The Event - Article 1 Introduction

Truth need not be proved, it just needs to be pointed out so honest people can recognize it.


I would like to thank a number of people that contributed to the opening of my eyes to the evidence that is around me. My eyes were opened so that I could put together the puzzle and mystery that I am describing in this text. It is my wish that others learn to look past what has been taught by our schools and universities for over a century so they can see what a wonderful and abundant world God gave to us.

First I would like to thank my grandfather Nathan J Bullock for giving me a great example of courage, patience and my earliest lessons about rocks and geology. He was a wonderful teacher; he showed me his rock-treasures and gave me insights into how these rocks were formed. He demonstrated to me that some very ugly and plain looking rocks could hide beautiful colors, crystals and agates inside. He also showed me that what seems to be plain black ash or dirt could hide many treasures of petrified wood and bone. In doing this, he opened my eyes to the fact that what we see on the surface may not be the entire story. He helped me learn to look deeper into the teachings that conventional wisdom consider obvious. His example that no matter who we are we can think for ourselves and draw our own conclusions is the gift of knowledge that he gave to me.

The theories of great scholars are often only their opinions, often molded by the opinions of their associates and benefactors. These theories are only of value if they inspire their listeners to think and develop their own conclusions. Each one of us is capable of gathering knowledge and drawing our own valid conclusions. Our own conclusions can often be made to appear wrong only because the scholars have the advantage of great universities validating and supporting their myths and theories. When we read the works of these scholars we must be cautious that their work is not just written to obtain this support and validation rather than the pursuit of accuracy and truth.
In light of what I have learned from my grandfather, I am going to attempt to present my case in such a way as to encourage others to build on this foundation. With this foundation I hope to provide a basis for a great edifice of knowledge and truth that will one day reenter the realm of scholastics.

My desire is to lead each one of my readers to a perspective of how the earth and the rocks that make up the earth were formed. I do plan to present evidence and draw my conclusions with the idea in mind that my conclusions are not the only possibility, but a foundation for helping others to draw their own conclusions. It is my desire to inspire others in the same manner that my grandfather inspired me. It is my hope that someone will be inspired by my findings and continues the work of presenting the truth to the world.

As I travel around the Great Basin, I consider the many contrasts in the land, the rocks, the soil, the slope of the mountains, the colors in the rocks and soil. The whole area presents a wonderful changing landscape. I will attempt to take you on a journey over, under and inside of this contrasting landscape. As I do so I will share with you my findings and attempt to illustrate my observations.

My observations of the Great Basin illustrates that the forces that created this wonderful basin affected the geology of all of North and South American continents and perhaps the rest of the world.

The last fifty years I have enjoyed the study of this wonderful earth. The curiosity of the makeup of the earth is a moving force that has pushed me away from the comforts of the city to explore some amazing places. These amazing places include
1.Caves in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
2.Old mines mostly in Utah but also in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Montana
3.Yellowstone Park
4.The Grand Canyon
5.Mojave Desert
6.The Great Salt Lake Desert
7.Most of Utah and Idaho, Western Colorado, Northern Arizona, Western Montana, Southern California and Western Wyoming.

Something inside of me drives me to find out what is over the next hill, under the next rock or inside the next cave. A curiosity that makes me want to take a little more time to drink in the wonders of this extraordinary earth and compare what I see with the things we are taught by some many so called authorities. This comparison of what I see to what I am taught has led me to the conclusion of a disconnect between the text books of our day and the evidence that is found in the rocks and soil. The text books talk of small changes taking place over billions of years but the evidence speaks loudly of catastrophic changes that took place very quickly over a short period of time. I will go into greater detail later of how much different this earth would look if the changes took place slowly.

One of the most ridiculous theories that must be rejected because of the rapid pace of the earth's changes is the Monkey Theory of Evolution that has been inculcated in us by educators and scientists for too much of the twentieth century. Recently the California Board of Education has declared evolution is proven true simply because it has been taught as fact for a significant length of time. When I read this nonsense in the newspaper I reflected on the many proofs that I was required to do in both high school and college and how my instructors would have reacted to such a lazy conclusion. I considered the many ridiculous theories that such as the idea that the sun revolved around the sun that were discussed with ridicule by some on my elementary teachers. Then I marveled at how readily the California Board of Education is willing to accept unsubstantiated myths as irrefutable truth when there is no supporting evidence.

The earth as we know it is not old enough to allow time for simple creatures such as slime molds to crawl out of the sea and evolve into higher life forms. According to the evolutional calendar it took many millions of years for this to happen. I find that when we take the scientific rate of erosion from the same textbook and apply some simple calculations the land would erode back into the sea before these creatures would have a chance to become a higher life form. In short my calculation show that if humans evolved from slim molds or some other kind of simple aquatic creatures man would be living in the ocean rather than on land.

