Dating on a College Budget

College tuition leaving you no room for dating College students are hard pressed in coming up with ideas for budget friendly dates. With the cost of tuition rising steadily and showing no signs of slowing, saving for college has become more important than ever. Dating, however, doesn't need to be expensive to be fun, entertaining and memorable. Remembering to use moderation will have you maintaining a reasonable budget without feeling like you're breaking the bank.

Dating on a college budget should be understandable for couples. With a little creativity and open-mindedness, you can go more adventures than you can imagine! No Cup Noodles here folks...unless you want to, of course!

There are ways to skip out on those frapa-choco-lattes here and there in order to enjoy a more extravagant date for the weekend! Check out the great options below at any stage of your relationship FREE, CHEAP, and SPLURGE (Yes, SPLURGE!).


(Don't forget to take gas into consideration when necessary)

Check out your university calendar of events. Most events are free or at a reduced cost to students (e.g. sports events, musicals, theatredance productions, local college bands).
Group dates set up game night playing Monopoly, Twister, and video games along with a potluck or a home karaoke.
Free zoos or museums (many offer student discounts).
Study dates with small coffee breaks.
Grab a picnic basket and go to your favorite spot beach, park, or hiking.
Use movies in your collection to have a movie marathon.
Attend a school bonfire.
Go hiking. Take plenty of water, trail mix, power bars, etc.
Join a philanthropic organization you both enjoy and volunteer.
Check out an astronomy book from the library then go out into the desert, woods, country and pick out constellations in the night sky.
Walk around the downtown area of your town, window shop, enjoy the weather and the time to talk.
Attend a local church-sponsored dance.
Free music in the park or at museums during summertime.
Hit your college gym since admission is paid in your tuition. Help spot each other lifting weights or take a fun hip-hop, salsa, or zamba class!


Search the Facebook events for your area for low-cost or free events.
Take advantage of Netflix and snacks like popcorn and drinks (dorm vending machine will do). Cozy up under the blankets and enjoy the movie!
Go to your hunny's dorm or apartment when they usually wake up and give them a surprise breakfast of his or her favorite breakfast and watch morning talk shows.
Find lunch specials or coupons in your local newspaper or discount saver magazine (however, not a great suggestion on a first date!)
Go dutch!
A homemade, candle-light dinner cooking dinner at home could be quite a bang for your buck. Check out some great inexpensive recipes on YouTube or
Restaurants or small joints near and around campus are low-budget
See a matinee movie or a dollar movie, then grab frozen yogurt to share...or don't share!
Go fishing. Rent or borrow fishing poles and pack a lunch.
Miniature golfing or bowling.
Go to a planetarium or science center.
Attend a local seasonal festival.
Take a scenic drive up and down a coast if you live near the beach or city.
Find a drive-in theater, and take in a show, be sure to order a burger, fries and milkshake!
Rent roller blades at a local park (great excuse to hold hands).