Web Tale For My Real Friends

I have a lot of friends at MySpace, Facebook, everywhere. I am a happy guy having so many friends. I am so happy with it, especially when my friends send me some beautiful images with links all around, and I press them and they take me to different places where I can buy my friends' products. Oh, Gosh how I love to help my friends to earn some money, really do! They must be a truly friends sending me these nice little images all the time. My friends are great, aren't they And they are so polite, they don't even try to tell me that they are selling something, isn't that cool

I felted so embarrassed, so I decide it to do the same, to be a nice guy, to get back to them somehow, like a truly gentleman, but I didn't knew how to do that. So I looked for a help on the internet.

Make money online

Make money online - sounds familiar, doesn't it

Try just to type a word money or making money online at Google, Yahoo or elsewhere, and what happens You'll get millions of pages and millions of linking sites and products about your query. Seems to me that money is the number one selling product as well as the number one buying product on the planet. Nobody cares that this product, at the same time, is the toughest product on entire web, and still everybody is immediately hooked up. The most powerful of all Fast Money sellers are those with the featuring keywords in the title like money word,  keyword, PPC, SEO, affiliate, niche, automoney or any other words more or less closely related to these. They are most successful fisherman's in the Web Ocean. They catch easy fishes like me every single day. They do it with a very sophisticated and nicely looking hooks that shines like a gold, using a simple green bite (a big double striped S one) and keep fishing wherever they want. There is a plenty of fish everywhere in the Web Ocean, and there are no possibilities to endanger or extinct this population of the species (us). But, they are just one link in a chain, although a very important one. Their job is to keep the ocean alive and to keep the permanent hunger by feeding the fishes with the crumbs from their plates.

On the other hand, they are fed with the crumbs from the Webmaster's plate.

And who are the Webmasters


Webmasters are the Masters in true meaning of the word. They invented the web at first place. People who owns big web companies (and we all know their respectable names) are the masters of the Web Universe, in a way, Gods. They invented it, and not just that. They invented viruses and reinvented antiviruses, bugs and updates, first versions of their software and the every second one to keep you updated (alive), so that you want escape, you want die out there. They invented all, they own all and exploit all, from the first day and forever. And when they die, they'll leave it to the children's children, and so one. Have no doubts about it! Their famous motto Web belongs to all of us is abed time story, and we go sleep every night believing that, with that same big smile on our faces. We are happy, they are happy, fisherman are happy, everybody's happy! The whole world is happy!


So, what's wrong with the happiness, you wonder Nothing's wrong, if you think you're happy. Are you really Are you really going to say to me that you like the things are going on, on this planet, at this moment. I don't think so. I would say, you are disappointed like me, too. But you can't do anything about it, You can't make things changed.

And why is that so Why can't we change the things they are We can't, can't we Or, maybe we don't want to Maybe we like the way the things are Maybe we like to be hooked, to be fished, to catch some crumbs along by. To many maybe-s, I reckon.

But, what would be, imagine, if we could just pulled out our cables from it, just for a day, week or even month! Just to go offline for a while, to unplugged this misery of virtual life for a second and go outside among the real people, real us! Think about it, would it be great

Remember, Web is not a virtual, it's real. You could be seriously hurt over there, emotionally, physically (financially), in any way! Think about this for a moment, just for a pleasure of reading this, will you. It's a tale, anyway!


I know, you're not agree with me. You think I am a loser, it's easy to be a looser and for a losers, there is no place on the web. And you are a winner, a natural born winner. You know how to, where and when, you are not like me, you know what it takes to succeed, you have all essentials in your hand, all the facts, all and more! Yes, you are the man!

OK, I must admit, I am defeated, I am a failure, you're the boss!

Now my boss, let me go back for a moment at the beginning of this tale to something more about making money online. This is stuff you like, I bet. Well, I will go strait to the point. This is something deeper than tale, something more real, OK. Here we go!

There is no chance for you to seriously make any money online if you are not highly qualified, highly educated in informatics, computer science, or whatever you want to call it. You have to be a computer software guru and freshly updated with the tons and tons of materials. This is something that nobody will tell you (at least no one from the other side of this game board), but it's a fact. Face it. Computer knowledge, software and computer languages, and everything that goes with it (and everything goes, believe me) is just a part of the Easy Making Money story. Marketing is another big part, too. Basic education and intelligence of the person, another. Time and money that goes with it, another one. Some of the mentioned are the specialties for which you have to finish a few colleges. For another you need experience, which cost you time and money. You can't do it from scratch. Scratch is a big lie! There is no scratch in the life, the only one was when you were born! You are alone out there!

A real friend

Hey, but don't worry, you are not alone! Here am I! I'll help you. It's easy. The only thing you have to do is to take that piece of wire hanging out of your lovely PC machine and cut it! They will be cut off, and you could become someone's real friend, let's say mine, for a start!

Big picture

You always have to try to look at the big picture. In this case, it means that EVERYTHING YOU SEE, HEAR OR YOU'RE INVOLVED IN AT THE WEB IS JUST INSIDE OF THAT PICTURE, that box, hard disc or this temporary connection you have, and that's it. There is nothing more than that. The World is outside, not the inside, cant you see. Your wife, son or daughter, your mother, father or your friend is waiting for your look, for turning your eyes away from that window, for a moment, for a day, forever maybe

Oh, but you can't! You see, you became a machine! A machine connected with a thousands of tweets, feeds, comments and updates, logins and logouts, sources and shares, classifieds and emails, blogs and posts, url's and ftp's, groups and supports, patches and crawlers, links and filters...and no one can stop you. Nobody has right to stop you, either. One could become an anti-social element, trying to stop you. The whole world is gone upside down, whole world! I just wonder about a poor skinny child from some deserted part of the planet - does he know what even television set is, a computer Does he need any of that to feed the hunger, to heal the pain in those big blurry eyes. I don't know. Maybe we deserve such a self destructive end of the humanity. Yeah, we probably do. To poison our own future...well, that's us! Nothing new about it.

Martin H. Fischer once said; The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.

The end

It's true, we are destructive. But not just for ourselves. We are hurting our mother Earth, hurting badly. And she is going to fight back one day, maybe soon. She is going to shake us from her back like a bunch of fleas, just like that! And then what We're going to cry, yes, cry like a babies, wondering what happened, why, whom to blame, who's going to help us

Well, Martians maybe! Or, maybe God, in whom we trust so much. Yes, that's it! God! He's the only one who doesn't care if we sin, he forgives. He's the only one we can count on.