Pepper Spray - The ultimate weapon for the modern woman of today

Incidents of theft, robbery and theft fill the newspapers and the media every day. Authors signs of weakness in the victim and then make your move in dark alleys and deserted parking lot. Although it is always best to avoid being alone in those places, there are times when you can not avoid being alone. You obviously can not make sure someone accompanies you all the time.

Statistics say that women are assaulted more often than men and lower level of resistance is anticipated. A quarter of women reported being sexually assaulted in college and about half know that the offender before a friend or acquaintance. The numbers are not as bad for men, but unless you are trained in combat can not prevent an attack on their own.

Among the various self defense products on the market that pepper spray is one of the easiest to use. It is also a product that allows enough time to escape without damage permanently the perpetrator. Disguised as a product that looks suspicious, pepper spray comes in the form of a can, a keychain, a lipstick and similar products can be carried without arousing suspicion.

Pepper spray contains Oleoresin Capsicum or OC as it is commonly known. The spray is calibrated on the basis of the intensity and the amount of CO present in the can and is measured in Scoville unit.

When used pepper spray on someone you can expect intense bouts of coughing and choking. This loosens the grip of the perpetrator if they are holding on to you. Alternatively, the attacker will slow, which gives enough time to run and a disappearance. For making more effective, try to aim the spray to the height so that eye irritation can keep the attacker busy for a while.