The Essential Places to Visit When Traveling to Australia

Of all the places in the world to visit, I think Australia was my favorite. I once spent a spring semester abroad there and experienced some of the memorable moments of my life. I saw the unique plants and animals every single day. With so many different activities and attractions available, you never do or see the same thing twice.

Australia is a hot spot not only for people looking for something different in a vacation but also for student wishing to study abroad Sydney Australia. Not only that, this giant island also offers so many natural wonders, local cuisine and culture that it is nearly impossible to take it all in. So I'm here to help you out with some my favorite places which you must visit if you ever plan on a study abroad in Sydney Australia trip


Spending time abroad Sydney Australia offers an amazing experience in the way of cultural tourist attractions and students spending a school semester abroad. There is the world renowned Opera House. Don't forget to stop at the marine aquarium at Darling Harbor to be absolutely amazed with their large collection of marine wildlife.

The Pinnacles

One cannot spend a spring semester abroad without stopping to see the Pinnacles in Nambung National Park, in Western Australia. Its limestone columns of towering weathered rocks are an absolutely awesome must see. These rocks were shaped into one of a kind shapes over time by the winds and sands.

Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are a great attraction for adventurous tourists abroad in Sydney Australia. These subterranean caves are all interconnected and filled with wonderful rock formations.

Great Ocean Road

If you plan on taking a school semester abroad, be sure to take in the Great Ocean road. These rock formations are called the twelve apostles by the locals. However, only 8 out of the original twelve are left standing today.


No study abroad Sydney Australia trip is complete without a visit to Tasmania. Just a short flight away, this well-known prison is where British convicts used to be sent. Years later, it became even more famous because of its spectacular variety of natural wonders, flowers and animals found nowhere else in the world. Tasmania is a favorite for those craving pristine beaches, beautiful lagoons and mountains.

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is one of the national parks you must visit next time you travel abroad Sydney Australia. It is home to great colonies of kangaroos and koalas. Located near the town of Townsville, Queensland, and the Great Barrier Reef, Magnetic Island is famous for its great beaches.

Ayers Rocks

I'm sure you've seen and heard of Ayers Rocks. This is the biggest rock monolith in the world rising up out of the red desert of central Australia. It is thought to sacred by the aborigines.

Anne is director, student services and school semester abroad programs, for AustraLearn. Their study abroad in Sydney Australia program led to her experience growing in these studies, such as the spring semester abroad program.