Chile, Panama and Mexico - In some parts of South America vacations

One of the best countries to visit is South America, full of rich culture and a whole world outside the European lifestyle of South America is home to many include countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Peru. The thing is that for every article you read in the question (very important) of Manchu Picchu are thousands of other equally impressive sights to see in this vast continent. This article will cover ten vacation spots secret you should consider if you want to see South America this year.

Panama City, Panama
This city is likely to see an increase in tourism this year, for two reasons first of April this year, KLM has flights new routes go to Panama City so it is easier to travel there this year . The second reason may be that the popular U.S. TV show Prison Break was based there recently and has helped show the city relaxed its interesting mix of jungles and beaches.
The beaches can provide the perfect retreat from the workhouse life again. Panama has over 900 species of birds, an incredible 1,500 species of trees and more than 7000 varieties of vascular plants. This makes for a perfect vacation, whether you're a nature lover and want to see birds in a wet field in the rain back home.

Puebla and Oaxaca, Mexico
Mexico is a popular tourist destination for many Americans who want to venture outside their borders. It is also popular among American college students during the summer and spring. But at the same time who wants to party if that is not quite your thing then there are plenty of other reasons to visit Mexico.

The main one that comes to mind is the kitchen, at some point the odds are that you have found any derivative of Mexican cuisine in the UK, but as with all the special dishes that you can not beat the taste in the source. If you are not happy with just eating the local food, then there are areas of the kitchen area you can take part on whether you prefer a hands on approach. Cities such as Puebla and Oaxaca have many cooking classes that can teach you the skills to impress family and friends on his return from holiday.

Mexico is also home to Cancun that has become popular in recent years with many cheap flights to Cancun available now may be the best time to take advantage of this country's food is lovely.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
The Atacama Desert in Chile may not sound like the most attractive destination, but a surprising number of activities to do in Chile, a specialist hotel even offers an adventure holiday and spa in the desert. Tierra Atacama Adventure Spa is a boutique hotel offering tours of the terracotta colored sands and neighboring lagoons.

There are even areas are so untouched by man, because protected areas, which have earned the name Valley of the Moon, as it resembles the moon's surface with small crest the hills, but strong.

The next part of this article will cover many parts of South America that you should visit this year. Cheap flights to Mexico and elsewhere in South America have seen many tourists from the UK spreading their wings and get flights to see this wonderful corner of the world for themselves.