Las Vegas Real Estate Buyer's Guide

The area of ??Las Vegas is a favorite destination of Nevada real estate, but was formerly known as Sin City. Local property experts however, say that the only sin here is to make a purchase without education.

This article provides a summary of some of the best places for real estate in Las Vegas. The intention is to provide a snapshot of the local community, make recommendations about neighborhoods, and to provide a comprehensive guide for new buyers.

A snapshot of Las Vegas

Inexperienced homebuyers make the mistake of assuming Vegas is just a tourist trap. Here are some quick facts about the city that will give a unique insight into the area and provide information that will help you make a purchase educated real estate

Number of Parks and Recreation Areas 95
The city has 50% more libraries than any other U.S. city
Less than 20% of local residents are of foreign decent
Nearly 80% of local residents are high school or college
The pupil teacher is 181, the same or better than most cities
Average days of sunshine per year 294

Las Vegas Neighborhoods

Northwest of Las Vegas

Rebels, young families, those with a sharp taste for culture and the elderly, even this community is among the top destinations in Nevada. Summerlin neighborhood master plan that gave this area its reputation notable is the largest of its kind here. There are a number of leisure activities and shops located in the center, making this area literally the epicenter of the Valley.

Southwest Las Vegas

The Southwest district is ideal for small families and couples without children. This town is unincorporated, that is, only that taxes are collected by the county in place of the city and that this area has more than a small town. However, its proximity to the Southeast have made this city popular in recent years. Hills Spanish Trails and Spanish are two of the most elegant of the city.

Southeast of Las Vegas

Welcome to the suburbs! This city is undoubtedly the best location for families. Due in part to the massive housing boom this decade, this community is home to one of the most popular residential areas Nevada. Construction in this area has been very strong despite the slowdown in other areas, a fact that translates into plenty of opportunities for new families in the area. The most popular neighborhoods including Green Valley Ranch and Anthem.

North Las Vegas

This area is home to one of the oldest and most established communities in the Valley. Known for its business-friendly attitudes and upscale neighborhoods, this community is the most popular high-end buyers. Many of the neighborhoods in this area have a sophisticated Mediterranean charm and beautiful setting of some of the most impressive mountains and valleys of the desert areas.

Relocation Information

There are approximately seven thousand people moving to the area each month, and the local estimates project that number will grow at a rate of six times the national average. That said, it's a good idea to talk with local real estate agent on the relocation services that can help make your transition a smooth one. Some things you want to make sure they cover are