More than 15 great things about Detroit Metro Area

The Metro Detroit area has a lot of really good things for people to do and see.

I grew up in the Chicago area. I lived in the Cleveland-Akron area, the area of ??Winston-Salem-Greensboro, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Michigan. So I've lived all over, but I've seen enough places to talk intelligently, and I know Detroit has something to offer. Detroit has some things to offer, despite what you hear on the news and people with negative attitudes.

These are the things I would miss most if I lived there and here

1. Professional sports teams You have the Red Wings (hockey), the Tigers (Major League Baseball), the Lions now the winners in football again, the Pistons (Basketball) and shock (netball). There are also several minor league teams within a short drive, too.

2. Proximity to universities (2 hours) University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan State University in Lansing, Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Wayne State University in Detroit, the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, Adrian College in Adrian , Albion College, Albion, Alma College in Alma, Olivet College, Olivet, and the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. In addition, there are several other smaller colleges throughout the city and its surroundings.

3. Coney Island This is your basic greasy spoon Greek restaurants, but you can always find chicken soup with lemon and your mouth water, causing the death of heart Coney dogs waiting to devour. For those who do not know what a Coney dog ??that is, a hot dog in a bun topped with a special Coney Chile, onion and mustard. It sounds disgusting and it is, but it sure tastes good!

4. Arab  Middle East Restaurants and Culture Detroit metropolitan area has the largest Arab population outside the Middle East. This is a fairly surprising. There is nothing more than a mere fact, unless you count all the places that serve wonderful baklava, a pastry desert is intensely sweet almost like candy. There is good and bad humus humus. When you go to the right places, few things are as tasty as a piece of warm, soft pita bread dipped in hummus flavor property. Then you have highly seasoned meat, gyros, kababs, schawarmas, and more. You will not find a menu of dollars in these places, but you can eat a wonderful meal without spending a truckload of money.

5. Papalis Pizza pizza Buddy and Shield are cornerstones of Detroit for pizza. Both have a good bread pizza. However, as no native of Detroit, these do not compare with Papalis Pizza. Chicago is known for its pizzas. There are many places outside of Chicago, who claim to have Chicago-style pizza to disappoint. Papalis Pizza Chicago-style pizza baked one, which compares favorably with Giordono in Chicago. Among my favorites, their spinach and three cheese pizza with sausage and mushroom pizza is a thick pizza, cheese that melts in your mouth and makes a mess on the plate.

6. Cooke Farm Dairy Other dairy farms, but there are two (2) the things that separate this from the herd. Their ice cream is ice cream ever. It is expensive and grow a lot, but worth it beautifully. Also, people focus of many of their animals are caged, but still very accessible. This makes a fun day or a family reunion. Ice cream is really wonderful, however.

7. Casinos There are three (3) casinos within the city limits of Detroit, Greektown, MGM Grand, and MotorCity. You can stay at their hotels (I have not done), but they all offer a bit of fun for adults. In addition, there are many others throughout Michigan. Often, no entertainment playing in the background. Winning is fun, too. We will not discuss the views of others when we are not winning.

8. Greektown Besides the casino, this is a section of Detroit that offers the opportunity to experience the city in the past. Also several Greek restaurants. There is a Pizza restaurant Papalis there. After eating and playing, a couple of bakeries. My favorite is the Astoria, which has huge portions. The only thing bigger than the parts is the selection of surprises. When you're all done, you can take a quick tour of Detroit by the payment of fifty cents per person to ride the People Mover, a train around downtown Detroit and the surrounding neighborhoods mini. The most beautiful part of this trip is when you look across the river to see Canada and its Windsor, Ontario horizon. It looks very nice at night. Oh! Did I mention the free parking if you park in the parking lot of the casino

9. In Mexicantown This is a part of Detroit that actually fails the look test and the surrounding neighborhoods are unattractive, to say the least. Once in Mexicantown, you see a group of Mexican restaurants, as well as in some stores. The food is great time, and is surprisingly affordable. It's unlike any other area I've seen.

10. Close proximity to Canada Before the days of 9  11, this really was a bonus. Just across the river, the city of Windsor awaits. You can go there by an underground tunnel or a bridge. It's nice to see a culture that is not very different from the United States, however, you know you're in a different country. The stores look different. That put the speed limits in kilometers, not miles per hour. They use different currency, so that their money is different. They have different sweets. Windsor is not as large as Detroit, but every bit of a city. From my perspective, I feel like I'm making a leap in time to a simpler time when the river crossing.

11. Greenfield Village This is an outdoor museum. While it is only the real flavor comes from the configuration. It was created as a historic town, waiting for you to discover and learn the history within it. There was even someone who keeps a horse through the town on a unicycle. Gangs roam the town, performing songs from the old days. You get your exercise walking around it. This is a large installation.

12. Specialty Markets Fruit There are many fruit markets, which specializes in carefully selected fruits and vegetables. Interestingly, in my part of the city of Waterford, there are none, but in most other areas within the Detroit area, are there. Some of my favorites are the market Westborn, Papa Joe and Nino Salvagio. Bring your money, because these places are not cheap, but you will get the best.

13. Eastern Market I lived in the Detroit area for years before I knew about it. It is a farmer's market outside that is open every Saturday. In the summer, mid-morning, you hear the music playing everywhere. Eastern Market is a huge market, and I mean huge. Not only do you have the market has real stores the border outside the area covered market. There are meat, fruit and other stores. If you go late enough (say one or two), you can get really good deals as sellers are trying to get sales as much as possible. There is also a grill station (actually a number next to each other) that can not be less than fifty feet. Oh, it smells good, too.

14. Woodward Dream Cruise For those of Detroit, Woodward Avenue is a main throughway that runs from downtown Detroit to Pontiac, a suburb north of Detroit urban, 30 to 40 miles. This route passes through some suburban towns with charm, anyway, but every year in August on a Saturday, the road becomes a showcase of the car. Drivers Woodward cruise for miles at a slow speed. People are located on the side of the road for miles and miles to see these old cars. In addition, many programs side Old car on the side. This is where you can talk to car owners, and many of them are very happy to talk about their pride and joy. It is really silly, but it is really fantastic and a lot of fun.

15. Close proximity to beautiful parts of Michigan This includes beaches and parks. Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes, rivers and many others go through it. Smaller lakes have their home within the state. Find beaches requires no skill here. You want to fish, swim, camp, or just walking in picturesque areas, you are never far away. People mention north, and means that the tourist areas, with a simple lifestyle are driving north on I-75. You can say that about many places, but it is true in Michigan more than most.

16. Close to many orchards Depending on what is on time, you can pick strawberries, apples, peaches, blueberries, and more with just a short drive from Detroit. In addition, many orchards offer hayrides and places for children to play. In fact, it becomes an event.

17. Frankenmuth This city is less than two (2) hours from most of the Metro Detroit area. This is a city that is a tourist trap, obviously, but it's still worth seeing. This is a German city of the old days, putting a big emphasis on Christmas. In fact, on the outskirts of the city, there is a store called Bronner, who sells Christmas themed things almost every day, except, and Christmas. The most famous restaurants in the city are Zehnders and Bavarian Inn. You can ask many things, but I recommend the family style chicken dinner. There are small shops in the center of the city, and sits next to a scenic river.