Iran's Burnt Generation

Chapter 1 - Tears of Babylon

My name is Sepehr, an Iranian born to be discriminated against.
I always wonder, what is to be faithful
The water is going down, and you're weak as a ship full of holes. What is faith When you are walking in 2 'of snow on the streets of Tehran and a girl is seen running away, while four men in uniforms of the police chasing her, you can hear their cries, you can listen to the angry people screaming and the color change, attacking men and you can hear a shot, they all suddenly quit, yes it comes to Iran, is Tehran and I am its citizen, and I'm looking for my ticket output of the gate of hell at the ends of Islam.

I'm going through a mosque, a young Basiji clean-shaven look and invites me to his house of wisdom, encourage me to connect my soul to God, his mosque is actually a lie detector, you can see on his face when are praying, feel and see that God is the last thing you're thinking, I refuse, I submit, flee to the U.S. I like my machine last prince fled after the Islamic invasion of Persia.
Never send. (Presentation of Islam =)

Trust me, exile is dark, but not all, though, disco, party and mourn, not everything is love, sex, drugs, and there are rainy days in my hometown, on the Iranian darker, all is darkness From the day I was born in the Zagros Mountains, a Kurdish mother  Caspian Sea and a Jewish father  Zoroaster.

It's almost September, the Americans are doing is preparing for a new president, a new face after so many rumors, conflicts and red lines going to have a woman and a black man as candidate, calling Obama Osama, picking at his middle name Hussein or bring racial differences, finally, the world saw the United States is indeed a great nation and if a black man is the ultimate Democratic candidate.

But right after the Americans more than any other race or nation, the Iranians are desperate to see the result, for us it is only 8 years to deal with another U.S. president, the front of our destination, compared to new world to me is screaming, while McCain was singing bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, which is my mother watching television with his mouth open, while his favorite wife Hillary spoke of the destruction of Iran. He is looking at the face of Obama is that he is a Greek winged angel come down to rescue the world from tyranny and chaos. So I said I have to write this is a message, a letter from the depths of my heart to my American brothers and sisters in this free country of opportunity not only to make things better for himself, but everyone , one of the few nations that my people are incredibly confident in.

What is Faith When you are walking on the sands of Yazd, in the sun And the ruins of an ancient temple of fire

since we have a real president of ourselves, always look in the United States as our big brother, it started when I was looking at the picture next to JFK as a child shah 10 years old, had an effect as strong in me stronger than any anti-brainwashing American broadcast by IRIB program! Son, who is JFK said my father, and he was a good man like Shah, and was killed too, and the latest generation of Iranians, as my father believes that Shah was assassinated emotional ... and that was my moment, USA New Persian Empire was, and so again to me, as Clint Eastwood 10 years was their king, who had to go to America. Today, almost more than a million Iranians living in U.S.. After Iran, USA has the largest population of Iranian origin.

10 years passed, 9  11 happened, Iran is a state of inner conflict with Ahmadinejad in power and the second humiliation of the Iranian Khordad Movement therefore, began to migrate further west in the fear of another war. Finally the older brother gave my family a gift, I received my green card after 13 years of waiting, that's another story to write about but flyed far from Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport UNITED STATES of America, neo empire -Persian of my dreams and I whispered to the big picture of Supreme Leader Ayatollah khameneii never submit .

I had never experienced freedom, democracy has no real meaning and a way for me, I've never seen Mosadeq free the Iranian oil industry, I never saw these demonstrations against the Shah famous street in Tehran, which did not vote for the Islamic Republic and I've never burned an American flag and never saw another civilian to do, I read about AJAX performance, but no matter when half of my family and to Americans, what is important is that I have crossed the red line when I was born, and that is from Iran, a Persian of the 21st century has to answer for what others do and that in the past. I have to answer, but which together are facing the destruction and that's sad. It is sad to see a monarch down and change it with an Islamic fundamentalist was the fate not only of my country, but millions of free people. In the fear of wild boar in the world again Ayatollah's death, but eventually everything was back to being worse, Central Asia became the largest live scene of terrorism, war and conflict. Nations attack and stab another in the back, and hell broke loose and finally thousands of people died in 9  11. If you walk down the street and talk to Tehran an Iranian response are only the second Arab invasion and the Islamic revolution of 79 backed against Russian domination.

Now is the time again, the Iranians are looking for her brother, America is in fact our brother, when was the last time we choose our destiny 14 centuries ago So big brother is listening, confidence in young Iranians actually done after all, still I love you, so please take this opportunity, we help and support and together we will undo our mistakes .

