Early in the morning dogs (four-story, Voices From Saigon)

She was in a dream, sleeping on the floor of this great mansion, Let's Betty, let's try it, jump ...! Caroline said.

Okay, Betty said aloud, still in a state of oblivion incongruous to grab his outstretched hand of Caroline, as if ready to pounce. It was the first time she had spent time, quality time with her sister since they were children, Caroline is now married, had a son, Langdon, and Betty as well.

The crew shouted for Caroline not to jump, and Caroline would not leave Betty, Betty, and Caroline would not leave, they planned their trip together, two sisters holding each hand from hand to hand, now shoulder to shoulder, jumped well, jumped on the edge of the boat tale, in the last minute, a man of the crew yelled, Fools, which could have been killed, the ship was a few meters from the port area, ready to transport a hundred or so visitors to the island of Nantucket. But the dream was better than reality, since Betty was injured in reality, not in sleep, skin of his left leg when he jumped a few meters, is hung from the railing of the ship, doing silly, but in the last minute they did, and a man of the crew attempted to leave, and Caroline hit the ship away, and some people near the man shouted the crew, and fled from sight.

But opening the door to the boat that no, he did so because they were on the other side of it, the crew member did not help, and if there are any comments of this happening, as well as fleeing there, they risked being questioned later in the rights and wrongs of this. For Betty was the adventure of a last deep her and her sister, she clung to him like a hungry cat than a dead mouse.

Betty moved restlessly on the floor of the living room, covered with blankets, it felt like I was on flat ground, but for some reason the cool air was cool, had been sleeping in her dress, and she wanted to dream more, to finish the dream, even if I had to help along, therefore the boat was thrown through the waters of Nantucket, who were in the large waiting room of the boat, clinging to chairs as the boat tossed his way through the choppy waters, watching the shadow of the house through the window of the window, and water glass, a few young men who seek them, not men of war, but the university students in a calm smile floating round eyes and small, and then jumped into the dream Cole (husband of Caroline dead), Caroline and said I lost my partner, and chided his sister Betty in the dream right there, fool, damn fool, I should have killed Vang, is made with gray iron dilemma you put in, and then narrows the covers over his body as he lay on that flat wood floor and woke to an empty house of furniture, which had sold in recent months (which was February, 1973).

The fire was extinguished in the heart, and complete darkness, he thought little or nothing to her husband in his wheelchair at his home in New Orleans, her sister just had to succeed in Vang's murder, this does not could have happened, could not have been hanged, leaving her, I mean, she committed suicide instead of getting the culprit. So I thought she was thinking.

He had to sell the house and land, she sold the land for the plots, but then what He had spent the Christmas, New Year was gone. Then he heard the sounds of dogs running through the fields at the rear of the house, maybe one is Tabasco, she thought, but she did not stand to see. The dogs were chasing the cats, who chase rats conclusion, trying to return to his dream world, maybe the rats were trying to corner one of them, all screaming at each other, squealing rats and the dogs barked like mad wolves, with the voices of rustic, woven together there was a weak voice of a dog, perhaps Tabasco. And there was nothing else to do tonight, but it sounds enter the brain, that unforgettable night sounds emanating from his soul.

Betty Hightower, made no noise, just thought life was fun, she was surprised by how events in the life of her sister was. He deserved the revenge of life, maybe, maybe God wants you looked around this overlooks that have killed Vang, knowing that revenge was the preference of God, but is forgiving. And she knew that the old sayings revenge destroys both parities and victim search. And the best revenge is success, and let go and move on in life is better than living with revenge consumed. But all these witty brain disorder only, he said, belongs to the guilty, who wants drowned in them, so do not go after him or her. They say the sky will be the bad guys later, or girls and therefore they will get their just reward, in his opinion because, the day of trial, but we are on earth, and here we do things a little different, and if we wait for the sky, while on earth, we will have to fill the attic with these criminals, feeding them, pamper them, wash their clothes and everything. That's what she hissed, which is what I was thinking.

