Happy Secret Oasis' Incredible Looking

In this article, Happy Oasis shares his secrets to looking amazing. Oasis is a happy inspiration, raw food, an author and Chief Visionary Raw Spirit Festival.

Kevin So you gave us an indication of age, if someone can do the math. You look amazing and are there ... I am sure that is the percentage of women who are watching this right now, that somehow want to know what to do to stay looking as good as you do.

Happy Well, my secret in recent times in recent years is the lack of sleep. So if you only get three hours or less sleep ... I'm just kidding. But that's the truth. So I've aged a bit in the last couple of years, because I have been much in the full service. And I would say that my secret is that every morning when I wake, I, when I get out of bed, I step into love. I feel that the whole universe is this bubble of love and I have a feeling of universal love this unit. Sounds like a cliché, but it really feels. And I feel that if you arrive in plenty, I do. If you have a better health, I also feel that we are one interconnected organism, and I think that feeling is what creates more joy and youth to me than anything else.

However, of course, there are plenty of things I can do and not do. For example I like to get up early in the morning. And I love to sleep cooler outside, al. I built this house cliff behind my house and go through these big rocks and a ladder and then built a deck with these glass walls and a Plexiglas cover and a cave in the back, and put some shelves that for a few items, they only stuck in the cracks. And it's very cozy. So get to sleep under the stars every night and I got a bird feeder over my bed so that the birds come in the morning and feed above the bed. And they are a little sloppy, some of them wildly so the seeds fall down on the quilt, and other birds come to eat right at the top of the legs.

Kevin Really

Merry Yes, it is this affinity with nature, I think. And then there are branches that come right in my room. There are trees that go right through the floor. And then I have to water my walls because the walls of the house for cracks and cliffs are full of wildflowers. So that's the only downside, so I have to scrub the top of the glass roof and water walls. And then I have to shake the bed because the foliage of the walls climb onto the bed. But it is a lifestyle magic bullet. And nobody can really do this if you make the decision to do so.

And then I would say that water is also very essential. So I would love to have a clean body, and I'm not as paranoid, but I feel good and seem to discard cells. So I like to swim at least two or three times a day. But I do it in an unusual way. I do not like to go in a hot tub, or that I love to dive into a river or stream or lake or ocean. For example, last night was in the river, and the hot tub, and this morning before dawn, I woke up sitting in the hot tub and went swimming in the ocean. And that's what I have to do to take my bath, so do not use lotions or any shampoo or conditioner or anything like that. From time to time if I'm too dry to use linseed oil. Most people do not know, but much better than olive oil or safflower oil, sunflower oil or jojoba. If you just try if for yourself I recommend that you realize that flaxseed oil is softer oil and moisture produced by most everyone, but the aroma is a bit unusual, is a bit nutty. So sometimes add a little cinnamon or mint. But I use so little that ...

And then I love to drink plenty of water. For water is really essential for vitality. In the Himalayas, which was a guide for many years, and in the mornings we would do, and I Garhwali people, we tell our clients, who were mainly from Europe, Australia and the Americas, which is so important to least half a gallon of warm water or cold water when we woke up, because for the rest of the day we were not sure whether we would reach the glacier or river by late afternoon. So as a result would be as hydrated. So I really encourage everyone to make only an experiment, and try to drink a pint of water half an hour of waking. And then you really feel something a little bloated at first, but then begins his yoga exercises or go for a walk, and you will notice your hands will be empty and will be as plump. And then you feel that vitality that only the electrolytes in the water can make you feel. That's another.

And then I like to do yoga, and I try to do yoga every day, sometimes did not work. But yoga, meditation. Also very important is to sing and I like to sing a lot. Dance and poetry also, taking a little time to think and read inspirational literature, including my favorite books.

Kevin Yeah, I talk about it.

Happy This is fun, but he said, What are your most inspiring, inspirational books And he said I hope you do not take this wrong, but I love my own books. And when I feel sad or I have to build-up or am I confused about something, I have an idea, I will read Communication conscious bliss which is the transmutation of the normal chat conversations extraordinary, and the fun of this book is that it is an interactive playbook, playbook is first in the world. And there's nothing like it. It's in a lot of high schools now, is in a lot of schools and for children of all ages. I have specifically made it very easy to use and it is an interactive book, fill in the blanks so you can have fun with your family, your husband. It is guaranteed to elevate the conversation and to laugh. And that is a very important part of my life. If I'm not having fun, then I'm not interested in doing.

Kevin You're an amazing storyteller. Do you have the time to tell a story

Happy Another parable that is, there are hundreds, this is something that these days in the United States because the economic times have changed. There once was a group of monks who were traveling in the Himalayas, which is today, probably Pakistan or Afghanistan. There is a conflict of religions at the time and as the monk, the Sufi band, went down in a village at night, they saw a pair of candle lights, and decided that maybe I could find the coverage that night because they had no blankets, had no food and no water. Winter was approaching and they were in the desert, mountainous desert. When they reached the village which is called the door of this person first and said, Would you be so kind to give us some food and a place to stay. This was the first person filled with fear and said, Of course not. Out! And he closed the door.

As we proceeded to the house next door, and there were only a few houses in the entire village, and the house next to that person had heard the person before they reacted the same way and closed the door before that almost could even open and warned them that if they will not be stoned, like the old tradition.

The house next door as they approached, they began to stone these men. As quickly fled. They did not know where to go. That were lost. So they decided to go back up in the mountains he had come. This is before the days of the maps. For what they were doing on this hill, the wind blew and the leader of the group began to pray. He knelt and said, Dear God, thank you very much God, God, for giving us everything we need. One of the young monks, he said, Wait a minute, this is too much. I've been with you for months. This has been the most difficult experience of my life. It's hardship after hardship and now we have no place to stay, we have nothing to eat, going to die of cold and you're thanking God for all he has given us I think not. I quit. Free translation. And the leader said, Dear God, thank you for giving us everything we need. Tonight we have to experience rejection. Tonight we have to experience the cold. Tonight we have to feel hungry. Thanks for giving us everything we need.