Against this [Chapter 1 and 2and a poem]

Harvest of Bavaria
[Augsburg, Germany]

Charming rivers, fertile land with the decline;

Its picturesque cathedral, misty weather;

Its citadel worn watches - Bavaria  time;

The city is a source of real design;

Its ancient walls, thick Roman origin;

Their houses of pleasure, with tinge of red lights;

Its cemetery, where we all put in the time;

Your beauty lost and hidden indefinitely.

Their schnitzel houses, guest houses +  of beer;

Its rural collectors used old potatoes.

(Ah, Augsburg Ay, yo! Its texture, its coverage.)

His festival tents, with birch taste -

I feel your medieval songs, his golden harvest

Past, but still present in my soul.

Originally published in the book
The other door,
Poetic Exhortations , © l980 by dlsiluk

Looking East


In the beginning

[Augsburg, Germany, l970] was an unsettling moment, back in the late 60's and early 70's the Vietnam War was going on, like the interior of the warhead Rolande, slowly end. Love has a name in my story, although it has side effects, both for those involved. Love as we knew it was the wealth that gave us, so it was worth at that time, the two think they forgot to look at ourselves, it was important to seize the moment by our own personal reasons, or profits. It was perhaps what he wanted, however, necessary, and maybe that was the best combination of the whole thing. Perhaps this was an issue, yes, that's exactly what it was, more than one issue, yup. But I prefer living in the river of truth, and placing it in the space between two people as growing pains. She was twenty years old, was twenty years.


A vision of


(Christopher Chavez) The street was narrow - an army compound, with its imposing concrete wall, in western Germany, towered above my head, while walking along the narrow sidewalk if you are serious about walking - and in the distance we could see the emerging city as it began to circle. Towards the end were the guard towers, trees, and streets. At night, while returning home along this walk, the lights always seemed to be crooked, but then I was rarely sober.

Until the great wall arose, the compound is completely hidden, so until then the element of surprise was maintained. New recruits, assigned to the military base rarely dare to look over this point of view the long side of the compound in the fear of not finding their way back, I think. They were young and mostly decoded, his contempt for being in this foreign land and the city of Augsburg, and even to be assigned to a compound of small and Reese had no limits on deception.

The water tower at the rear of the compound could see over the concrete walls could be big as some of the trees as he walked steadily along the side of the tower wall is on the street as the VW and Mercedes happened to me. Very knife thought in any case - for surely the Second World War, the Nazis could have used, in part, by espionage, but the more I think, I guess they use more sophisticated means, and spy on them, it

The area around the complex had a kind of Gothic look, medieval, not like the barracks inside the enclosure. Green barracks and patched with red and brown there was a dull and rustic feeling, if not a flat affect in the mind. I never liked the colors, but I'm not a fan of decorating anyway, it will.

His countless windows with iron and rotting wood had never seen a new defense against any new war of the 60 or 70 years because I am sure that their painful memories of the Nazi era fill their spaces. On the four sides of the cabin doors were so heavy as the doors of the church in Augsburg, in the center of the city is with its iron parts, like an old fire escape. This iron went to the top and bottom of the doors.

The rooms were small men, four to a room, and in some, two men to a room, and, if part of the Force Security Police, as I am, one to one room but the room was like a prison cell one could say that it was a fine site, not more than 12 feet long and six feet wide. Thank God it was not claustrophobic.

There were rooms above this three-story barracks, full of stairs on each side of the building, and in the middle of it, as if he were to exercise constant [therefore, which means to make the soldiers running].

The windows were dark at night, just a lifeless light could be seen from a distance, our sergeant test bed could be seen walking through the steps alone on the night with his flashlight to check each room and see what was missing from the twelve midnight. He was a stupid one, who loved to put people in the ass as they walked down the stairs, I often said to myself, 'No, do not you dare. I think he read my mind, the son of a bitch who never played me.

Now that I think, looking back at the building over the wall, you could think of a Peeping Tom, looking out the windows and see the glow of light on the stairs leading to second floor, one can somehow crazy old image with a toothless mouth, looking through the door as a guard in a prison cell to think about escape.

As I continued walking down the street, smoking a cigarette, walked along the wall, I walk almost every day, my mind will produce these visions, I went ahead with the enthusiasm that he knew he would be ahead Me just the excitement of a privet like me, there is nothing to wake the dead. The bar scene is coming, the good German dark beer, girls, and some friends can be in one of the bars, that was my excitement. I knew that walking, not hide in the room damn I survive this adventure, solitude, suffering, sometimes, I'd get there, and the night began, which would make me focus on the here and now not fuck life in the Army.

And I did just that, kept walking, looking forward, ever closer to reaching my life adventure of the night.

The very air seemed fresher over me now that I had left the compound with its military madness. I find there ski gall, or be there, most likely there in the guest house, ie, several blocks northeast of the compound. He just put up with military service, his head was somewhere else always seemed to me, wondering why he was here, right here at Reese [ie the military complex] Germany, I guess! I thought the way of acting was as if in some expensive vacation, is separated from the royal army, mentally anyway - as the Army of the Navy.

As I looked at my watch, I realized I was making good time, I do when I talk to myself. Now I was away from the big walls of my assigned military complex, my home away from home, out of sight, out of mind. This is how a recruit thinks that I think. Or I wonder if they just act the way I think people expected to act sometimes just do not know. It seemed that half the people in the Army he joined the Army, not knowing why, but the other half as I was drafted. You know that those who come to college, or married before l965, a court date someone came to him. They have all these rules so they can find out who is expendable and who is not. I was one who was expendable guess. But so was Elvis, everyone here seems to like, which are the Germans in particular. I think the U.S. Government Elvis tried to get rid of so they could return to the old forms of music and thought, was certainly a rebel of his time, and if someone changed America, it was him. It is established now something I heard.

I can see the guest house from now where I am now catching crosses beamed through the sides of the guesthouse as an x-neglected, always looks so medieval fort, and on the sides and the front of the property is the path that seems deserted, however, only 800 pm, at the beginning of the nightlife, just wait, it will soon swing Christopher ...