Fools Gold Basketball - Have you ever been caught

Fools gold is defined as unlike the real things, relatively valueless. When a mirage rises over the horizon in the desert, it seems as if there is a soda fountain in front. Once on site, nothing but heat and sand there. This same situation is illustrated in any basketball game, regardless of their level.

The same goes for the game of basketball in many ways. Parts of the game appear glamorous or luxurious for the average fan or coach. What is fool's gold in the game of basketball Are you a fan fascinated or a taste of the days of coach If so, the following list will surprise you.

1. The Slam Dunk --- The mate is a big part of the game only when kept in perspective. The vaccine has the same as a lay-up, free throws 12 footer, or both. Is beneficial, because the message can be sent and momentum can be created.

The slam dunk is fools gold, because 1. It is linked to the ability of the players. Many times the capacity of mate has nothing to do with the skill of the players to understand and play the game properly. 2. Children spend an enormous amount of work time to dunk the ball and a minimum amount of working time pathetically on the fundamentals, shooting, and working on his game the right way. 3. ESPN basketball dictates much knowledge to American viewers and dunks provided the highlights. Due to this fact, purists have called the mate, Idiots Delight.

2. Blocked shot --- The auction can be a momentum changer and a defensive weapon. This is a part, albeit a small part of a defensive system of play.

The auction is the fool's gold, because 1. It is associated with playing great defense. Good equipment does not block shots from time to time, but there are many terrible defensive teams also block shots. 2. By trying to block shots, players give up the post, rebounding advantage, and usually depart from the work once the block is not done. In other words, what you earn, most of the time it puts your team at a disadvantage in trying to block shots. 3. Many times the attempt to block a shot is just an excuse to ignore solid defensive effort and rescue team members. 4. Most of the locks out of bounds, giving possession back to the offensive.

3. Three point shots --- The three-point shot is an offensive weapon incredible. Many teams have built their offensive attack around the trifecta. College coaches recruit players for their shooting ability. Not only is the triple of a powerful weapon, which has contributed much to the interest and enthusiasm for the game.

The three-point shot is the fool's gold, because 1. The equipment to do the photo as your entry into the promised land often fall short of victory. Live and die by the three by three as they say. 2. Taking a period of three can be a front out to persevere through the 35 seconds shot clock. It is often a rescue shot, ie the team or player is willing to resolve to take the easy three. 3. Do your homework and the departure of three percentage points. A little math will show why this vaccine may be fools gold. 4. It is seen as a way to return a game, but often with the launch of three, too, a team to dig a hole too deep to get out.

4. --- Tattoos Tattoos are as common as the Chuck Taylor used to be. There may be hidden messages in works of human art, but I'm not sure that adds to the game.

Tattoos are fools gold, because 1. Tattoos first appeared on the basketball floor, which brought an air of hardness to them. Now, any 'ol coward can bring a tattoo! 2. Pistol Pete Maravich did not need a tattoo to score 44 points per game throughout his college career.

5. Hustle --- Of course, the game needs players who rush across the floor. The trained observer can detect a player who seems to be playing hard, but in fact it does nothing positive.

Prisa is the fool's gold, because 1. No hustle and bustle intelligent fool. Many coaches can not distinguish between the two. There is a difference between the two. 2. The game should be played hard and smart. Some players even play hard and hustle in the game production. 3. A great example is a player attempting a robbery. The game seems to be a good rush, but this really hurts the team effort. Why One player steals nearly 1 in 5 times. In 4 of 5 cases, the player puts his team at a disadvantage compared to 4 5. This disadvantage is known as Outside Looking In and generally creates a lack or points to the opponent.

6. The Wiz Ball Handling --- We all like the player who controls the ball as an extension of your hand. Good ball handlers are common in today's game. Great ball handlers are few and far between.

The Wizard of ball handling is the fool's gold, because 1. The excess drip is one of the common murderers offensive in basketball. This demonstrates the ability to dribble the player, but little else. The boat is the best way, and three races is usually a good rule. 2. When a player is driving, not happening. Too many baskets were canceled due to excessive leakage. 3. A player with the ball is much easier to protect a player without the ball. That's why Dr. James Naismith invented the game to include the dribble and pass it!