Our generation is superbly bolted

WARNING This tends to make you very depressed with the state of the world.

He concluded that, my friends, are doomed. Of all our generation is screwed royal. What was the last good thing that happened to the world as a whole Because I certainly can not remember anything.

There are so many things wrong at this time. Global warming, for example, a subject that is thrown about too often to be taken seriously. However, it should be taken seriously - the consequences are terrible. I was reading an article some time times2 (not me intellectually), Describing some of them. Now I knew that the situation was bad, but I had no idea how bad. An increase in temperature of only a few degrees could make this planet in perhaps the tenth circle of hell. Even a slight change would make it uninhabitable major sections. Deserts. In his absence, under the water. It's a lose-lose situation.

A few days ago there were reports of a car bomb outside a large and popular bar in London. This in itself is both depressing and, for some outrage. But the next day, a car bomb was driven to the doors of Glasgow airport, establishing itself and its occupants in the fire. The intention was to drive on the same airport before it exploded. Think of the damage they have caused. One Saturday, at the beginning of the holiday season. Hundreds of dead or wounded.

And these are not isolated incidents. Worldwide, people are flying in the name of a cause. 9.11 Who could forget Radical Muslims are giving others a bad name. I was talking to a Muslim girl the other day who said that almost all other Muslims would never think of committing such an act. The word Islam itself means peace (applause to my RE teacher for this). Jihad is true that there - but this is only in exceptional circumstances only, for example, if Islam is attacked, and civilians are not intended to be harmed. So why does this happen

Did not get their views heard Maybe. Do they believe that these acts of mass murder will be rewarded Maybe. Is it that they are, in fact, completely insane Maybe.

Now. The generation of our parents - took him out CND. The end of apartheid. Free love. A small but delicious range of experimental chemicals. What do we get The greenhouse effect, terrorism, chavs and holes in the ozone layer. This is, of course, a very black and white of it - do not forget Thatcher, or the IRA or the Iron Curtain. But all those in the past a campaign for (peace, the end of prejudice, equality of rights) has fallen through. No peace in the world. A glance at any newspaper can say that. Iraq. Iran. Israel and Palestine. These flood of terrorism. Definitely there are still prejudices (a look at page three of some of the cheapest daily newspapers will tell you), and the fans did not help that. And yet there is complete equality. A woman has just lost his job after becoming pregnant. How is that fair

Another example The school shootings in the United States earlier this year. Again, not an isolated incident. And the fact that these students can be so completely into disrepair and no one notices is disturbing. Anyone can get into college and shoot their classmates in cold blood, and everyone was surprised because well, it is always weird.

And I'll be honest with you - the way ahead of the world seriously scares me. They are global problems, of course. But we are in bad shape national and even local. It's something about the way people live today. So inconsiderate. Since they could not give a damn about how other people feel.

I'll admit - what you read makes sense. Completely useless. Unless everyone - all - changing the way we live, there is nothing we can do. Sure, you can recycle. Trash pickup. Give an old lady to her seat on the bus. Campaign as much as you want, my friends, because nobody gives a damn about you. PR-trained politicians in their expensive suits, the disinterested bystanders as giving leaflets in the city - is what you hear Like hell they do. We will consider, if of course, but then they get home, crank up the heat, give a dirty look to the next person you see black, pollute the skies and fields and rivers with chemicals inspire racial hatred, ignore the people who will do something crazy, because I've always been. The selfishness and thoughtlessness is more or less rooted in today's society. And our generation is the one suffering from it. All that leads to this fatalistic attitude, you know Complete apathy such that even the idea of ??acting against which seems odd. And anyone who tries to make a difference gets screwed over. That's the way it is, that's the way it always has been. And that is why no one tries to do something else. Because they will not have a hope in hell. And compared to know that ignorance is bliss. As they say.