Another war, another attack against Iran will make the Islamic Republic stronger than ever. Some things never work in certain breeds, the Iranians can not support the occupation or invasion. In fact, we are living in a prison at this time, with thousands of applicants to Osama and Palestinian mercenaries marching in the streets of Tehran with his fancy new labels such as people Basij beating children in the name of the still uninvited Allah, and is this the best time to attack this government of darkness with more sanctions and pressures.
There is a Persian saying, What is happening to us is ourselves, shame on our race, if we have not learned from our past.

I wonder what is happening to my people, my country may have a connection to our past, with events of my ancestor, but really But if I believe in this way may still worship a God of justice and powerful All I know about my ancestors is good and if it is not our land was much better than today, the nations of central Asia and the Middle East desperate. Persia A superpower nation to govern a vast empire, not only once but more than a millennium. But it was finally destroyed by the invading Muslim Arabs. We must learn now, before it's too late.

Cyrus the Great, old father, the man who created the empire of light, attacked the empire of Babylon in 539 BC, brought by Nabonidus and created the largest empire in the ancient world, and freed the Jews rebuilt the temple of Israel in Jerusalem
Thus saith the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, who has taken on his right hand to subdue nations before him and strip the loins of kings, to force the door before it closed its doors without further, I will go before you level up. I will break the brazen gates, breaking the iron bars. I will give you the hidden treasures, secret treasures that you may know that I am Jehovah. (Isaiah 451-3)

The union of two great nations, two groups of faith led to what I am today, call us sons of Esther, the Persian Zoroaster Fortnight Jewish by blood, a Persian Jew ...
King Ahasuerus gave his army to liberate Jews corrupt Persian Esther, I'd be at that moment, those days are honest, God was still there, looking over our spirits. But when the first wave of Muslims attacked us and killed millions of my countrymen, Rostam Farrokhzad beheaded and killed my king Yazdegerd III, our country was left alone with the riots to the present day. President Ahmadinejad is the latest to show the world how Muslims in the ruins of a culture in chaos, a man who wants to end the world. His words are greave and pain of millions of my people. He was digging a grave for us all, I had to leave that place, I had a taste of freedom ...

Chapter 2 - Freedom of tasting

It's a strange world in a moment you can see by their peers and comrades marching in the streets near the famous University of Tehran to the Plaza de la Revolution infamous scream and shout with all our strength against the arrests of our friends, an Internet registrar, a Kurdish journalist and a teacher, while the regime's agents are shooting smoke grenades, calling us traitors and American spies, I can feel the large amount of adrenaline in my veins, my heart is about to explode, how I can be a spy My point is really what I want is one of the simplest human needs, I want your hands together and security in our favorite spot on a bright day and talk about everyday life, I breathe, and I kiss, not hiding in the shadows.

But that moment is gone.

Suddenly, in July 2008, three years passed by like a second, is so quiet that no, my streets, I can see on my way to Delta College, this is Stockton, this is America, this is freedom tasting, but really Is this it All you can feel and hear is you're not welcome ... Sepehr
Statue of Liberty, I love her look like an angel, like the Persian god Mithra is finally taking care of me ... finally.

I saw this book in one of the famous chain store, looking at the cover, an Iranian girl in pink Hijab cover have already guessed half of the book, it was an Iranian girl coming to the U.S. and how difficult it was for her to like unlimited freedom, the way was difficult for her to have new relationships and understanding of love, I was like telling the author what you're talking about Disco Sex Pull the Hijab That's what I think the Iranians are looking for U.S. media honestly have no idea about Iranian life. People forget quickly, you just see our past 30 years, I remember Googoosh, Queen Suraya, and Shah, people confuse the Iranians with Arabs or Iranians who are anti-Jewish, in fact, Iran has the largest population of Mizrahi Jews after Israel in the Middle East! We may have problems with the Iranians to deal with modernization, but that's only a quarter of Iran. We have passed that problem, now is a modernizing force against an orthodox conservative Islamic extremists want us to form us into a raging horde of zombies with no brains to stay in power only in order to spread the idea in Iraq and to Lebanon, who want to stay in power as any other dictator did.
Just over a quarter of Iranians living in Tehran and other major cities. Meanwhile people with incredibly mixed part Westernized Islamic culture and the Persian Zoroastrian heavy, trying to get the best fun in their lives. Maybe we can not say things like khameneii down with cargo, but the whisper in our small little coffee shop, smoke our cigarettes Kent sometimes weird, but that light and a kiss in the dark corners of the wide and wild street Tehran. It's part of our life vampire. Million satellite dishes are hidden in the sky looking for DJs and rappers Persian broadcasting inside and on board, and while thousands are in the Friday prayer, the children kiss behind the trees cause all the guards are worshiping the Ayatollah for now.