What value is it to teach a theory with evidence so flimsy that a child could disprove by simply analyzing the numbers in the different parts of his textbook
School textbooks at one time taught about the Missing Link. This missing link is a creature according to some great scientist, if found, would prove that man descended from the apes. The truth is this creature was never found. The reason it was never found is because it never existed.
I have had several people proudly show me that they have traced their genealogy back many generations to Adam the first man in the Bible. I have never met anyone who has traced his ancestry back to an ape. If someone did I wonder how proud they would be to show other people their great accomplishment. I think those scholars that subscribe to such a theory should prove it through their own genealogy and then be required to publish there find to the whole world. In this way the world can see who is making a monkey out of whom.

I don't consider my observations and conclusions to be sacred even though the genealogical findings of the people mentioned in the previous paragraph goes a long way to support the Bible. I look forward to someone doing some in depth research to come up with substantial evidence that I am wrong. It would be refreshing to have my work challenged by real evidence rather than to be constantly bombarded with some of the current myths and fairy tales that have crept into academia. It is amazing to me that universities can be called institutions of higher learning when they accept corrupt premises that lack proof.

If all I accomplished with this work was to force academia to provide substantiated evidence of the Monkey Theory of Evolution I would consider it to be a complete success.
The teaching of such myths as facts to the children of our country can have long range and lasting negative consequences on our countries future. It is my goal to challenge myths and fairy tails and push for proof or total rejection. Equally harmful is the hybrid theory that is put forth by some Christians that God used evolution to create the earth. I personally know that God is an all-powerful God and he didn't wait for an un-necessarily long period of time to complete the creation of the earth. He had a job to do and he did it.

Just like the false teaching during the dark ages put the yoke of academic bondage on the people of Europe, the theory of evolution puts us into academic bondage today.
Just like in the dark ages in order for a person to be considered intelligent by academia today he must accept false theories. Unlike those that rejected false theories during the dark ages the heretic is not burned at the stake but instead he is called ignorant in the eyes of the scholars. The irony is that to be considered intelligent by academia one must accept unproven and ridiculous theories that are similar to the earth is flat theory of the dark ages. I find it equally ridiculous that some Christian scholars have introduced an equally ridiculous hybrid theory to avoid being considered stupid. Prior to any theory being taught as fact it should have its proofs laid out like mathematical thoriums. Until then a theory should be taught only as speculation giving the student the option to believe or disbelieve.

I ask is it intelligent to further the spread of false theories
How can we show our intelligence by blindly accepting falsehood

Is not intelligence truth
It is, or should be the goal of all science is to find truth not perpetuate errors. Centuries ago Martin Luther and others came forward and made the writings of the Bible available to the common man. The widespread use of the Bible gave the common man the opportunity to evaluate the teaching of leaders and weigh rather or not they could accept the teachings. The act of providing the scriptures went a long way toward removing the yoke of bondage from the people help the western world move eventually into the era of enlightenment. This work is an attempt to accomplish the same thing in awakening, if only a few, to the fact that the truth is not in evolution or other false theories but it is openly displayed in this wonderful world that is all around us.

If this work encourages just one person to wake up and spit out the elixir of the dark ages and come forth to challenge the unsubstantiated doctrines of our age, my work will have accomplished its purpose. For those of you that wish to bring forth substantiated evidence to prove me wrong. I say to you go for it! Go, out and do the research and bring it forth. I am pleased to have this work challenged. Not so much that I think my work is perfect, but that it would be refreshing to see proofs provided in our schools. Perhaps one day someone like me that wants to see evidence won't be treated as a pariah because they can's blindly accept the ridiculous theories of our day.
It is my desire to illustrate that intelligent people are not the result of slime evolving from sub-species to sub-species over billions of years until by some accident it achieved intelligence. Instead we are the result of the perfect plan of a loving God. This loving God cared enough for us, his children to give us a self-repairing earth that provides abundantly for its inhabitants. In the event you reject my work because I invoke the existence of God that is your privilege. Be aware if you decide to continue reading that all of my observations point to and support the existence of this wonderful loving Father.

