Things must be seen in Australia

You can find all sorts of beauties and great things in Australia. Certainly, the island continent is a unique land of natural wonders, open spaces, deserts, forests, grasslands, mountains, beaches and oceans. It is a wonderful country full of action many wonderful outdoor sites and great cities, as cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra.

Australia is a vast country comprised of the mainland and the main island of Tasmania and a number of other islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans in the Southern Hemisphere. Surely you can find a C one of the things to see and do in Australia, but here are 10 things we can not ignore.

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Located on the southeast coast of Australia, the port city in the world is undoubtedly influence in the fields of culture, art, fashion, gastronomy and design. The city is home to Australia's two most emblematic structures and the Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can enjoy the vibrant life of the vibrant city.

Sydney Opera House designed by Jørn Utzon, Danish architect, is one of the wonders of the modern world. Situated on Bennelong Point, Sydney, New South Wales, the opera is the landmark of Australia. It is the most famous performing arts centers in the world. You can enjoy world-class theater, music and dance performances at this World Heritage Site.

Australian Museum, originally known as the Colonial Museum and the Museum of Sydney, is located on College Street, Sydney. Famous in the fields of natural history and anthropology, which is one of the oldest museums in Australia. You can enjoy wonderful collections of vertebrate zoology witness and invertebrates, mineralogy, paleontology and anthropology, and exhibitions in the museum.

Melbourne is undoubtedly the capital of gastronomy, sports and culture of Australia. Often referred to as one of the best cities in Australia, Melbourne is widely known for its Victorian architecture, many cultural institutions like museums, galleries and theaters, and parks and gardens. You can enjoy every bit of Melbourne.

Royal Botanic Gardens, located near the center of Melbourne, Victoria, are the best in Australia and the best in the world. On the south bank of the Yarra River, the Royal Botanical Gardens are 354,000 meters square (35 hectares or acres 87), the beautiful gardens. You can see a great variety of flora and enjoy the scenic beauty of restoration of the gardens.

Great Barrier Reef, located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia, is a must visit place in Australia. It is often dubbed as one of the world's natural wonders. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1981. It is very popular tourist destination. You can enjoy diving and sailing in the warm clear waters of the reef.

Gold Coast Coast is a wonderful city in the southeast corner of Queensland. It is often dubbed as Surfers Paradise. The city is famous for its sunny subtropical popular surf beaches, major channel systems and channel, and beautiful skyline, active nightlife, and countless tourist attractions. You can enjoy the beaches, charming airs, and a vibrant nightlife of the city.

Brisbane, Queensland's capital, is a popular destination. You can enjoy shopping at the Queen Street Mall in the central business district (CBD), enjoy lunch and walk to restaurants, cafes, boardwalks and the South Bank, enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Fortitude Valley , shopping and eating in art shops and cafes in the West End and enjoy dining at trendy restaurants places in New Farm, Brisbane river cruise on the dock of Brett.

Belair National Park is located 13 km south of Adelaide in South Australia. The park is known by many of its areas of interest including the Old Government House, the nursery of the park, the lake Playford, and the adventure park. You can enjoy playing tennis, walking, biking or horseback riding on numerous tennis courts, ovals, and walking, biking and horseback riding trails in the park.

Daintree National Park in far north Queensland, is a popular tourist destination. Founded in 1988, the park consists of two sections, with a sedentary agricultural area, which includes the towns of Daintree Village and Mossman. The home of many tropical birds, butterflies, reptiles and countless species of wildlife, Daintree Village is a paradise for nature lovers.