Here was life at its most raw, feeling, indignation in his head surprised, as the construction of the dogs chased the cats and the cats chase the rats, and the sound penetrates the brain of Betty.

Here was a girl named Vang, six thousand miles away, which brought misery to a whole family, changed the course of their lives, something that nobody expected, not Caroline, and Betty, Betty who was still in the outrage surprised by something like this was tolerated without retaliation.

Said Betty, talking loudly, staring at the ceiling, listening to the dogs, You have to finish what he started, the cleaning of another disaster, and was thinking about the boat trip to Nantucket, Let's skip the dock together again, he whispered to the wall. Then he heard a sound of a dog, it sounded like Tabasco, it sounded like the rats you curves, and their barking, and their cries, and heard the noise outside the back door with mesh, and ran with a gun he found in the house, and she ran to the door and opened it, and rats as big as the big fish looked like it was dragging Tabasco ripping off the door by pulling the meat. And she shot rats, five bullets, leaving one for Tabasco, which broke into pieces with a vengeance.

She closed the door, he said with a scent of revenge, I have them ready for you Tabasco! And now Vang

Limit Saigon

At dawn, he went to the neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley asked if he could borrow, or loan would help, Amos, the black who became a friend of Josh Old, all these years. He himself was 79 years old, but agile as a forty years old. Mrs. Stanley saw the corral, he shouted, as he approached, it was more cloudy than usual, and extended his arm to Mrs. Betty Hightower moved, their hands instead of mud, and he did. She knew him before, but not well.

Mrs. Stanley agreed with me, if well with you, to see the farm loans Abernathy while I'm gone. You pay the same and if you do well in observing and working in the field of lady. Stanley that depends on you, you are going to double.

Well, the deal was done, and Betty Hightower was in his plane to Saigon.

Morning Saigon

Still with the notes he had made back in Fayetteville, the location of the property of Vang in Saigon, notes he had received from Caroline, when he spoke of his departure from Saigon, which brought them out of your bag, check out, went the way they carried, and were taken to a hut summary of a house, not a house in the sense of a house that was used, which was near the U.S. Air Force Base. You could hear the planes and helicopters and propeller planes take off. And there she stood, motionless as a statue, a figure in stone, and she returned to take his notes from his wallet and check out along with a picture of Vang, who was the house, which confirmed and the door was ajar , approached him he looked around, turned around to see if you face on the check out, no one was around, nobody is what mattered, they were all buzzing around in cars and trucks and motorcycles. He looked at the bag again, your knife, four-inch knife was there, a Jason (her husband) used for fishing, fish cleaning. It disperses the knife from his pocket, held it in his hand and entered the house of the owner, once at home, all outside sounds ceased, the horns of cars and buses, motorcycle tires on the pavement , kids, noisy children on buses and only the voices in general, the overall noise, the noise of the city, nobody pays attention to class, everything seemed to have ceased. He entered the kitchen, which seemed to be the main room of the house, and then a triple room, it was cold there, a cold vacuum, filtered through his veins, he made his composure, and was just as abruptly that went into it, and again was in the kitchen, and then in the second room.

He spent a shadow, a shadow fell on a corner, but did not respond, and when it reappeared, with the little light seeping under the window curtains, saw that it was a body in a fetal position, a dead body, no movement, which had to be killed off to work quickly looked closer, was a dead woman with wax. It was covered with pus and sores, especially around the lips, legs, eyes, Vang he said, must be it ...! And it was so terrible, so suddenly a hit, so horrible, without concentration, or a plan, gasped, and ran from the house, and even a deserted street with no cars or people on foot, three young, and she cried, not because Vang, but she was so ugly, she was scared of the house, up the hill, away from everyone, then three men grabbed her, lifted her skirt to her ankles adjustment that her hands to her mouth to stifle his arms, and she knew it was true, she would not survive the test, had knives, and his hands were empty, only her purse strap over her shoulder, and that away from her, the knife once said that when he saw Vang have fallen, but was not looking, quiet, now willing to believe.