My exploration of open spaces and study of the world around me started when I was still a little child. Almost daily I would come home from school and walk or ride my bike into the open fields and hills that were near my home. There I would inspect the detail of the hills, the rock outcroppings, the plants that grew there, the washes that cut through the open field and the mountains in the distance. Later when we moved From California to Utah I was able to spend more time examining the mountains, hills, rivers, streams, rocks, and cliffs. Latter when I was able to drive I was able to see more of the world and took the opportunity to explore the depths of the earth itself.
While I was walking or supposable listening to my teachers at school I would take the time to ponder the things that I observed and wonder at the forces that shaped the earth into so many different shapes and contours. On a multiplicity of occasions I've noticed features that didn't conform to the information that I was receiving in school and read in the various textbooks. The anomalies I see make me ponder and wonder

Why don't the things I am taught in school coincide with what I see in the world around me
I concluded that either something in our education system was amiss or I did not understand the things that I observed in the world around me over the last fifty or so years.
One observation I made was on a picnic with my family near a number of large boulders of a very unique color and texture. I remember these particular boulders and noted where they were because they matched some arrowheads that I found near our home in Glenwood, Utah. Some time ago the Indians camped in the foothills near Glenwood, Utah and made arrowheads leaving behind the chips and imperfect arrowheads. The chips of agates and jaspers raised my curiosity because they don't match the rocks that are common to the area. I figured that the Indians must have carried these rocks from somewhere else then made their arrowheads while they camped in this area.
The curious thing is, that the arrowheads are found a hundred and fifty miles from were I found the boulders. The Indians must have discovered these rocks then carried the rock with them to their camp where they made the arrowheads.

I was sure that if I looked around the area where I found the boulders I would be able to find a rock layer or a cliff that matched them. At the end of a long search we didn't find any evidence of a cliff or a rock layer of hard agate. These hard fine-grained rocks seemed very out of place in an area that was primarily sandstones and other soft rocks. I came to the conclusion that these hard rocks were carried to their present location by some ancient civilization or were thrown there by a catastrophic event.

Over time I explored caves and mines examining the rock in the walls, floors and ceiling from the entrance to the end of the tunnel. I made particular note of the changes in the types, quality and direction of the rock layers. Once I had noted all of this information I contemplated what happened to make these rock layers the way they are.

As I traveled I would stop at road cuts, basement excavations and open pit mines and examined the layers of rock and clay that were exposed to the light. It is much easier to identify rock in the light of the sun than in the rays of a flashlight or lantern. These examinations revealed many interesting things about the rock including the fact that the rock of the west usually doesn't fall into any neat orderly picture but instead tends to represent a jumbled mass of confusion.
During my many walks or hikes that covered hundreds of miles of hills and back country I studied and contemplated the rocks that made up the world around me. Each feature revealed new and wondrous things. Too often what I saw disagreed with conventional wisdom and the teaching of the schools.

I enjoy hiking through the backcountry and comparing what I see to the geologic maps and charts of the area. These charts and maps helped me find many mines, road cuts and other interesting geologic features. I also enjoy flying over or driving across the country and comparing maps and charts to the ground features.

These observations of the earth from many different viewpoints bring up many questions about where, when and how the mountains and valleys came to be the in the form that we find them in now. I've pondered these questions for many hours and concluded that the earth had to be formed a relatively short time ago. Perhaps the whole earth was put together a few thousand years ago rather than the million of years ago that the scientist claim.

From my studies in school, travels and personal reading I've found many explanations of the forces that worked inside the earth to shape the land. Most claim that numerous little earthquakes or separate volcanic eruptions took place spaced over hundreds of thousands to billions of years. Information at the visitor centers at places like Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho and Yellowstone Park draw these same conclusions.

My observations over the years have brought into focus a connection among the mountains, valleys and hills in the west. A connection that leads me to conclude that the geology of the Western United States is the result of one great catastrophic event. If it were not so and the mountain were raised up then worn down over millions of years there would be conformity and correlation between the soils of the valleys and the rocks that make up the mountains.

When silt, sand and gravel is worn away gradually and deposited into a depression the result is a rock with almost uniform layers. Then when these uniform layers of rock are raised slowly into mountains the result is smooth uniform layers of rock. The fact is that most rock layers in the west are not uniform but are made up of many types and textures of rock. The rocks themselves are mostly rough and broken. This information makes it hard for me to accept any explanation in a text or geology books that claims the rocks are millions or even billions of years old. The fact that the mountains and valleys are not made up of matching uniform layers should be sufficient proof that they are not the result of millennia of erosion. Instead the mountains, especially of the west are very jagged and rough showing they are the result of recent and great upheavals.
I conclude that these studies are just a reflection of agendas rather than the result of any real research and thought. These mountains can be compared to gold that is sought after by prospectors. Most prospectors know that when they find a nugget that is a long way from its origin it will be smooth. The closer the gold nuggets are found to their origin the rougher and more jagged the nugget. The same is true of mountains the rougher and more jagged the mountain the newer it is. The roughest and most jagged mountains in North and South America are found in the western part of the continents. This would suggest that these would be the newest mountains not just in a geologic time but also in recorded time.

As I stood on the edge of Bryce Canyon on that rainy day observing the water quickly washing the soil from the cliffs and Hoodoos, I pondered these things. As I pondered, I compared what I was witnessing with the teaching from my textbooks and the things that so many of the people of the world take for granted as fact.

