Just another thought exercise for you - Are you ready

One of the most interesting things that happens to someone when they are fully committed to their life experience - you begin to see everything they see and think different thoughts on why things are and how they came to be. Hello, my name is Lance and I find a group of online experts. The reason I wrote this article is for you to think.

You can say that this is just another exercise to think and wonder what kind of crazy thoughts are going to be in this article Well, a lot of different thoughts, in order to make you think. Of course, we both know you can not make you think, since this article was written long ago and you're reading right now, plus they are there and I'm here. Who knows what I'm doing at the time you're reading this article, and I have no idea what prompted you to read

However, allow me a moment while I take you through some of my thoughts today and thought maybe I could make and can return the favor to give me your thoughts or thinking aloud to another person, to make you think . Who knows maybe extend thoughts to another and others to contact me. So you can keep the concept in an endless circle, recycling thoughts and find the best decisions to help humanity.

Meanwhile, as we are in the concept of recycling, here's a thought that we started. What if a nation decided to treat recycling as a major mining industry - why do you ask Well, because someone asked me the other day

Do we have enough widgets for the world to consume or have we had enough to think how to reuse or redevelop all the old TVs, cars, trucks, trains, tires, equipment - screens, aircraft batteries, houses, buildings, washes, etc.

Well, sure it makes sense for recycle a mining industry and simplify the rules. Many great things are being done here and will in the future. Recycling makes sense, and why recycling is not always because they are so efficient at doing things from scratch, but there really is no excuse not to recycle, after all do not need a lot of thought to release something in the trash and forget about it.

But we can certainly do better than in our cities Oh, and speaking of recycling and cities, why not work harder on recycling in the cities too Redevelopment areas VS Down Town Redevelopment - we're doing something about this, should not we be doing more redevelopment, revitalization of downtown development instead of straight

For example, the revitalization of the Cities of Down in the United States, is very wise and there are many redevelopment of the things we can do, instead of spending new resources. Unfortunately, there is some regulation to keep the back, and developers will go where they can make more money. Sometimes new tilt-up commercial centers are much easier to build than the re-vitalization of the city centers, but a group of small businesses and banks may, if they re-cut the deck and the level of that field game. And they are free to do so and when they do the results are good, just need more people are thinking.

What about the needs of businesses Profit VS of society over a Think Tank question here and the majority of citizens agree that we need a balance between equity and straight quarterly profit and ensure that it is not at the expense of society, instead of working together to achieve the two sets of objectives. Well, at least that's what I was talking to someone yesterday and I seemed to agree, what do you think

Does society get what they want when companies make a profit Do citizens get what they want, if companies only care about money In fact, it is already in some way, since every citizen is Free to Choose and can participate in these things or products they want - not at the expense of society, rather than his wish and request.

The people or the buyer has the right to choose, if we are concerned by the company, then you should look for in your own mirror and decides to change, the responsibility rests with each individual in society, not necessarily the corporations. Corporations or any business for that matter should realize that their greatest reward is and the benefit in providing what society wants. If society is at risk for having too much that is your choice. The gentleman, that these questions to me the other day, also made another statement

From education to monopolies automaker - Are we divide the middle class How can we bring monopolies (education-finance, automobiles), according to the income structure in the future for all kinds of people

This is a critical issue. Education costs for college are not reasonable. There are serious problems in the financing of credit card debt and our cars are too expensive for those who have taken lower paying jobs such as retail. A $ 8.00 per hour, how will they pay for a $ 25,000 car as a Honda or Ford Festiva for work

These are serious questions as immigrants are bringing lower level to compete in labor markets, driving pay. Our education system could use some of the old free-market competition and there are many ways to do this, it is more important to fix our education system all together. Interestingly these are some of the main discussion points are in this presidential election season and perhaps it is good that they're talking about everything, because you need a national debate.

Speaking of debates over decisions, reports and plans, there is a teacher out there that actually assigns students to write papers and do research on the history and has been reviewed in real time, it is true of research currently assigned by the teacher. Slashdot.org hear the message

An inspiration professor at the University of Washington-Seattle, Martha Groom, made an interesting pedagogical experiment. Instead of slandering Wikipedia as some academics tend to do, which assigns students enrolled in an environmental history course to contribute articles. The result has proven transformative to their students. They were not spending their time writing for a reader, said the groom, but they were doing important work in a peer review, the environment, improving the quality of production. [Source Slashdot - by Openfrog].

In business you are an innovator or an imitator of one. One of the comments that have been known to ask for new entrepreneurs is

Are you an entrepreneur or a poptart cereals innovative series seriously

The reason I like to do these things is that it is easy for someone to come with a business plan that is a takeoff of another person's ideas or concepts. But you can tell when someone has a truly original innovation is worth investing in his concepts often float right by, while everyone else trying to convince us that will never fly, for example, the idea that came today to the line of reflection

Hydrogen Airships to bring hydrogen fuel for the market or the battlespace

Yes, of course, we both know that the thought of an idea without action is of little value, everyone can be innovative in thinking, but the great of our time not only to think but to go out and do that, for example, learned of the solar boat that traveled 7000 miles It was a Swiss 46 'sun21, and went across the Atlantic without using fuel, all solar powered. The trip was a little more than 7,000 nautical miles. Now that's impressive.

Talking out of a bulb the size of the Sun, which is a great idea that was in the record books, of course, solar power is making progress and might have heard or read this story in the Associated Press and the UKs Registration

The California Energy Commission has accepted an application for construction of solar startup BrightSource to build a plant of 300 megawatts of solar energy in the desert - the first large solar thermal facility proposed for California in 16 years. The 3,400-acre resort to be built near Ivanpah Dry Lake in San Bernardino County, near the border with Nevada. BrightSource uses a solar energy technology called Tower of Power Distribution, which deals with areas of sun-tracking mirrors on a tower containing a water-filled boiler and turbine. If the next step is approved by the commission, construction would begin in early 2009 and is targeted for completion in late 2012. (Some say the ancient Mayans the world will end in 2012, so it does not matter anyway.) Construction costs are estimated at 300 million dollars.