Some of the most entertaining American cities Output

While the U.S. is a great place to live, one of the toughest decisions for many people who travel here to do what is the city to visit. This is certainly not easy to do, since there are so many options. If you are looking for culture, great eating, nightlife and entertainment, there are a number of cities in the U.S. they have everything covered.

This article highlights some of the largest cities of destination for anyone looking to make a trip to the United States.

The first city that I mention it should not be a surprise, and which of course is New York. From Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (sorry, Bronx and Staten Island), there is a lot to do to keep busy tourist for weeks. I can go into the details, but I'm sure you already know.

Los Angeles is another great American city, but for different reasons. Apart from the fact that this is the world capital of cinema industry, Los Angeles becomes a city geographically well. There are mountains, deserts and beaches all within an hour's drive.

New Orleans is an amazing city and with regard to culture, probably has the rest beat. The food, people and, of course, helps to history (both past and more recent) in New Orleans is a very special city.

When it comes to the South, my favorite city is none other than Nashville, Tennessee. Music City, as they call it, was where I went to college, so sure it can be partial, but there is much to like about this city in southern charm.

An amazing city that I think other noteworthy is Austin, Texas. This place is a great city and people here are interesting, to say the least. The best time to go down is at the annual South by South West festival, featuring live music enough to give his annual review.

As it stands, this is my list. Maybe you will change after visiting Hawaii for the first time next year.