But it's amazing how the West and the United States is watching us, showing us and introduced us to the next generation. Every time I turn on the TV, and if, from 1 to 100 is not a program of Iran, is an old peasant man Ahmadinejad to speak of how you will do better! Or is our time full of old people in the Tehran bazaar, and if I have luck! Sometimes you can even see the Friday prayers! What do you really think Do you think they want a change Bazar, Really I have not seen a program of millions of Iranian student protests made and make calls on their normal daily life education, with severe beatings and the sky filled with helicopters and tear gas NAJA. Who wants to know my father SAVAK was in jail when he was a student, but is against the Islamic Republic, since, to ask my mom, interested in the leftist party, oh I asked, more than 75% of your friends are dead. Shemiran Come, come and see the crowd valieasr of young people like me, you are looking for the truth from us to the world. Contact us and we tell how many of us got into her home because she voted for Ahmadinejad, therefore, do not have the stamp of our identity documents needed to treat even entering our university preferred. We tell them how they should be placed in the shade, go to the mosque and into the church or our church, as we are concerned not to die in the next second. Disseminate these and perhaps the whole world sees that never voted for the IRI, never asked for free milk and do not want peaceful atomic bomb! We want to have a little freedom and I promise that if we do, and someone like Ahmad Batebi became president, Israel and the U.S. are the first to arrive a.
The American world has no idea of ??what we do in our daily lives there, do the rare moments, if we can not embrace each other and drown each other in public subway station, no, we can not prove freedom does not but we do on the roof our homes, under the clear sky. We climbed Mount Damavand and poets Hafez read into our stores for candles and dance and drink wine in secret Shiraz. We bought a shirt to wear on the top of our Los Angeles tees in order to hide them.

Why people think that the Islamic government cares if we drink alcohol or French kiss Are students of universities, girls and women screaming and shouting for their rights to be in bikinis Well, of course, may be one reason! The main drug or sex addict to become the easiest way is Ayatollah work or stay in power, the mullahs are afraid of is that the Iranians are only a free race, we are free souls in search of career opportunities, looking for answers, success, equal rights, I want to know why a rich country like Iran has a large population of lower class, because the Qajar dynasty. Why every time you are hungry around the world actually make a huge plan to stop us It's like the Matrix movie, yesterday was Mosadeq oil and then Shah and his plans for a better Iran, and now after 30 years we are finally at that point once again, millions of people are against the Iranian regime who want or country of origin of new world hear us, we are crying, we do not want nuclear energy, we want our own Freeland. Americans know the value and meaning of that word My Freeland own But no, there is an answer, the only answer you hear is the sound of the engine Falcon 70 million ready to destroy a lot of potential allies for the free people of the world, Israel and the U.S..

I am a college student, the only Iranian-born student at my university, the first time I tried to talk to an American, called me a potential terrorist, and recalled that the FBI is looking at me and instructed me how to profile and was not trying to Americans win, and especially your business! That's very funny how the world looks like some kids in America, how are paranoid to new different races and how they think others are poor, lonely and desperate to trust them. I think the United States. America is a symbol for me, it's not like I need your trust, which can be in Tehran, and still believe in the United States as my father and grandfather, is like believing in Persia, have faith in a system is totally different to be desperate to be loved by his people, who wants to be loved and trusted by my own people first as anyone else, but I think the Iranians, Americans and people of Israel are more suited for fans of any other nation According to historical and I can say some mutual benefits. It's a big mistake not showing the reality of Iran's race and culture to American youth and ruin relations between several generations of great action movies with commercial issues, such as 300 (west against the east! Persia against the Greeks, Iranians against the Americans! 3000 years of conflict! As far as I know that the Iranians are the ones who are proud of our ancient Western roots), especially when one or more millions of Iranian-Americans living in the U.S..

Why I started to believe that there is something wrong with the world, I really do not care about political systems corrupt and blind, because the Romans had them, walking and talking on your code, but we have always been farmers, lower class, and Most of the time that commoners lived by the honor, for truth, but not anymore, I began to feel that most humans are ignorant and blind in those days. My father used to tell the media and thematic religions political views are the opium for the majority of the population. They are made to put you in a busy and make you fear and paranoia, if it works on you, you lost your sense of humanity forever. That's what happens are getting so lost that they are okay with the countries of nuking, blowing up buses full of children, women and children because they think they are faithful. A million dead in Iraq and when I ask people, what is this They say this is the holy war, against whom Saddam was Satan, but he killed it in less than 20 years, who chose the wrong path. Why should I wait for God to watch us He has made us one told us to be united and ignored us and now we are alone in this wild world of darkness, I will not force me to believe, but sometimes I think that his creation is flawed, or maybe not so powerful that it claims to be.