As those clouds lifted before me at Bryce Canyon I saw the vista open before me that exposes the theories of the media as incorrect. It became clear to me that the assumptions brought forward by television, magazines, movies and the news relating to the age the earth is purposely in error. Perhaps the work of aspiring men attempting to lead the people back to the days of the dark ages and away from belief in the accuracy of the Bible.

I am aware that it is hard to argue with the academic credentials of the people that originally put forth the erroneous theories about the age and creation of the earth. In spite of the PhD's and other impressive initials that are posted by their names they have made serious errors when it comes to the calculation of the age of the earth. These errors have consequences that go far beyond the classroom. They can affect the lives of the people living today in the same manner that the false beliefs that were prevalent in the dark ages affected the way of life of the people of that era.

Unsubstantiated claims in our textbooks, schools and conventional wisdom have the consequence of inculcating fear and indecision in the people that live today just as false information made men afraid to venture into the unknown or work to improve their lives in the dark ages. In effect these falsehoods create an anti-culture or alternative universe where reality is hidden and the populace accepts the lie. When the majority of people accept falsehood as fact the direction of the whole society is altered. Misinformation inculcates subtle fears that can stop the progress of an entire culture because people's efforts are misdirected and they become discouraged. One of the outcomes of this anti-culture is the rise of environmentalism that tries to convince men that if we use something from nature it can never be replaced. I will talk more about this false religion later.
A good example of how false information would affect a ship captain's decisions. Suppose the captain has information that he is within a degree or two of the artic circle when in truth the ship is in the South Pacific and he makes decisions based on his information. Perhaps the captain will waste his energy in erroneously searching for non-existence islands and peninsulas and checking the sonar for icebergs. When in reality the ship is near the equator and many miles from the nearest land. While the captain is spending his energy looking for things that aren't there he could have been charting his course to the nearest port and conserving fuel. These serious errors will cause disaster for the ship if not corrected.

The inculcation of incorrect information into the brains of our children can cause them to make poor decisions basted on the bad information. Often they make decisions out of fear rather than knowledge like many of the people in Columbus' time were afraid to venture out into the sea, for fear they may fall off the edge of the earth or be eaten by sea monsters.
The teaching that the earth changes slowly, and it took billions of years to evolve into a life-supporting planet, establishes a basis for the idea that if we damage the earth the recovery time could be infinite. We are bombarded with the idea that if we continue to populate, graze, log, mine and cultivate this fragile planet we could trigger a famine that could last for decades. This false premise supports the rise of such unhealthy concepts such as global warming. This global warming becomes the justification for many quasi-government activities and regulations including
1.Selling carbon credits to offset carbon footprints
2.International conventions requiring some countries to reduce certain emissions but not others.
3.Regulations on factories
4.Restrictions on mining, drilling and oil refining
5.Restrictions on new technology that ironically would solve the very problems that the regulations are meant to resolve.
The truth is that this planet that we enjoy each day took a very short time to come into being. The earth is a wonderful creation that will recover from the greatest catastrophes in a much shorter time than we are led to believe. This doesn't mean that we can waste our resources instead we need to husband the resources and manage them for their best use.
Scientists and scholars have been telling us for years that Bryce Canyon and other such features came about in some obscure manner millions of years ago.

Is this just an honest mistake
Can't these scientists also use the rate of erosion to figure the maximum age of the earth's features

Understanding that the methods used to calculate the age of rocks, mountains and other features, should open our minds to the possibility of another timeline for the creation of the earth and the prominent features that make it up.

The revelation that Bryce Canyon came about only two thousand years ago rather than millions of years ago opened my understanding that other mountains and features of the west could have come occurred around the same time.
I find it hard to accept that several generations of Americans, the most enlightened and innovative people on earth have accepted unsubstantiated myths about the earth. We live in a great age of enlightenment with massive quantities of knowledge available through computers and the Internet. It is hard to believe that our schools and universities are still teaching theories kin to the tales and myths that were taught in the dark ages. In the dark ages the masses were taught that the world is flat or the sun revolves around the earth.

Similarly we are taught today that in just a few decades we can change the climate of the earth in such a way that it will take thousands of years for the earth to repair the damage. I write this work with the desire to instill a desire in my readers to discover for themselves the truth about theories that are taught by science and conventional wisdom and the effects that false information has on our lives. I have the hope that my readers will catch the vision that the earth is a marvelous tool that God has given us to provide for our needs and share with others. With care, stewardship and hard work this marvelous planet can provide for all mankind.
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Marvin Crowther The author can be contacted by email at The author earned his bachelors degree in Business Management at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah His study of geology is a self study course that he started in 1966 under the tutorship of his grandfather Nathan Bullock. this study continues today.