Identity theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission FTC is also known as you or someone you know may have experienced some form of identity theft. The crime takes many forms. Identity thieves may rent an apartment, obtain a credit card or establish a telephone account in your name. You may not obtain information about the theft until you review your credit report or credit card statement and the charges did not notice, or until contact a debt collector. When I read that sentence that really made me think how serious this is and the negative effect this could have on my family and me.

As a mortgage broker who know well the value of having great credit, guess what suffers most when they steal your identity That the right of your credit. Imagine what is on the job, you get a call from his wife that the doctor's office because she has felt a bit over time, she screams into the phone I'm pregnant as well as your audience coming back, adds It's twins This is really good news that you and your wife trying to get a baby in the last 10 months, while you were thinking of the twins, that is an added bonus, because you and your wife had plans two children. And you are considering pregnancy syndrome a set of crazy pregnant wife and all that it implies that you know what I mean mood swings, swelling of feet and 200 a.m. desires that you have to drive all over town trying night to find a Krispy Kreme Donut Shop. But at the end of all that two children, done. So make plans for dinner to celebrate, to fly a kiss, hang up, and try to return to work. nearly impossible, your mind is racing with all the things that will change. At dinner that night you and your wife laugh, cheered and had a great dinner without alcohol. After dessert, his wife informs him that his car 2seater that I love you because it makes you look cool to be replaced by a minivan. It's a good thing I already had dinner. But console yourself thinking that you will get an SUV instead. She continues We have to get a larger home This is consistent with and suggest looking this weekend.

We will forward a couple of months his wife are from and after many weekends of driving with your real estate agent who thinks that every home that shows you is perfect for you, you finally find one that is. You make an offer accepted you and your signing the contract that every body is happy all the real estate agent long ago. Not quite, you still have to get a mortgage. But this is no big thing you have great credit, been in the same job since college more than 6 years making good money. His only concern is that the mortgage should be. It takes a day off to go with his wife to see their local banker who greets you by your name to insist that he calls her by name and he agrees to discuss how his wife is illuminated. On your desktop, explains the purpose of the visit and give the contract to your new home. He gives a form to obtain basic information you need to start the process. One of the spaces on the form, your social security number and consent to pull your credit card to fill out and sign and return back to it. He takes it with a smile and start banging away on your computer. You turn to your wife who can not wait to leave to go get new furniture to assure you will not be long then your banker calls you smiling by his surname, and smile more. He proceeds to tell you not to be able to get a home mortgage or any other home. Because not only is your credit score ridiculously low, but according to your credit report that already has a house that took out a loan secured against it and not paying. I know this story sounds far fetched but I do not think I can not tell you how many times I've seen this kind of thing happens and how it can destroy a person.