Educational and Work Experience of Distinction - College Internships Abroad

The classroom is but one of many places to obtain an education and real life skills. Students can opt for a broader experience by participating in college internship programs. Internships for college graduates and undergraduates alike provide valuable work skills vital in today's competitive job market. Students can even earn college credit for participation in some programs.

When evaluating the available opportunities, students seeking an experience above and beyond the norm can chose to participate in an internship abroad. Of particular note are New Zealand and Australia internship programs. These offer distinct benefits beyond work and educational experience.

The Benefits of Australia and New Zealand Internship Programs

There are several compelling reasons why college internships in the South Pacific are a great choice for students seeking a college experience of distinction.

o Cultural Immersion-An internship abroad in Australia or New Zealand provides more than work experience. It allows student to live and work side by side with locals, providing a unique glimpse into the culture and society. The experience leaves a lasting impression and affects the students' perspective on the world and their place in it. Participants in New Zealand and Australia internship programs find the experience better equips them to communicate and relate to people of different cultures with ease. It also imbibes a greater appreciation for cultural differences and similarities.

o Professional Development--College internships are an excellent option for recent graduates as well as undergraduates. They provide the training needed to succeed in a career, as well as practical experience critical in qualifying for gainful employment. While an internship in general provides the opportunity for real-world experience, an internship abroad in the Australia or New Zealand includes experience in a global setting; truly a distinctive addition to any resume.

o Appreciation of Natural Splendor--A summer internship in Australia or New Zealand is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of the country in a much deeper way than you might if you were to visit for a short vacation. Being able to take the time to explore all of the wonderful scenery and sites available, such as the deserts, rain forests, mountains, and beaches, is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that is possible through summer internships in these countries.

oAffordability--It is expensive to attend college and most certainly to study abroad during your college career, but if you would like to experience a foreign country, then a summer internship in Australia or New Zealand can be a cost-effective way to spend time in a new area of the world and experience it for yourself.

Susan Slobac advises college students on study abroad opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.