College Students - You ONLY Need to Take These 3 Actions to Achieve College Weight Loss

College is a time of change for a lot of students. Moving away from home and living on your own is a drastic change in your life. Unfortunately, a lot of student use their new found freedom to develop bad habits that cause them to gain weight. Is the freshman 15 real Well whether you put on the full 15 pounds or not, I know firsthand that the bad habits and weight gain certainly are real. If you want to change your lifestyle and lose that weight and look your best while you're young, then you need to do these 3 things

Cut out the bad habits. Students develop bad habits when they move away from home and start their college lifestyle, and this is what is causing you to gain weight. You must reverse these bad habits if you wish to achieve college weight loss. Here are some of the bad habits that I've seen college students fall into

Drinking too much alcohol
Sleep deprivation
Eating out late at night
Skipping breakfast
Addicted to soda
Eating too many deserts
Making bad food choices
Skipping meals

Make an exercise plan and follow it

If you wish to achieve college weight loss, you need to get more exercise. It's not as bad as it sounds, and it can be as simple as walking to class. Most campuses are walkable, and you can burn a lot of extra calories everyday just by walking around. If walking is not for you, how about biking or rollerblading If you have to drive, maybe you can snag that parking spot far away from your building. As far as exercise, consider taking a weight training or circuit training class. These are some of the most effective weight loss training methods, and in class you can meet like-minded people who are interested in college weight loss.

Make a diet plan and follow it

If you want to lose weight, you need to have an approach to choosing what you eat. You can't just go to the cafe or out to eat and just wing it. There are too many foods out there that are bad for your weight, and it might not necessarily be obvious at first glance. You also need to determine when you will be away at classes so you can plan ahead and pack some healthy snacks. This way, you are not starving throughout your day, because that leads to binge eating and weight gain. With a plan for your diet and a little foresight, you can achieve college weight loss.

Need help formulating your diet and exercise plan to achieve college weight loss

Well, that's why I invented the Freshman 15 Challenge to help students like you reverse College freshman weight gain. I go through solutions that are tailored to your unique lifestyle.

I used to be a College student, and I managed to keep the freshman 15 off throughout my College years, and I know you can too. So, take the Freshman 15 Challenge, because you don't want to miss out on your chance to look your best!