Weight Loss For College Students - Get the Body That Other Students Will Envy!

Weight loss for College students comes down to two things

1. Identify the bad habits you have fallen into since you moved away from home

2. Correct the bad habits.

It's really not any harder than that. You may be discouraged because you have put on weight since you moved away, but with some effort you can lose weight and get the body that you want. In this article about weight loss for College students, I hope to identify some of the reasons you might have gained weight so that you can correct them. In no particular order, here is a list of several waist-inflating habits that I saw in College when I was there

Adding a lot of empty calories by drinking large amounts of beer or mixed drinks
Eating desert all the time in the cafeteria
Hitting up vending machines or snack counters between classes
Ordering fast food late at night
Eating out when the cafeteria is closed
Drinking regular soda with meals and carrying it around campus
Eating waffles topped with whipped cream for breakfast
Grabbing a bagel or donut on the go as your breakfast
Skipping meals for most of the day and eating one large meal to compensate
Being sleep deprived
Not enough exercise
Driving to class and using elevators as opposed to walking and climbing stairs

I think that should be enough to get you started. Weight loss for College students is easy to achieve once you have a plan to stop these behaviors. Make sure you have a healthy diet plan in place that you can follow when you eat meals. Also, try to plan out what you are going to eat so that you do not make impulsive decisions, especially if you need to eat in between classes. Lastly, add some more physical activity to your day. Just walking to class will have a great impact on your weight loss.

Want some help coming up with a plan to break your bad habits

Then check out the Freshman 15 Challenge. It's a site that I created that deals with the subject of weight loss for College students. I go through solutions that are tailored to your unique lifestyle.

I used to be a College student, and I managed to keep the Freshman 15 off throughout my College years, and I know you can too. So, take the Freshman 15 Challenge, because you don't want to miss out on your chance to look your best!