The start of a new era, Matt Ryan

After the departure of Michael Vick in the NFL, the future of the Falcon seemed to go downhill. The 07 'season was not at all promising. New coach Bobby Petrino left the franchise with only a few games left in the regular season. Petrino accepted an offer from Alabama and interim coach Emmitt Thomas took his place. After sad season had the third overall pick in the upcoming draft. There was no debate about the Falcons are going to collect.

The Hawks signed Matt Ryan, not long after he was drafted. He was given a six-year contract worth $ 72 million, with $ 34.75 million guaranteed. There was much debate after the signing of the contract. A rookie who never played professionally was doing more than veterans without stepping on the field once. Yes it was a phenomenon is the university, but is that really a reason to pay me a lot.

The Falcons have a choice, or you can start Matt Ryan, or they can continue the fight with the other quarterbacks. The Raiders had a similar problem a year ago. They signed a player for an enormous amount of money and has not proven himself worthy. I think the Falcons will give the nod to Matt Ryan at quarterback in the first week. That gives you time to develop as a young rookie quarterback and a leader. The team has nothing to lose from the start of Matt. It's a young team with time and patience is better.