhaps you are like so many other people that give very little thought to the personal aspects of freedom. Up to this point, you may have been so wrapped up in personal responsibilities and working so hard for someone else that you never took the time to really think about it. Maybe you didn't even realize you were in bondage at all. Is it possible that just maybe you have always had this little dream that has nagged at the back of your mind for years. You've always want to be a . . . what Movie star, astronaut, fireman, doctor, teacher, caption of your own business. . . what Maybe you have always wanted to kick back on a warm beach in Malibu and let the world pass by. The thing is, why aren't you doing it right now What the heck, what makes you any different than anyone else You can walk, talk, have two arms, can see, you have all the same attributes as anyone else, why aren't you on that beach What is holding you back

It's your choice.

Ahhhh, I see, it's all about choices. Sooo, even though you want to be on that beach, you choose not to be, is that right I don't mean to be rude, but why It just doesn't seem right. Oh I see, cost to much huh Won't ever have enough money to live in Malibu, right Well I guess you're right, if you believe you can't do it, well you're right . . . it won't ever happen.

How many people go through life with the outlook that they can't achieve financial success. They don't even think about it, it is just a given. The fact is the road you travel is narrow and the one you choose, you will be stuck on for a lifetime.

Once four of us boys were in the desert in a Jeep. We came upon a drop off of about eighty feet. We couldn't stand it, we just had to go down. I drove up to the edge and the two front wheels dropped over. I got out, cold feet, couldn't do it. My buddy decided he would drive the Jeep over, so he jumped in. Three of us got hold of the back of the Jeep and lifted it up so it would continue over the edge. Over it went, one of the guys jumped in with the driver and away they went. Soon they were at the bottom and the dust was settling. We slid down the hill and all at once it hit me; how was we going to get back up This, my friend, was a bad choice, we knew where we were in the desert but we were trapped. It was hot and our water had fallen over on the trip down the hill. On top of that we were in a military bombing range so no one would be coming around to find us.

I took the wheel and in time found a very narrow passage out. But we could of perished there. Isn't that the way life is. Make a wrong decision and right away you are in trouble. The thing is, you have to make sure you are on the right road, once you get on, there is no turning back until you feel the effect of its' results, and by then, maybe it will be to late. Every decision has a consequence. Some are quick while some are long lasting; many effect others around you but all have an end result. Your choice to make a change in your life will have a lifelong affect on you and everyone around. Chances are, your actions will carry over for generations to come.

It's time to map out your destiny. It's time to get on the stick and do something about making your dreams come true. We'll see what happens next time.