Immigration Reform Some signs that you are approaching

There are several encouraging signs lately that there could be an early solution to the problem of illegal immigrants. At least, I'm watching the news groups, counties and states making proposals and the enactment of laws that show that face the facts and are looking for something that works.

I realize that this does not mean that the Congress faces the facts, but enough other work groups, maybe going to do something.

Many of our citizens are realizing that it would be really impossible to deport millions of people. They also admit that these workers are needed to keep our economy going.

Many recent surveys are showing that the majority of our citizens are willing to allow all illegal immigrants, after passing background checks, stay and get some kind of work visa and pay back taxes. Everyone insists that learning English. Most want to get in a path to citizenship if they meet the requirements.

The Texas Association of Business has created a lobbying group in Congress. They know that the wall being proposed by some will be too expensive and does not work. They are asking for a bill that would give legal status to law-abiding workers already here and allow more legal workers in the country as needed.

El Paso County Commissioners Court passed a resolution calling for legal status for undocumented immigrants the right, respectful. It calls for a reform that does not violate human rights and treats everyone with dignity and respect.

The Catholic bishops are calling for humane treatment for all undocumented people here. And most churches around the country are helping immigrants in many different ways. Churches are treating this as a moral issue and most are trying to stay out of politics.

Several states have allowed illegal immigrant children who have gone to secondary schools, graduates and qualified at state universities to pay in-state tuition. California goes one step further and passed a law to allow these students to get financial aid while in college, like other residents.

These are all good signs that the public is ready for a solution to this problem. I doubt a single person is happy that people are coming into our country illegally every day, but we are all responsible for this happening.

By helping immigrants get here, or once they were hired here, and if we vote for people who are allowing you to follow if they do not vote at all, if we buy food, goods or services that these workers produce  we are responsible. It should also be responsible for solving the problem.

We will all benefit if the problem is fixed, even if this means that most of these people are offered work visas and eventual citizenship.

If given legal status, can get driver's licenses and auto insurance today. This will help any other person in a car or buy car insurance for themselves.

If they are not exploited by unscrupulous employers will be paid regular wages and pay all the taxes they must pay. His work also will be safer and fewer accidents and deaths. Many will be able to get better jobs, as some of these people are well educated and who qualify for higher positions in hotel maid or landscaper.

All these people should learn English. Most citizens who are against immigrants are furious they speak their own language all the time they are about them being here. It is difficult to learn a new language, especially in adulthood, but it would be mandatory and would be well if you want to stay. When they have work permits and legal jobs will not have to work 12 hours a day (or two jobs 8 hours), and have more time to go to ESL classes.

Instead of being trapped in their small communities because they do not speak English, immigrants would be better able to assimilate. One hundred years ago, everyone had to learn English, there was no help for people in their own languages. Now it's easy for newcomers to stay in their ghettos and do not speak English.

If all these immigrants stay and become legal residents and citizens, which will add to the structure of this country, like our ancestors did. Instead of being visitors and guests (the unwanted, by the way) will be part of the community. At this point, have no interest in being part of a community who know they have to leave soon.

They are homeowners and business owners and entrepreneurs. They find they must participate in their children's schools and communities and will learn how important it is to vote. All these people will become Americans.

If Congress just see the facts and the future and be brave and do something, this problem could be solved. Our borders would be secure and no one would be hiking through the desert to live in the shadows here.