Get It Right - Get It Close

Exercise is probably what I like to do at least. In fact, not even the list of favorite things, so technically it is not so. It's something I enjoy doing. Period.

I used a lot of exercise, when I was much younger, had a much higher metabolism and require much less for him.

I was so to work, my best friend and I work with the team coach football at the college gate near the school attended. We have taken this work seriously. It was hard work to sit at the feet of the basketball great and strong, while they did hundreds of crunches. We had the unpleasant duty joyful wrap towels around their sweat, shook the chest once they were made. Yes, that was hard work, especially considering that not even paid for it. Only allowed us to get into football games for free. I could not pay enough to do that now. I mean, really would not have to pay me. Maybe I could still do it for free at how schools are struggling to stay afloat these days. They really need volunteers. It would be the honorable thing to do.

Suffice it to say, I have been struggling to return to a good training slot since my college days. I've tried several aerobic videos. These are almost always a failure. Almost never get past the first round in any of them. Any of the exercises to be punk, it also increasingly difficult for fear or actually break a leg or two. Say, Tae Bo was not a good look for me.

I have tried a multitude of different gym memberships. I always start with super excited, buying cute workout gear and pack all in a cute bag, small gym. Then I get in the gym and look around to see a lot of people who seem to not even need to be there and the motivation comes from the skids almost immediately.

What I had not tried was the pool. Water aerobics, to be exact. My husband had gone several times before and always try to get me to go with him. I always chickened out by the fact that a bit I thought was a prerequisite. I can not swim. And my husband knows I can not. So why is it constantly asks me to join him Was this a sinister plot to get rid of me

I always make sure I did not have to swim to take the class. The water is shallow.'re Standing. Yeah, right. I do not think so. Not that I'm afraid of the water. I go out and frolic in the ocean as if I were Michael Phelps every time I go to the beach. I have sat in the pools for hours during the holidays. I just do not like being embarrassed. I do not want to get into that class and look like an idiot, if the teacher decides to do relay laps up and down the pool. It would be a shame to end a marriage into something beautiful.

Finally, after a good year or two to make excuses every time my husband was preparing to go to the pool, I put my big girl bathing suit and went with him. I have the right within 3 feet of water and set to work. Too bad it had informed the teacher that was my first time. She walked quickly to my very deep end of the pool and told me he was seeing in the chest too. She needed me to walk, swim, float or do what I had to do to get a little deeper water. To say that I was beginning to panic would be an understatement. But I was determined to push through it. My husband said he could do at least 4'6. I'm just 5'6, he could still stand quite comfortably. So watch out paddling my way down. He was right.

From that moment, I was squatting, running, weight lifting machines. And I had the best time to do it! The 50 minutes went by much faster than I expected. Could it be that he had finally found something that could really reach I had to get a couple of classes before I could be sure. I do not like too excited about anything.

Well, after 3 weeks of assistance in any way consistent, I decided this must be the best form of exercise ever. Apart from its obvious benefits, water aerobics is just pure fun. Is a real workout, so while not as sore the next day as would be the traditional exercise, you begin to feel results after only a few classes. Although sometimes I want to throw my weight of water to the teacher for making us run in place for a long time, I enjoyed every minute of it so far. And with the desert heat as we have experienced here in the south, the pool has been a welcome retreat.