Health and Nutrition - The dangers of sugar in your diet and some sweet substitutes

All human nutritional needs can be met in full without having to take one tablespoon of white or brown sugar or raw.

The late Dr. John Yudkin - Sweet and Dangerous, Wyden, 1972, Queens College, London

We all know that excess sugar is very bad for our health. As a result there are plenty of natural sugar available for purchase at grocery stores, health food stores and online. With so many choices, what to choose

Our body needs sugar as glucose, especially the brain, which needs glucose to function properly. Sucrose is a disaccharide that is two sugars that are divided into two simple sugars, glucose and fructose. Blood glucose provides energy. There are different sugars on the basis of the food we eat, for example, fructose is the main sugar in fruit, maltose, a sugar grains such as barley and a sugar lactose in milk.

One of the sugars that have been announced as one to replace white poison or also known as table sugar or sucrose white ... is Agave (ah vay Gah). Sometimes known as agave syrup or nectar tastes like honey, but not thick. Undoubtedly agave is a much better option than artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs - the key is in the artificial name!

The agave is a plant that resembles a cactus and is found in desert areas in places like Mexico. When the agave plant extracted sap is extracted and heated at a low temperature and then break down carbohydrates into sugars. Agave is available in both light and darkness, the darker it is, the less time it has warmed and filtered.

Party Peter pure raw food is the question is Agave good for you

Sugar is sugar is sugar is sugar
The ages sugar
It causes the immune system failures
It is an anti-nutrients
It rots your teeth
It causes diabetes
The sugar ferments in the blood cells
Sugar is a food for candida, cancer, viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds

There are many people who suffer from sugar addiction, some people are aware of that others are not. If someone gives up of sugar for whatever reason, are only the elimination of tablespoons of visible sugar breakfast cereal or in tea or coffee, but there are many foods, including natural foods like fruits, which contain a form of sugar. Processed foods have so much sugar that we now have a sugar crisis in our health service in the form of type 2 diabetes and a variety of degenerative diseases.

Peter suggests Many people would have us believe that this and this new form of sugar is not the case okay.That. Even the honey, by far the best of all sugars, must be limited. The dates and fruits also for the case

My experience is that people step forward for the incredible health for themselves by simply lowering the main culprits sugar - all grains and cereals, bread, pasta, cereals, rice, barley, buckwheat, quinoa, beans, lentils, maize, potato and refined foods (preferably dried fruit as well).

Why grains and beans  lentils for the first time Simple - you may not eat 2 cups of honey once, but you can eat two bowls of rice (for example).

Sugar in all its forms is only part of a transition diet as people lower their sugar addictions (with some rare exceptions of athletes who burn lots of sugar).

The only exception to this, if there is some magic sugar is stevia - which is an herb that tastes sweet, but not sugar.

Stevia (STEE v h), or sweet grass, harvesting in places like South America and Asia as an alternative sweetener can be purchased as a lplant, liquid or powder. The Japanese have been using stevia successfully for many years and do not have the same health and weight have in Western culture, unless, of course, eating a Western diet! Stevia is much sweeter than sugar so you do not use or need too much of it as a sweetener with natural grass.

Alternatively Xylotil natural sugar that looks and tastes exactly like sugar and tastes horrible chemical sweeteners linked to so many. Xylotil has fewer calories and carbohydrates than sugar and, therefore, is slowly absorbed into the body and causes a rise of a rise in insulin is best for people with diabetes. Xylotil can be used in cooking to replace refined white sugar, but as all the sugar you need to identify the amount of sugar in your diet, especially all the hidden sugar pound batteries, and empty calories time is bad for you.