I am a Persian Jew, a mixed race, for unusual amounts, my father was born of a Jewish mother and father of Zoroaster, a similar marriage to Queen Esther and King Xerxes, there are only 200. 000 or less of those who live in this world, all killed by Alexander the Great, by Muslims and Islamic conquests of Persia, and finally, Genghis Khan and his heirs. Coming to America for me was an opportunity to finally express myself, but ...
For most Americans I'm just an Ey-Ey-Raki Ranian or even try to ask me what I am, who I am, I am, it's funny and sad at the same time, if you look at what it was was considered an infidel in my own country, they do not follow Islamic rules and now in the U.S. I am considered an outcast or cause infection'm from Iran! Sometimes I feel I should act as a priest, my real father is, so I know how, but I want to scream It is God who Give me a break, I lost my brother in the war, my parents divorced, I tried to live as a minority, as a Jew of Zoroaster in Iran, just kill me and get over it. no, I do not want to be an infidel called again, I do not want to be called kike desert or a potential terrorist, I just want to breathe and live, but I think this is our fate, I must say, from the Islamic invasion of Persia (633-656 ) of our people were persecuted by their rulers.

Chapter 3 - Some Fish Can Fly

When our last Shah of Iran to the left with their disease and heart broken, I was not even born I know is that the Europeans and the United States did not want the left party to rule a country as important as Iran, were afraid accepted communism as an extreme Islamic ruler shah come after. Ayatollah Khomeini, the imam of death we call it, of course, he knew his task, after several months of brainwashing the young generation and give them the hope of oil money to every family and free milk morning bought the hearts of Iranians. What did change after the history of mankind. He began a full scale war against the Islamic Shiite Muslims and began to talk about exporting to other countries of Islam.

In fact what is happening today in the Middle East and Central Asia is that left bad to worse, a kick out a monarch of a radical religious leader of another dark age, why should God help us We humans are not soon forget, do not appreciate our freedom.

Saddam and Hezbollah never had the opportunity to stand and speak at the time of the shah, next to his lovely approach was a man of wisdom, and that was his weakness, he began a new relationship with Israel that the Arabs left Afghanistan, Tajikistan and India, and when asked why Arias said (Indo-Iranian) fraternity, said the blue-eyed people easily forget that they drown in their lives until they can see how in the future will be bad, but they ignored her, it was said that is creating another South Korea, Japan, other, and the worst that has oil, do not want it, now is the time to get rid of it.

Islamic Revolution was an opportunity for another dictator named Saddam Hussein, was thought of as neo-Babylonian king, who wanted to avenge his father's defeat against the Aryans, the Ajam (Persian Arabs call the AJAMS means that silence, he learned the language of the Arabs) and that the Iranian people.
Saddam had the support of many powerful countries like Germany, Russia and U.S. in the final state. Germans like shah, the Germans always liked Iranians in 1935, Reza Shah Pahlavi changed the name of our country from Persia to Iran because Hitler said the Iranians are the real Aryans of the 19th century, was an unfortunate event. Of course, for my Jewish father's family was not a good sign, my grandfather began acting as a member of the Left Party and for many years hid his true identity. It was followed in my family as a duty, my father hid his identity by the government of Iran and its friends in the Islamic revolution when my father was one of the leaders of freedom movement of the game, SAVAK (Agency Sha intelligence) was arrested many times, was a prisoner for 3 years, which is strange is that after almost 30 years still stands for these monkeys shah Islamic and Iranian puppets.

Saddam told the world that will take the capital in two days, could not the war lasted two years and after Saddam offered a treaty, the Arab world agreed to pay billions of dollars in war damage and other benefits . People were happy, the city was a ruin, and people were tired daily bombings.
West supports and sells the famous or infamous poison gas might (mostly sulfur mustard) to Saddam, he used against Iranians and Kurds. About 100,000 Iranian soldiers that died including my cousin 19 years old. She was a nurse, a beautiful girl, an angel. I remember she gave me a red Persian New Year fish the little fish called Newroz (newruz new day - the beginning of the new year in Persian  Kurdish  Tajikistan  Afghani calendar). Maybe it was a sign from God, but I knew that my dear cousin is dead before anyone. the little fish left in the carpet, the sign of God or not, I helped start a fight with that voice in my head, I started not to listen anymore, after a while I stopped talking, I lost my faith I lost my god, I think in the end, some fish can fly ...
Ayatollah Khomeini did not accept the offer, but moved to the ground in Iraq. Iranian regime lost in the final. The theory of Islam export did not work that way, the Imam Khomeini died and another generation of murderers and terrorists came to power.