Good works and things that work for everyone - Be thankful you are here

Good works and the things that really work for everyone. I am grateful to be here. Why are we here I can not answer that question for anyone. I can say that we should all be thankful that we are here now at this time. We all have a lot of great things and great to be thankful and look forward too. Each of us has so much to give, so much to share with the world the world that is positive and could be useful. However, there are many who are grateful for anything. So very few who have something that is useful to anyone but them. They think and believe that it is all about them all the time. I am very rich, no, I have no money. I am rich because of the other things in my life then the other funds. These things make me rich in other ways. If I had $ 5 million or $ 1,000,000 would still be happy. You can not buy happiness but it can be physically comfortable. I'm not playing with money. It's not just what you need. If I had the financial wealth that would be able to share what I have with most people and I care that my world. Here's an example that we have a martial arts school. About 3 years ago there were five young men who all teenagers who came to train with us in school. Four of the five young men were not doing very well in high school. His parents were concerned about this and told me about it. I have informed the parents that would do everything I could to help them with their concerns and do what I could to help students understand the importance of school, their grades for their future. I am very happy to say that all these young people have graduated and are now in college and doing well. One of them did not receive one, but three full scholarships to college. Now if we had money we could help, possibly, and done more. But not having money has prevented us from doing good.

That to me is worth millions. Maybe one day someone will come out or give me a million dollars or more to go I do. Before it would be better than later. Hey someone has a million so he would not mind handing me I will continue to run my school, whenever I can. Someday I hope to grow my school and help as many people as I can young and old. Also regularly volunteer our time to the community and sometimes offer free services.